Five Tips for Starting a Mobile Food Business | Barb Upchurch | Skillshare

Five Tips for Starting a Mobile Food Business

Barb Upchurch

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About This Class

Are you interested in owning your food truck or cart?  Do you have a passion for food and want to make it a reality?  Stephanie Ganz and Barb Upchurch of The Apple Cart Company share all the lessons that will help you get started.  A mobile enterprise can be a great way to enter the culinary world, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Learn from their experience-based knowledge through this hour-long webinar. You will come away with a strong understanding of what it takes to run a profitable mobile food business and how to get started!  

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Two women with a passion for food and small business development

In 2010, Barb Upchurch and Stephanie Ganz met at a Richmond-based non-profit dedicated to helping people start small businesses. There, Barb was the Director of the Women's Business Center, and Stephanie managed the Breadwinners program - a grant-funded initiative designed to help women create food-based businesses. The two were an instant match, sharing a love of food, travel, and enterprise development; and they've been...

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