Fiverr SEO : Rank Your Fiverr Gig On The Search | Somenath Sen | Skillshare

Fiverr SEO : Rank Your Fiverr Gig On The Search

Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Enroll Now !

    • 2. Introduction To The Class

    • 3. Create & Setup Your Fiverr Account

    • 4. Analyze Your Competitors Gigs

    • 5. Using Google To Find Hidden Keyword Ideas

    • 6. Add Some Extra To Your Gigs And Boost Ranking

    • 7. Play with Fiverr Search Algorithms

    • 8. Secret Way To Get Orders and Reviews For Your New Gigs

    • 9. Quick Recap For The Class


About This Class

In this Class you'll learn how you can rank your fiverr gig to the top of the search results to get more organic orders. I show you how fiverr search algorithms will work with live case study and how you can push your new gigs to the top of the search results. And also give you my secret way to get orders and reviews to your new gigs within some hours. So lets get started with this class. Enroll the class now !






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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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