Fiverr Exposed - Easily Create Fiverr Gigs Even Without Skills Or Experience | John Dicen | Skillshare

Fiverr Exposed - Easily Create Fiverr Gigs Even Without Skills Or Experience

John Dicen, To teach is to touch lives forever

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5 Videos (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Let's Get Started!

    • 3. Crafting Gig Description - The Lazy Method

    • 4. Ranking Gigs To The Top

    • 5. Finding Hungry Buyers


About This Class

If you're an internet marketer currently operating your online business as a "one man band" or you just don't have enough time in the day to progress your businesses the way you want to then you are going to love this class.

You see, internet marketing is changing. Cliché, I know, but this is true. As more and more people learn about the internet marketing business things get more and more saturated and competitive in the market. There isn't enough room for capturing leads and making sales to go around and I’m sure many of you already knew this. The guys are on the top are getting richer and getting more slice of the pie, while the guys at the bottom, are fighting over a small slice of the pie.


One simple word: Outsourcing.

This is the secret that the gurus won tell you and kept this as a secret. That's why top marketers have no problem selling anything online because the Outsource Force.

They know they simply can do more than you, every single day. This means that even if they share with you the exact processes behind their success, you can never become one of them. You simply don’t have enough time.

So, I welcome you to this class and see the bright side of Online Business.

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John Dicen

To teach is to touch lives forever

Hi, I am John Dicen and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been a Graphic Designer and an internet Marketer for almost 8 years now. I specialized in Creating Passive Income Strategies Online.

My goal is to share my knowledge by teaching people here on skillshare. I pride myself helping others creating simple, scalable and sustainable online income streams.


John Dicen

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