Five Tibetan Rites - The Fountain of Youth

Iiro Kontio

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9 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction

    • How to do the practise

    • 1. Rite - Spinning

    • 2. Rite - Leg raise

    • 3. Rite - Kneeling backbend

    • 4. Rite - Coffee table

    • 5. Rite - Pendulum

    • Relaxation

    • Last words on the practise


About This Class

In this Class I teach you practise called Five Tibetan Rites - The Fountain of Youth.

This is a practise that is invented by Tibetan monks more than 2000 years ago. It consist of five yoga type movements that are done in spesific way and order. This practise is called The Fountain of Youth because of its ability to make body and mind feel strong, healthy and youthful.

Five Tibetan Rites is simple yet very powerful exercise.

In this Class you Learn:

  • What is this practise about
  • How to start the practise
  • How to do all of the five rites
  • How to get most benefit out from this practise

Who can benefit from this Class/practise?

  • Anyone who is willing to use 5-30 minutes a day to do this practise.
  • This practise can benefit people of any age or gender.

You are free to share, ask help or comment in the community section!

-Iiro Kontio


Music Credits:

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15 of 15 students recommendSee All

Very clear step by step demonstration of the five Tibetan Rites. Thanks for sharing! :D
Li Yuen Yeo

NLP Master Practitioner, Entrepreneur

Thanks for this. Looking forward to incorporating these into my morning routine. :D
Ellie Shoja

Life Coach, Transformation Expert

The kneeling backbend felt so good, it relieve a lot of the tension in my upper back. All these moves are nice and simple, and if done right, leave the body feeling good after. Two thumbs up!
Bianca Haeck

Drawing on Inspiration!