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Five Ways to Grow Your List of Email Subscribers Class

teacher avatar Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. What You'll Learn in This Class

    • 2. Offer an Opt-in Gift to Your Subscribers

    • 3. Get Ready for Company

    • 4. Social Networking Strategies

    • 5. Grow Your List via Online Guest Speaking

    • 6. Participate in Guest Blogging

    • 7. Class Project and Action Steps

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About This Class

Your email list is the life blood of your online business. It's a way for you to connect with and develop relationships with the exact people who are eager to hear what you have to say.

In this class we'll explore five ways to grow your list of email subscribers.

  • Create an Opt-In Gift for Your Subscribers - Examples of opt-in gifts and ideas for effective opt-in gifts that your audience will be eager to subscribe for.
  • Make Sure You Are Ready for Company - The more attractive and relevant your site is, the more likely it is that your ideal reader will spend time exploring your site, and the more likely they are to subscribe to your list
  • Share Links to Your Blog Posts on the Social Networks
  • Ways to Participate in Online Speaking Opportunities
  • Participate in Guest Blogging and Reach New Audiences

We'll also discuss:

  • Ways to track your activity and results
  • A collection of list building strategies
  • Ways to Track Your Activity and Results

What would it mean to you if you could continually grow the size of your email list and connect with people who are interested in hearing from you?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at:

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. What You'll Learn in This Class: Hello and welcome to today's training. We're going to talk about five ways to grow your list of email subscribers, and this is the core of your business. They say the fortune is in the list. You can socialize as much if you want on the social networks, but it is your email subscribers who are going to be the ones that help you grow your business that you get to know and build relationships with long term over time. So let's give started. Here's what we're going to cover today. We're gonna talk about five ways to grow your list of email subscribers, and here are the five ways the 1st 1 is We're gonna talk about creating an opt in gift and adding a sign up form on your site. And then we want to make sure that your site is ready for company and your site could be a traditional Web site. It could be a WordPress site, which is the modern day website, wherever it is that you want, have your online presence. That's your stake in the sand, where you can send people to to find out more about you. We'll talk about sharing links to your block post on the social networks because that's a great way to connect with people that you don't yet know. We're gonna talk about several ways to do that. This is one of them. And when you post a link to one of your block posts on the social networks, people who are interested in the topic will come over to your blogged. And if you're blawg is attractive and ready for company and appealing to your audience and you have an opt in form with a gift that they would be interested in, you're going to grow your list. So you can you see how this all kind of fits all together. We're going to talk about participating in podcasts, because when people hear your voice, they connect with you on a deeper level, and it's really easy to get started with being a podcast guest. Then I'll share with you several strategies on this topic and then, lastly, today our strategy will be on participating in guest blogging, and this is where you share articles on other people's blog's. Some bloggers allow you to use content that you've previously published. You just want to rework it a little bit and change the title. Other people request brand new content that you create from scratch. So you have to find out what the blawg hosts rules are, and they are. If they accept block. If they accept guest bloggers, then they are likely to have their rules printed out or in an email or on a Web page that you can read about. Once we go through this training and talk about these strategies, I have a tracking sheet for you so that you can track your activity and results. And I'm going to plant the seed in your mind that as we go through these strategies today, jot down which ones appeal to you that you'd like to focus on first, because I mean encourage you to open your calendar at the end of this training and scheduled time that you can take action on what you learned today. 2. Offer an Opt-in Gift to Your Subscribers: Our first strategy is on creating an opt in gift and adding a sign up form on your site, and this could be a traditional HTML website. This convey be a modern WordPress blawg, which is the modern website. It's easy to use and easy to add content to. The reason you want an opt in gift is so that you can build that ongoing relationship with people when people go to your site. If you don't have a way to for lack of a better term, capture their information, you may never hear from them or they may never see your site again. But by offering a gift that would be of interest to your audience, you're gonna have a chance to build on ongoing relationship with them over potentially a long period of time. When people come to your site, you wanna make it attractive to your ideal audience because the people who are going to come to your site who stick around are going to be the ones who are interested in your topic, so you want to be really clear what your site is about. You also want to offer an opt in gift that your ideal audience would love to have. So if your site is on fly fishing, you want tohave and often give that How does you know how to create the five best flies to catch the best fish when you are fishing in a lake or fishing in a stream in northern Utah ? As as specific as you can be for your audience? If you're trying to attract fly Fisher people, you wouldn't necessarily want to have an opt in gift. That was how to change your Jeep tires in the city. You really want it to be something that imagine a buffet table and you you bring a dish to the buffet table and you really want to connect with the people who want to taste your dish . So that's how specific you want to be with your opt in gift. I'm gonna share some examples with you now. There are various companies that allow you to set up forms on your website so that you can capture email addresses. What you're looking for and you might want to jot this down is a company that allows you to set up auto responders a U T O auto responders because you want when people enter their name and email address automatically for an email to respond and go out to them and thank them for registering to your list and letting them know how they can get their gift. And two companies ah that are highly recommended are a Weber and mail chimp. There's also convert kit. Those are the three most popular there are. Others get response. There are lots and lots of different email service providers, so you may already have an email service provider. And if you're not sure, if the provide you the ability to send out auto responders, you can ask them otherwise. If you're serious about growing your online business, you want to be able to set out on a responders. You don't wanna have to personally send an email to someone each time someone signs up on your list. When I first started in business, I was told, Treat your business even if you only have one customer or zero customers, as if you had 100 or 1000 customers and streamline your systems from day one, because then when you have 100 or 1000 customers, you won't be pulling your hair out. Everything will be running smoothly, so I'll plant that seed for you. Once you have a membership with a auto responder company, you'll they have training. Or you can contact their support service to set up a form so that you can add it to your website. So people see on your website nice and clear what they need to dio scroll down and register below to get your checklist on five ways to grow your email list or whatever your audience would be interested in. What you don't want to do it, say subscribed for my newsletter. No one's I can't say no one, but very few people will do that people are in. And do you think how much email you have imagine? You go to a website. You haven't been there ever before, and it says register, you know, subscribe to our newsletter and you don't even know who this person is. With all the email that you get, would you be like, Oh, I'm subscribing to their newsletter? Or would you be more excited if they were offering you a checklist or a top tips or a hat, one page handout or a graphic image that showed you a shortcut of how to accomplish something that you were really interested in. So you want your opt in gift to be yummy and desirable, and you want people to get excited about requesting it, because then they will opt into your list and hopefully stick around and get to know you and get to know your community and potentially go on to buy your book or register for your programs. Your email subscribers. They are the ones who are most likely to participate in your programs and purchase your books and products. An example is I have run Tele summits Tele summits in the past nine annual Tele summits. And so I've worked with a lot of different speakers. The ones that email their email list. I'll give an example. One person. She had 500 people on her email list, and she emailed them and she had over 100 and 25 people register for the summit ID. Another person, she said. Oh, I don't email my email list for Tele summits. I connect with my 40,000 followers on the social networks off her 40,000 followers, and she and she posted four or five times because she tagged me each time she had 55 people sign up and zero people upgrade to purchase. The person who had 500 people on their list with 125 registered, had over 30 paid registrations, and she made commission on all those sales. So your email list. That's the heartbeat of your business, the social networking and other things. Those air icing on the cake and ways for you to get your name out there and gain visibility . But your email list is where you build your business. So here are some examples of opt in gifts. First of all, your opt in gifts should be short and sweet, so people are inclined to print it out, and by doing that, they'll see it on an ongoing basis. You can share a chapter of your book that is a great opt in. You want to save it as a PdF file and have at a marketing page to it. However, people won't necessarily print out 30 pages. However, they will print out something short, sweet, and they'll see it ongoing versus forgetting about it on their hard drive. So Here are some examples. Check list are really popular. Think how much you love checklists, checklists or short little sections where they're bullet points, and they they inspire an idea or inspire action related to your topic area or a solution to a problem that your audience faces. So checklist again saved as a Pete in PdF format. You don't want to give them a word document because then you're giving them your raw data. And also, when they click on a pdf file, it will open online. Typically, if you give it to them in a word document, it will say that it's going to open up a program, and that can scare people off, which you don't want that to happen. Another great often gift is five or 10 top tips on your topic, and you can use a liberation. You can do something fun, so an easy way you might want to get a pencil paper for this. An easy way to come up with five or 10 top tips to two ways. One is Think of all the emails that you get or the questions people ask you on your topic. Make a big, long list of those and pick the top five or the top 10. The other thing that you conduce oh, is think of the five or 10 top things that you know that your audience needs to know in order to help them on their path on in your topic area. So those those are great ways to create. Often gift you can add. You can offer them a chapter of your book along with a marketing page. That's an easy way as long as you have the publishing rights. If you threw a traditional publisher, you would need to check with them to see if that was okay. However, they're not likely as likely to print it out if there are a lot of pages, but that does make a great opt in gift you can. Here's another great one. Go to your blawg and the content for the block post that you've created you can have. That can be either three or five or 10 block post. You can call them tips and there's your tips, or you can just call them articles, five articles so something that your audience would be interested in something that you would be interested in and you can position you can call it a special report. You can call it a collection of articles on the topic of whatever you want to, but however you want to frame it. But I just wanted to show you that it's really easy. You don't have to create the content from scratch. And then again, you want to save the file in PdF format. Most programs today if Word and Power Point, for example, when you go to save the file, you click on the file tab at the top left of the page, and then you click Save as. And there's a little drop down in the middle of the screen and you'll see where it says Save as and you scroll to where it says, PdF. So let me show you what that would look like. So here we are in Power Point. I click on file Save as and then down here, where says file format. You click on that and you would click on PdF, and that's what you would save it in in order to get people their gift. So what I want to do now is show you a couple of examples, and you have them here as handouts. This one's not mind. This is a free download on Amazon, but I wanted to show you there's not a whole lot of content here. Let me just make this a little smaller so you can see it all on one page. It's not important that you read the words. I want you to look at the design. Look at this. Five tips or five could be five steps. Look at that. How attractive that is. So what they've done is they've created a document and they have an introduction. They have a tip here at the top with an image, and then they have five steps. This section down here, it looks like it's in two columns. So they have steps 13 and five in the left column and steps two and four in the right column. So that's one page. Let's see what else? They what other information they have? Here's the next page looking. There's only what 100? Maybe 100 and 50 words on this page, but it's attractive. They have their branded colors, they have an image and they have another tip, and then they have another page, which which is formatted very much like the previous page. Now look at this. This could be a hand out all by itself. Just this one page. People aren't looking for quantity. They're looking for quality. So if you can have five steps to having a more organized desk or whatever your topic is, and you could boil it down on one page and have it pretty like this is a pdf, people will keep it. They might even keep it on their desktop on the computer desktop, and they might even keep it on the clipboard right on their work station. So that's one example of a giveaway. Another example. This is a giveaway that I made years ago. It's 12 pages, so it's a little long for, um, what I'm guiding you to at this time, but I wanted to show you what an example is. People might print out 12 pages, but if it's shorter that it's more likely. So again, it's not important that you read the words, but I just wanted to show you the the layout, so we have a border on the page. I'm using color musing white space. I have a table of contents. And then I have a page about me. I have a note for me and then a little bit about me with a link to how to reach me. And then this. This this opt in gift is on. Tell us, um and are so this is an introduction to tell a seminars on this page. Excuse me. And then I teach them how to do a practice interview and then I have a checklist so they can locate. They can locate guest host so they could be guest speakers. This gives them tips on how they can access to a technology for recording their interviews . And then this. This page talks about how they can repurpose their content once they have it recorded. And then this page by itself, I could have this, and a marketing page would probably be just as valuable If my often gift was called 18 ways to repurpose your content and I would just change this instead of saying, Tell us some in our content, I would just have it be content. And this tip these tips, this is really valuable. That one page with a marketing page would be enough. And then I have an action page section, and then I have a marketing page where I am marketing my Tele seminar boot camp. And again, this was probably some of you on the call were actually on this. This was probably 2000 2000 and eight. So that's another example of an opt in gift. As you opt into people's, we just pull up the slides here as you opt in for people's gifts. Notice. What does it say on the opt Inform? What does it say to that? Makes you want to subscribe and get on someone's email list and then look at their pdf and get ideas for what you might be able to create. This is one that I created. I created it in Power Point, and I made it really long. It's probably like 12 by 17 or something like that, and it is a checklist on the steps for creating a podcast. Look at that nice and attractive. And so that's just another example. All right, so that's about opt in gifts and adding an opt in form to your website and let's go on to our next strategy 3. Get Ready for Company: next thing you want to do once you have your often gift ready and your form on your website , if you want to get ready for company. So just like when you have people over to your house, you clean the house, you vacuum. Maybe you have a snack ready for them. Everything's nice. You want to make your make sure you're website. I use the term blogging website interchangeably today. There they could be used anonymously. So what you want to do is visit your site as if you were a brand new visitor. If you're sites attractive, is your site attractive and well welcoming, which you wanna hang out on your site? Or does it look like it's out of date and pictures are missing and you're not sure what the site is about? You want to be crystal clear what your site is about. So, for example, when you're going to a store, I've used this this example before. Some of you may recall it. If you're looking for pink. 10 issues. If you're going into a WalMart where there's all kinds of things, you might find pink 10 issues, but there's a lot of other things going on there that you could get distracted By What? If you saw a store that was called pink tennis shoes, you would be able to have just a niche focus. And you could get shoe laces and anything related to pink tennis shoes, and your you would have a base of raving fans who are interested in that topic. Will you want your site to attract those raving fans who are so excited? So think about something that you want to learn more about. If you found a site that was had that offered information on all different kinds of things , you would might find it interesting. But what if that site was focused on a niche topic that you were just so eager to learn more about? So you want your site to be that kind of magnetic content? So what is your site about? Is it attractive and welcoming to your ideal audience? Do you have an opt in gift available so people can join your list? Typically, people put the opt in form in the right hand side bar or at the top of the of the page. Sometimes we'll have a tab on their website that says gift, however, may be. One in 50 people will do that where, as for 100 visitors, you might have five or 10 sign up if the opt in gift is at the top right of every page, the sidebar usually shows up on the top of every page, so that's a really good place for your opt in form. Is the content on your site current and relevant so you might want to go through your articles. If you were talking about an upcoming event, go in there and change it around and make it evergreen and talk about the event that happened or put it in the present tense. So you want to remove any old dates. You want to make sure that the pictures air showing up on each page at the current that the content is relative relevant and attractive, and you want to make sure that you click or somebody in on your team or somebody in your house goes through every link on every page and clicks that so, so that when people click on an image or on a link, that it takes them where you want them to go cause sometimes links get broken and take them to error pages. And if people go to to, they might stick around for 1/3. But after they hit on a second air, they're usually gone. They think that your site is outdated, so if you're taking them to a link off your site, you want to have a really good reason for taking them off your site. And you want that to open up in a new window like you're taking them to your book page on Amazon or your class page on skill, sheer or teachable. If you're taking them to a different place on your own site, like Toe a related blogged post, then you can have it open up in the same window because they're gonna be staying on your site with images. You could make images clickable, so when they click on them, they go to your book page on Amazon or an affiliate offer that you are talking about on your website. Those will be reasons tohave, clickable images. Otherwise you want to set your images to none n o N e. As faras, the link goes because when people click on your images, if you have it set to open up the image file. They're just going to go to a page that just has your image, and they will either leave. They might not know that they have to hit the back button to get back to your site, and you could lose visitors. So that's a really top tip is click on each image, and if you don't want people to go anywhere, you just want them to look at the image on the site. Click on the image in when you're in editing. When you're editing that, post that article. And just for the hyperlink, click on the hyperlink and shoes None N O N E and then save the save the ah, that post. And when it won't be clickable so they won't be able to go anywhere, they'll just be able to You'll take them on a floe through your article and the end of the article. You may have an action step or or an offer for them. The more attractive and relevant your site is, the more likely it is that your ideal reader will spend time exploring your site, and the more likely they are to subscribe to your list, and the more likely they are to stay on your list and stay engaged with you and potentially go on to purchase your book or enroll in your course. So get ready for company. That is a very important strategy. 4. Social Networking Strategies: The next strategy is to share links to your blogged post on the social networks. You may want to have a recurring time in your calendar once a week, where you add a new block post. It could be content that you've already written. It could be ideas from your book. It could be content that you create from scratch. It could be a top tips list whatever you want. But if you're adding content once a week, that's just the minimum amount of time for you to really build the content on your site and provide great material for your audience. And then each time you publish a new post, you can take the U. R L. So you publish the post and you go to the top of the page and you copy the you Earl to the Post and you post that on on your blog's site and you posted on a social network. So I'll show you that I'll show you an example of that in just a moment. So a simple way to get traffic to your site is to post links or images that are related to your block post on the social networks My favorites are Facebook and Pinterest. And if you do, if you make this a habit So, for example, you publish a new post every week and you becomes a habit. You know, every Friday, 10 a.m. R. On the weekend, four PM went at some one day over the weekend. Every week you're creating a blood post, it will become a habit. And then right when you finish, what you can do is publish that a link to that right over to Facebook. And then again, I'm gonna show you an example of both of these in just a moment and you can say something like, I just published a new article on and you can share the article title or the article topic . And then you want to be sure to include the URL to the block post because of people are really interested in your topic. And if your site is attractive and welcoming, visitors are more likely to be interested in your opt in gift. So let me show you an example. All right, so here's my blawg. All right, so here's an interview that I recently did, and I'm really interested in the topic of intermittent fasting. Find it fascinating. And this author, I just love her work, and I've gotten to know her over the past couple of months, and she allowed me interview her, which I'm really grateful about. So I let's say I just published this. I would then So let me just move this down so you can see it. Here's the address bar. I'm gonna copy this u r l Because this is the URL to this article and I want to link people right to this article. So I'm gonna open up a new tab, Just move this back up, can open up a new tab, and I'm gonna go over to Facebook and let's go over. I'll just go to my timeline. And so I'm gonna pipe here. I'm honored and excited to have interviewed inter mitten fasting expert Gin Stevens. Listen in at and then I'm gonna post it right there, and sometimes Facebook will pop. Look at that. Facebook will pop in the image. I'm honored and excited to have interviewed intermittent fasting expert Jim Stevens, author of DeLay. Don't deny. Listen in at and then I'm gonna come down here, and I'm just going to share it. So that's one way you could also, if you have a group related to your topic, what we want to do now is go back to the website and we want to. Why? We're thinking about it. Only take a moment. We want to post two Pinterest now on Pinterest. You can get this little You see this little Pinterest image here that's called an apple it And so if you just Google, you know how to get the Pinterest apple it They'll show you how to add that to your to your browser tab up here. So I'm just going to click on that. And what what's going to Dio is it's gonna pull up the images from that page and I'm gonna click here and it pulls it right up into my Pinterest account. If you're not logged in, it will ask you to log in thes air all my boards over on Pinterest. I'm going to scroll down to the one on intermittent fasting and click save and then I can see it now. They even allow you to add videos here. But I want to get people to my blawg. So that's why I have it set up like that because now when people click So let me just click over there or click on the image it would take them to the same page is gonna take them here. And I have my books here that people will see. I have this one strategically positioned. I wrote a book on a journal, I intermittent fasting, and it's strategically position without being obnoxious. And I have the book linked with my Amazon affiliate links when people purchase her book, Um, it will, uh it will take them over. It will take them over to Amazon. I mean, the commission's not a lot of things like 2% or something, but, you know, we can add up, and then I write more about the author. So if you're interested in inter doing interviews, I just have a brief description here, and then I have the video here. You can upload it to Vimeo, or you can upload it Teoh YouTube. And then I have the bio because I didn't want to put the bio first. I wanted the video near the top. Then I have the bio of the author and her image and then this is one of her images, her before and after image and then about her book. So that is a great blawg post and interviewing experts in your field. That is actually one of the ways that I really grew my business fast is I started associating with experts in a field that I was brand new in at the time book marketing, and within a very short period of time, I was considered a leading expert in book marketing. So one of the ways that you can become an expert in your field or be seen as an expert in your field is to associate with other experts in your field and you'll develop relationships with people and you can interview each other, which we're gonna talk about as one of our strategies moving forward. And so that is about sharing your links from your block posts to the social networks 5. Grow Your List via Online Guest Speaking: Our next strategy is to let people hear your voice because when they hear your voice, they're gonna feel like they know you. And you're gonna build relationships on a deeper level on the easiest way for you to have people hear your voices to one. Actually, 31 is you can do Facebook live events, then they can actually see you as well. If you like doing that kind of technology, you can do an audio that you record using a free service such as free conference call or free conference calling, and then you can post it as an audio post on your blogged. Or you can let other people interview you and help promote you by participating in podcasts . And that's what we're gonna talk about in this strategy because this is a list building strategy because the host usually ask, What's the best way for our listeners to connect with you? This is a heads up. You might be tempted to say, Oh, this is my website. This is me on Facebook and this is my phone number and this is my email address and nobody heard anything you said with podcast. A lot of people are walking or driving. So you want one girl? Yeah. And you can let that you can arrange with the host ahead of time. You can let them know that. You know, when you go to ask me the best website, Um, I actually have a gift for our audience on the site. Is it okay if I mentioned that? And they'll either say yes or no. And if they say yes, you would say Teoh, if they ask, you know what's the best way for our listeners to connect with you? You would say Oh, well, actually, Sarah, the best way for our listeners to connect with me is to get the free gift on five steps for blah, blah, blah. And of course, it's on the topic that you're talking about and they're gonna be tripping over themselves to get it. I recently did this and had 30 new people register because they were so excited about the gift. I was so related to the topic of the call. And usually speakers will ask you for five or eight questions related to your topic. So you get to steer the call, and, um then what you do is you give them a really easy You're like my website dot com forward slash gift Or ideally, it's right on the home page and you can say, um, just head on over to my website dot com and you'll see right at the top, right? Your gift. Now, if the speaker says no, no, I don't want you telling them about a gift than what you would do is you would just let people know. The best way to connect with me is to go to my website, my website dot com. You'll you'll find all kinds of goodies and information, and you can contact me there, and your opt in form will be right there. You just haven't mentioned it, so they're recovered both both basis is there. So again, sharing your message via audio is a really powerful way to connect with your audience and let people get to know you. Bacon. Feel your energy when they hear your voice. Think about the people that you love learning with or love listening to on different tele summits are there once you click away from because their voice is annoying or because you don't like their topic area or the way they're presenting it, and at the same time, are there ones that you are glued to? And you, just like you might have been multitasking. But you stop and you just are riveted and you pay attention because you're so enthralled and you feel so connected to them. And so part of that is experience. Part of that is smiling when you talk and sharing the passion on your heart. And when you do that, people people can feel that audio content also engages people longer than written content. When they come to your vlog, they may say, Oh, I'm gonna bookmark this page and come back later and they may never come back. Or it might be years that or months, however, where they're listening to an interview and they're interested in the topic, they're probably going to stick around the whole time, and you're having more of an opportunity to build a relationship with them. So audio is really powerful for that relationship building feature. Also, interviews position you as an expert in your field, especially when the person interviewing you has expertise in your topic area because people know Oh, this person, they know what they're talking about and they're endorsing you because you're get there giving you the thumbs up that that this person's okay, I endorse them and I'm having them on my interview and your steen as an expert by association. Very, very powerful strategy. If I was to pick one strategy in the whole world, this would be it because it has such long reaching effects in so many different ways, and you can also Sometimes they'll give you the audio to post to your site. Or you can create a block post and link over to there iTunes account or to their website. And then you're getting the Google juice for having outgoing links from your website. So all kinds of benefits. So I want to share with you because you might be wondering what that sounds great. But how do I do that? So I wanna dive a little deeper with this strategy. Two of the easiest ways to locate podcasts are going to iTunes. You have to open up the software and at the right typical. Currently on the right hand side, you'll see a little drop down, and you can search podcasts and you can put in your search term. And then when you locate podcast, you'll have a place on the podcast page where you'll see that you can click over to the persons website and connect with them. Another places blawg talk radio dot com. What you want to do is you wanna put a search term in the field and then sort the results by date, because that way you're getting the most recent one. You want to make sure that that you are checking out podcast These air called podcast slash radio shows. Ah, lot of people podcast directly from block talk radio to iTunes, but this is a great way to get interviewed. Lots of exposure. But you want to make sure that the person has is, ah has current content. You don't want to contact someone who their last interview was three years ago or they have to. Interviews in the last one was, you know, four months ago you want an active radio show and then listening to a couple of episodes and see if you like the tone of voice of the speaker. If you like the way they treat their guests, you can listen to whole episodes or you can kind of scan through to just get a sense of things. And then there's a place where you could reach out. Now this is the thing that's so cool. These are interview host and they need people to interview. And so you just contact them. And here's what you say. You might want to write this down. I listen to your podcast. I'm so intrigued by the topic, and I noticed that we share a common audience. I noticed that we share a common audience. This is the next key. I'm setting up my speaking schedule for the coming season. I'm setting up my speaking schedule for the coming season. I would I would love to be considered as a guest on your podcast. What information do you need? I would love to be considered as a guest on your podcast. What information do you need? And you send that via email and hopefully they'll get back to you and you want to keep track. You wanna keep a list of who you've contacted so that you can circle back and because it might take a couple of times of connecting with someone Now you may find that some people are quote unquote bigger fish. So maybe you want to get five or 10 interviews under your belt and, ah, so that you have more experience. That's what I did. I had three interviews, and then I started contacting bigger fish, if you will. And I sent him the link to my interview page and they wrote back, Oh, those were my colleagues they interviewed with you. Sure, I'll interview with you are all interview you. What? However, you want to set that up. So that is, uh, really powerful strategy. So these are two of the best places iTunes and Blawg talk radio. Another place to find speaking opportunities is a 10 tele seminars. Tell us some it's on your topic area and check out the speakers. Ah, lot of whom have blog's. You could be a guest blogger or a lot of whom have their own podcast or or that are. Tell a seminar Siri's, and so you can connect with them there and again. Some people we will be. It will be once that you connect with over a long period of time, and some you'll connect with sooner. But if you're reaching out and you're starting to do regular interviews, one a week or two a month, you're going to be amazed at how that can really grow your reach and grow. Grow your credibility and grow your opportunities because you can ask for introductions. Ask your friends and colleagues for introductions because they share a common audience, especially your colleagues, so they would know of podcasters and bloggers and leaders and authors who tend to reduce you to. And here's another bullet point every time you do an interview after the interview Because interviewing is a bonding experience. After the interview, you ask the host. You might want to write this down. First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm so grateful to have connected with you and I love the interview. Please let me know when it's up. I'll help promote it. And while we're here before we leave, I'd love to know who else do you know that shares are common audience that might be looking for a guest, And at that point, if they say I'll get back to you about that, probably it's not gonna happen. So what? You might want to say it months, months they say, Oh, I know a couple of people And you could say, Well, what I found to be the easiest, most effective way is would you could you possibly send the two of us in email, introducing us to each other or in and a lot of times that will work Or they'll say, Oh, I want to contact that person first And you could say that would be great. Do you mind making a note toe? Pop them an email and if they're open to it, making an introduction. So you're giving them guidance, because if they just have it in their mind, is probably not gonna happen. But if you give those little guided, gentle tips, you're more likely to create and to make more connections. So let's say you do five interviews and each one of those off of those five interviews, three of them introduce you to one person and one person introduced use you to three people . So and then you go on and you do. Ah, those what? 3456 interviews. And that multiplies from there so you can see what once you've done 1/2 a dozen interviews . If you're using this process of asking for referrals and connecting with people that you can have an ongoing stream of interviews. One of my private coaching clients, I taught her this strategy, and she made the commitment to go on. Teoh participate in an interview once a week, and after three months, she did to one. It was every other, actually, what first and third week of each month she made it a point that she was a guest on someone's podcast. And on the 2nd 4th week of the month, she made it a point to interview someone, and at the end of the year, she was a premiere. Tell Us Summit Host and her business. Her coaching practice exploded so by one activity a week, so those little stepping stones can really add up. You can let people hear your voice by leading a monthly or weekly ask call like ask Devora anything. Call where people submit their questions ahead of time or if you have a way for them to submit them on the call. Um, and then you can answer the questions. I like to collect the questions ahead of time and then put them in order and combine the similar ones so you can ask. That's why that's a great way to ask your email list. And people have what they call a monthly subscribers only call, and that's a great way for you to bond with your subscribers and give them really valuable content. You can also offer a Facebook live, which is another way to really connect with your community and share great content and answer their questions. So there are a lot of different ways that you can share your voice. And by being creative and asking for referrals and doing this on a regular basis, you can get ready for your business to grow exponentially. 6. Participate in Guest Blogging: the next strategy we have. And I believe this is the last strategy for this training and that is participate in guest blogging and reach new audiences. And this is a great way to again be positioned as an expert by association because people aren't gonna feature people on their blog's that they don't endorse. And so, by being on someone's blawg, people assume that you are endorsed by the Blawg owner. So it's kind of like when you make an introduction to someone you already feel like you know each other. There's already a level of trust. There's always there's already a level of trust. You don't have to go like research them because someone in common that you trust that you both trust introduced you well. Guess blogging. And guess speaking offers that to you. So guess blogging is where you write articles for other blog's, and it's a great way to get exposure to new audiences and get known by Blawg owners. Each block owner will have their own practices in their own policies. Some allow you to use previously published content that you re work and be sure to change the title so that you have more opportunities with Google. Some people like you to create a a a blob post by scratch. As a note to yourself. Ask them what the required word count is because I've had people offer to do guest blogger posts. They get the person the block, count the blawg post, and the person said, Oh, no, I can't do 500 words. I need 1000 words or I can't do 1000 words. I need 100 words. So find out the recommended word count and, um, and jot it down. You might have an ongoing list off the block owner. The URL, the content Can it be previously published? Doesn't have to be new content and to creating on Excel spreadsheet or just a checklist on a on a clipboard On that checklist, you can also put when the block post is do when that when it published, and then you can also promote that on the social networks. And if people see you promoting their blawg, they're gonna be more likely to promote your blood. So you're creating this relationship, this marketing relationship with the Blawg owners guest blogging can also lead to guests speaking opportunities as Many bloggers also host or participate in tele seminars and podcasts. So that's exciting. Or they might know of. Tell us some it's coming up. Or they may have tele summits or tell a seminars advertised on their blog's will. Keep an eye out for that. And while you're a guest blogger, you have opportunities to build relationships with readers because blogger owners who have you as a guest blogger on their site, they're endorsing you and giving you the thumbs up. And you also have the opportunity to include a signature in your blogged post. So I want to share an example of that. Your signature section and your block host may have a recommended like it has to be shorter than 100 words, or it can only be one brief paragraph. They may have ah ah, recommendation. If not, I recommend that it be short and sweet approximately 100 125 words. At most, the shorter it is, the more white space there is, the more likely people are to take action. So I have an example here that I'll share with you. You want it to be concise and compelling, and you want to invite people to visit your site, where they will receive a special gift related to the topic. Now this is important, since your gift on your website might change for time to time, I wouldn't be really specific of what the gift is, because if they see that the gift is a and they get to your site and it's changed to something different, they're gonna be They might be disappointed, so I'll show you a generic way to offer your gift. So here's an example. This is might be a signature that I have the bottom of my blood post. Devora Lansky, Master in Education, is the best selling author of many books, including 30 day course Creation Challenge for Authors. And I would list the book that's related to the Blawg or related to the article. So it all ties together since 2007. C. I wrote this in the third person. It gives it more credibility. Since 2007 she has taught online book marketing and course creation strategies the thousands of authors and entrepreneurs across the globe. So if you unpacked that, it shows how long you've been marketing, what your topics are that you're have a proven track record that you've that you've written or that you teach, so you want it to be. That's basically one sentence that just is packed with, you know, Ah, the important information that you really want your readers to know about. And then I write for a special gift from Devora visit, and then I have the website and you'll notice that it's hyperlink and that's it. That's the signature section in people. If they're interested in your article and your signature section relates to the article in the block post, you're gonna have people come over to your site and opt in tears list. So guest blogging is a wonderful way to grow your list of email subscribers. 7. Class Project and Action Steps: Here's an example of a tracking sheet so that you can track your list building activity you can have. You can use this form right here where you have the date. We put the date that you start and the activity that you're going to participate. Is it a one time activity such as update my website? Or is it an ongoing activity such as weekly blogged post? And then you write what the activity is if there's any preparation required if you need any materials. If you need to create anything and then track your results, you can track your results. The one in one week, two weeks, one month, two months, for example. And then you put the dates in there and you mark your calendar. By doing this and focusing on your activity and the results and circling back and seeing what you're doing and the results you're getting, you're going to continue to grow your list now one of things that I didn't mention, so you might want to make yourself a note. When you're guest blogging, you can invite people right in your blood post. You can ask a question that encourages people to post a comment and then make yourself a note, for example, on your tracking page to circle back to the sites where you are a guest blogger and respond to any of the comments. Ah, lot of bloggers are set up so that when you post a comment, you get an email letting you know that a new comment has been posted while others they don't notify you, so you would have to circle back. But by posting answering questions, posting thought, provoking questions in the comments area and responding to people who leave comments, you're going to keep the conversation going. So those are our strategies on a list building, and I'm gonna share with you some action steps that you can make the most of what you learned today. First thing is give thought to which list building strategies intrigue you most, and then open up your calendar and actually scheduled time in the next 24 to 72 hours to do something, even one thing to grow your list, and then you can continue on from there. If you're doing one thing each week, it's going to grow exponentially, and you're gonna be able to grow your business and grow your success by growing your email list and have fun connecting with your email subscribers. Because those air new community members who are coming to connect with you on a topic that you're both passionate about, I hope you found this training Helpful. Men encourage you to open up your calendar and schedule. Time to focus on doing something to grow your email list in the next 24 to 72 hours. I would love to hear what you dio. I'm cheering you on and until next time, here's to your success.