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Five-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

Five-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

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27 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Lecture - Breath

    • 4. Meditation - Breath

    • 5. Lecture - Walking

    • 6. Meditation - Walking

    • 7. Lecture - Sitting

    • 8. Meditation - Sitting

    • 9. Lecture - Deep Relaxation

    • 10. Meditation - Deep Relaxation

    • 11. Lecture - The Integration Meditation

    • 12. Meditation - The Integration Meditation

    • 13. Lecture - Grounding

    • 14. Meditation - Grounding

    • 15. Lecture - Sound

    • 16. Meditation - Sound

    • 17. Lecture - Countdown

    • 18. Meditation - Countdown

    • 19. Lecture - Higher Self

    • 20. Meditation - Higher Self

    • 21. Lecture - Energizing

    • 22. Meditation - Energizing

    • 23. Lecture - Creativity

    • 24. Meditation - Creativity

    • 25. Lecture - Nature

    • 26. Meditation - Nature

    • 27. Bonus

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About This Class

As technology intensifies the human experience, people are more stressed with less time on their hands than ever before.  Five-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Busy People is a course focused on bringing the health benefits of meditation into the rapidly accelerating and stressful world we live in. These meditations will benefit both children and adults.

Those health benefits include:

  • Reducing stress

  • Regulating emotions

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Increasing mental clarity and

  • Slowing the aging process.

If you’re busy and stressed, this course will lead you into calm and peace, in just a few minutes.

Students who complete this course will become proficient in utilizing 12, five-minute mindfulness meditation techniques, focused on specific areas with practical results. Then, they will be able to lead their own meditations for the rest of their lives. Or they can continue to use these brief mindfulness meditations whenever the need arises.

The only requirements for this course is that you have a deep desire to learn how de-stress, find peace, and improve the quality of your internal world, in just minutes a day.  If you’re new to meditation or just too busy to find the time, this course is for you. All you need to do is devote five minutes of your precious time.

In this course students will learn:

  • How to successfully implement 12, FIVE-MINUTE, MINDFULNESS MEDITATION techniques.

  • How to successfully implement BREATH as the foundation for all mindfulness meditations.

  • How to successfully implement a WALKING mindfulness meditation to combine peace with exercise.

  • How to successfully implement a SITTING mindfulness meditation, great for computer breaks.

  • How to successfully implement a full-body DEEP RELAXATION mindfulness meditation.

  • How to successfully implement a COUNTDOWN mindfulness meditation, to experience a profound trance-like meditative state.

  • How to successfully implement a *SOUND* mindfulness meditation, to increase peace and calm.

  • How to successfully implement a *GROUNDING* mindfulness meditation, when feeling frazzled or scattered. Also effective to preventing jet lag.

  • How to successfully implement a *HIGHER SELF* mindfulness meditation, for relaxation, mental clarity, and vision.

  • How to successfully implement an *ENERGIZING* mindfulness meditation, to increase energy.

  • How to successfully implement an *INTEGRATION* mindfulness meditation, to resolve inner conflict and calm disruptive emotions. Also excellent for making decisions.

  • How to successfully implement a *MAGIC BLANK CANVAS* mindfulness meditation, for enhancing creativity.

  • How to successfully implement a *NATURE* mindfulness meditation, to experience nature as a living creature.

*Also great for kids*

What students are saying about Joseph’s courses:

… the meditations are next level awesome. Courtney Seard

I'm doing a couple of Joseph Drumheller courses and he's a really fantastic teacher. His approach is very genuine and authentic. He spent many years providing support to terminally ill cancer patients. Highly recommended. Phil Strong

You know, Joseph, I really appreciate the reminder that unresolved emotional charges INFLUENCE  our decision making and behavior. I can see that this has played out in my life to my great misfortune. At this stage of my life, it is very important for me to take charge of these ancient emotional triggers, and create a much healthier and happier existence. I love your class, Joseph. Thanks again for all of your hard work! Laurel Gay Edwards 

Your delivery was warm and natural and your sincerity and love of meditation shines through.  I can see how much work has gone into this course and I'm sure it will reach and help many, many, many people. It's so nice to 'meet' someone with very similar views on meditation and an approach to teaching that chimes with my own. I wish you every success! Linda Hall

Joseph Drumheller's practical, earthy approach to meditation, along with his soothing voice and approachability provide a comfortable place to begin a new practice or gain deeper insights to those more established. Speaking as a lifelong meditator myself, I recommend his work. Judy Blackwell

I will say that the main thing I look for in someone in such a course is that they exude calm, and joy....and you do......and that they look trustworthy, good energy when you look at their eyes.... when they speak....and you do…. Marika Marks

Very informative about getting started at home meditation. I am excited to dive into Joseph’s course! Kari Moore

Very professional and I loved the videos! If this is your fist class online, I wouldn't have known it. You did a great job! Judy Lynne

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph Drumheller

Leading Meditation, Healing & Education


Joseph Drumheller

I'm a leader in meditation and healing and a four-time, award-winning author with a mission that is quite simple:  To assist people of all ages in becoming the greatest version of who they are meant to be.

I've spent over 25 years working in the worlds of Meditation, Healing, and Spirituality.  Six of those years I spent working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in a cancer radiation clinic in Bellingham, WA.  Since 1991, I've performed over 2,000 private sessions, led numerous seminars, workshops, online courses and retreats, and published an assortment of books for adults and children. 

I was also born with a deep spiritual connection to nature, which led me to earn a Master of Science degree in G... See full profile

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1. Promo: hello and welcome to five minute mindfulness meditations for busy people. It seems, in the beginning, that technology was originally intended to make our lives easier so we could spend more leisure time with our friends and our families. However, we all know it hasn't quite worked out that way. In fact, people are busier and more stressed out now than they've ever been before, and it's all speeding up. Hello, My name is Joseph Drumheller. I've been working in the worlds of meditation, healing and spirituality for over 25 years. I'm also a three time award winning author and spent six years working in a cancer radiation treatment facility, using meditation and healing techniques with cancer patients in the 21st century, meditation is becoming available to people in a way unprecedented throughout human history . Furthermore, scientific research has illuminated numerous health benefits associated with meditation. Some of these benefits include reducing stress, regulating emotions, stimulating the immune system, increasing mental clarity and slowing the aging process. This course provides 12 5 minute meditations addressing specific areas of interest. The's time tested techniques will provide you with the benefits of meditation in the middle of a busy and fast paced life, and once you have them down, you'll be able to use them for the rest of your life. There are no prerequisites for this course. In fact, many of these meditations are suited for both adults and Children. All you need is a passionate desire to carve out five minutes of extra time in your busy day for self care and the improvement of life. I know everyone get stressed out in this rapidly changing world we all live in. But that's why I created this course all teaching the techniques of peaceful relax ation that you can effortlessly incorporate into your life in just minutes a day. It's easy, it's wonderful, and anyone can do it. All you need is a desire to relax. I'll take care of the rest. So please join me on this remarkable journey of five minute meditations. All you need to do, he's hit the button and I'll see you in class 2. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the introduction for five minute meditations for busy people. If you've enrolled in the course, then welcome if you haven't yet. But I hope to see in class soon now to maximize the benefits of this course. What I would recommend is that you go through each meditation and find the ones you like best and use your favorite meditations as you see fit. And when you become proficient, you'll be able to use the meditations without the use of the videos for the rest of your life. Also, don't forget to check out the summaries attached with each lecture because they have step by step instructions that you can use as a reference for as long as you meditate. The joy of meditation is often amplified when it shared with others. So take this course with your friends and family and share the love. Also, a number of these meditations are suitable for Children, so don't hesitate to turn your kids onto the magic of meditation. So once again, if you put enrolled in this course and thank you very much, and if you haven't yet, I hope to see in class soon. 3. Lecture - Breath: Hello and welcome to the lecture on meditation for breath. Now there's a saying in some spiritual circles that goes where there is breath, there is life. And if you think about it, it's true, because once you stop breathing, it's time to check out of this Earth plane. So what we're gonna do in this meditation is gonna be very, very simple. Also going to do is focus on our breath as we breathe in through your nose and out through her mouth. It's very, very simple technique. You can learn it in a few minutes, but it's one of those tricky things that takes a lifetime to master. So during this meditation, you may have distracting thoughts that come in. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna just allow those toe happen. We're going to observe those thoughts and just let it drift in and float by like clouds as we breathe. And as we relax and towards the end, this meditation, I'm gonna add a couple of words and some religious traditions. These air, called mantra is, and so I like to use the words sun and moon so on in breath it'll be sons will be Sun Moon on the Exhale. So in with son, not with moon. So that's all there is to it. This is a very simple and beautiful meditation, and it's gonna help you relax very deeply. So without any further ado, let's head to the meditation and I'll see you there. 4. Meditation - Breath: on. Get yourself situated in a nice position in their lie down or remain seated, whichever is most comfortable for you. Just get yourself nice and comfortable, and when you're ready, just close your eyes. Take a few deep cleansing breaths and just begin to let go and relax. And as we begin, I'd like you to imagine yourself wrapped in a cocoon of blue light. Just imagine it for a few moments. If you can feel it, that's even better. But just allow yourself to sink into that presence. Wonderful blue protective light as we begin our meditation. So what I would like you to do now is to just pay attention to your breath and breathe and relax. Gently breathe in and breathe out, using no effort at all. Just breathe in and breathe out, breathing in, breathing out, just focusing on your breath, breathing in and breathing out. And if any thoughts or distractions from while you're breathing, just allow them to come in and to let go. Just observe them as you would clouds drifting by in the sky as you breathe in, and as you breathe out with breathing out, focusing on your breath as you breathe in and as you bring out, just continue that for a few moments on your own, in silence, breathing in, breathing out and his I pre then. And as I breathe out, I like to say a word to myself in silence as I breathe in. And does I breathe out a word I say as I breathe in this son, son. And as I breathe out, I say moon breathing in son breathing out son san, Just continue to breathe in, then our on your own for as long as you'd like. And when you're ready, you can release this meditation. Come back to the waking world. 5. Lecture - Walking: hello and welcome to the lecture for five minute mindfulness meditation for walking, walking meditations or some of my absolute favorite. Because when I walk, I go into a deeply relaxed state, and when I go into the zone like that, my creative channels open up so I can write books and online courses almost entirely in my head. So what we'll be doing in this meditation is that, as we walk along will become aware of our senses in a very detached way. And as we become aware of our senses in that way, it will open our awareness to our own sphere of consciousness. And in the center of that consciousness is where we create our lives from. So I hope this meditation helps you de stress helps you relax and maybe opens your creative channels. And so again, this is one of my very favorite, so I hope you like it, too. So with that said, let's go to the meditation 6. Meditation - Walking: Okay, welcome to the meditation for walking, So if you have your ear pieces in and your shoes laced up, let's go for a walk. So let's begin our meditation in motion. And as you start to walk, just take a deep breath, just relaxing and walking one foot in front of you. And as you continue toe, I'd like you to just pay attention to your eyes into what they see. That judgment without interpretation, almost as if you're looking through someone else's eyes. Shapes colors, light in the shadows. Just take another deeper. And as you continue to walk, I'd like you to shift your focus to your ears. Perhaps you're listening to my voice. Perhaps you could hear the sounds of the world surrounding you as you want. Just listen without judgment and without interpretation as you continue to want. Oh, and take another deep breath and gently shifting your focus to your nose. And as you take another breath in through your nose, pay attention to whatever it is you smell the aromas, fragrances again, without interpretation and without judgment. It's all just very curious to experience. Take another deep breath in as you continue your walk, shifting your focus to whatever it is you feel. Perhaps you feel your feet walking on the ground way. You can feel your clothing touching your body. Perhaps you can feel a breeze on your face, But whatever it iss this, pay close attention. Whatever it is you feel. And as you continue to walk along, I'd like you to gently shift your focus onto whatever it ISS you feel inside. No. Perhaps you feel an emotion or tingling sensation in your body. Whatever it iss, just pay attention to a feel inside of your body as you continue to walk and to relax and to breathe. Now, what I would like you to do now without trying is to shift your attention all of your senses and to let them be without trying to think about in to pay very close attention that this is your sphere of awareness. Bear relaxed, very calm and very piece as you continue to walk in the center of your spear of consciousness to relax and breathe. And as you continue to walk, I invite you to turn off this Elektronik device. E. Continue this walk in your own sphere of consciousness 7. Lecture - Sitting: Hello and welcome to the lecture, part of five minute meditation for sitting. Now this meditation is excellent if you work at a computer, so if you need to take a break, it work sometime from your computer. This is fabulous. So what we'll be doing in this meditation is it will be utilising two parts of our meditative body, so abusing our physical body will also be using our breath. So we'll start out by stretching our arms up really high as far as we can, and then we'll tighten all of our muscles and then we'll relax them and then we'll take a breath. No one moved to our face, our shoulders, our torso. Then down to our glutes are thighs are calves and then our feet. So this is really great because it can relax your entire body in just a few minutes now on a side note. If you do work a lot of the computer, please remember to take a break every 20 minutes or so because the position of worry your hands are on the computer and your neck is screened by looking down to your computer screen . That position, if you haven't figured out yet is really bad for your body. So make sure to take a break and stretch every 20 minutes. Or do this meditation also there. If you work on a Mac, there is an app you can download for free from the Apple store, which is called Time out and what it is. It's a pop up that comes up very slowly to remind you to take a break. At the time you said so with that said, Let's we wanted meditation. 8. Meditation - Sitting: Hello and welcome to the five minute meditation for sitting. So get yourself situated in a very comfortable position where your back is straight and you're sitting up tall. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and then we'll begin. So go ahead and take another deep breath all the way to your toes. Let it out and then breathing in, then let it out. As you continue to sit there with your spine straight, I'd like you to reach up with both hands as high as you can with your back straight reaching for the ceiling. Spread your fingers out as far as you can and reach for the sky. Hold that position for a few moments, then let go. Relax your hands in your lap and take a deep breath and then let go. And I'd like you to scrunch your face up as hard as you can. Tighten all the muscles in your face, hold it and then let go. Take a deep breath in and let it go moved to your shoulders and tighten your shoulders up as tightly as you can by raising your shoulders up toward your ears. Hold that position and then let go and relax. Take a deep breath in and let it go. Take your hands and make them into a fist and tighten your fist as tight as you can while flexing every muscle in your arms. Hold tight on, then let it go. Breathe in, Breathe out and relax. Now move your awareness to your torso and tighten up your abs. Your stomach muscles. Find him up as tight as you can by pulling your belly in. Hold that position and then let go. Take another breath in. Let it go. Now move your attention to your glutes or your rear end muscles tight. Knows that by pulling them up. Hold him tight for as long as you can on. Then let him go. Take a breath in can let it go. Move awareness to your fives tied in your thigh muscles as tight as you can. Maybe lift your feet off the floor. Just hold that position with your thighs as tight as you can, and then let it go. Take a breath in and then relax. Now move your awareness to your calves and tighten your calves by putting the heels of your feet on the floor. and lifting them toward the sky. Tighten your cafs as tight as you can, and then let it go. Take it breath in and let it go. Now move your awareness to your feet and point your feet and curl your toes so you flex your feet as tightly as you can and then let it go. Take a breath in, Take a breath out. Let it go now Just pay attention, how relaxed your body feels and you can continue to breathe and relax for Islamic link way Good way. 9. Lecture - Deep Relaxation: hello and welcome to the lecture for the next five minute meditation on deep relaxation. This meditation is very similar to the sitting meditation that was earlier in the course where we flex our muscles and then relaxed our muscles in order to relax our entire body. However, instead of using our muscles to flex and relax, this time, we're just gonna do it entirely. Worth our mind. And so this is a guided meditation that's a very standard in the work that I do. I use it a lot when I work with people one on one in my healing sessions. So the reason I use it so much is because it's very, very effective. So you don't need to do anything in this meditation except kick back and relax and just let me take you through the process. So without talking any further, let's go to the meditation so you can relax. I'll see you there 10. Meditation - Deep Relaxation: Hello and welcome to the meditation for deep relaxation. So all you need to do to start this meditation is just take a deep breath, close your eyes and we'll start to relax. So go ahead and just take another deep breath. As you begin to relax, I'd like you to imagine that there's a wave of energy or some bright light entering in to the top of your head. It's very relaxing, very piece. Just allow this comfortable and peaceful energy to begin to work its way into your brain so you can actually feel your thoughts as they begin to relax as they begin to calm down and this wave of relaxation a zit relaxes, your brain begins to move down into your spine so you can actually feel soft and gentle. Relax, ation working its way all the way down to the tip of your spine that you continue to relax and breathe. Thats relax. Ation extends out from your spine and into your nervous system from the top of your head along the way out to the end of each nerve. You you're very calm, your very peaceful and you're very deeply relax. Bring the awareness of this. Relax ation back to the top of your head and and allow this. Relax ation to continue by drifting down through the outside of your body into your hair, forehead and your ears, skin on your face, your nose, your eyes and all the muscles of your face so that your entire head is very deeply relaxed . It's very calm. It's deeply at peace, and this relax ation continues by moving down into your neck, gently going into your shoulders, and you could feel this way peaceful. Relax, ation moving down into your arms assed your arms start to become very heavy, very relaxed as the relax ation moves down to your biceps and your elbows into your forearms. Not that each finger on as you continue to breathe and to relax. You can bring the awareness of that. Relax, ation your shoulders once again on feel it moving down into your door. So so your upper body becomes very relaxed, very peaceful as you breathe without effort. Very ridiculous. Relaxed. You can feel all of your internal or bees as they begin to unwind the stress. Relax. Has your heart beats in peace? Your breath is in complete harmony. And as you continue to relax more and more completely, and it feels so nice to be so deeply relaxed and allow this, relax ation to continue into the lower half of your body As your legs start to become very heavy, nous of relax ation works into your thighs into your knees down into your calves, shins, your ankles and finally down into your feet, not to the tip of each toe. And as you continue to breathe and relax, you can feel the relax ation all the way from the top of your head, the tips of your toes and the ends of your fingers so that your entire body is very deeply relaxed, very cool and totally at peace, and it feels so nice to be so. So just take another deep breath as deeply as you can and let it go on. Then you can release this meditation continue to feel very deep peace. No 11. Lecture - The Integration Meditation: Hello and welcome to the lecture for what I call the integration meditation. This is a wonderful hands on meditation that can have very quick and effective results. This can be used for a variety of conditions, but I love it into three basic categories. One is when you're having disruptive emotions, to if you need to make a decision or something or three. If there's some type of inner conflict. Now this meditation is great for adults, but it's also wonderful for Children. And it can be used on people that have mental disabilities or people who are autistic, because the hands on nature of this meditation is really grating makes very tactile. So, um, so here's how it works. So what you want to do is you want to use both your hands. You wanna have your hands hand up our palms up about shoulder width apart and you have your hands out about your waist. I have a little higher just so you can see it in the video and in your left hand, you're gonna want to put Let's say we're using it for a disruptive emotion. You want to put the disruptive emotion in your left hand, and as you put that emotion in your left hand, you're gonna feel the attributes of that emotion. So let's say I'm working with anger. And so maybe for me, that anger, you know, it feels hot or it feels like it. It has stickers in it or something. And maybe I see the color red. So there's a number and it feels kind of feels kind of light, maybe, and so that's it. Attribute I have from anger. So what you want to put in your other hand is the opposite of that. So whatever that may be for me. So let's say it's a feeling I feel calm or peaceful feels very light. The emotion I would give it would be serene, and it feels kind of soft. Okay, so that would be it for a disruptive emotion. Let's say we're doing you need to make a decision would say, Should I move to Seattle or should I moved to San Francisco? So Seattle is gonna have certain attributes. I see the colors green and blue with Seattle. Seattle feels kind of heavy to me. Um, and then in San Francisco, I see the color orange feels a little more vibrant and light. So those are the two attributes of the two different decisions I'm gonna make. And then if I there sometimes type of internal conflict. Let's say I still stuck in the middle between my my mother and my wife. Let's say so. I'm gonna think of my mom. There's gonna be certain attributes of my mom that I feel maybe there's a loving president , but maybe it's kind of heavy. And, um, you know, there's a sticky component to it. Maybe with my wife. There's, ah, a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm, but kind of like something like broken egg shells or something like that. Okay, so you're gonna take your two areas of interest. One is gonna be in your left hand. The other one's going to be in your right hand kind of the polar opposites and that we know what you're going to do. Is it gonna place your poems together? Okay. And when you do that, you you'll start to feel somewhat of a magnetic pole, and you're gonna let your hands slowly come together, Can that as that happens, that's where the magic begins of this integration process because you're going to start to feel stuff, shift and move around inside of you. Um, and just allow that to happen as your hands move closer to closer together, and then your hands will come together in prayer position and leave your hands together until those two polar opposite feelings or attributes, uh, integrate and come to peace So it may take a few minutes, but just kind of go with it and let it happen. You might feel all sorts of stuff going on inside, and then when that is completed, when that's integrated, then you just place it your two hands on your heart and allow that integration to happen again. Again. That could take a few minutes because you're rewiring your brain chemistry a little bit. Some different ways of thinking are going on inside of yourself. That's kind of a very dynamic meditation, and then when you're done, all is you need to do is take a deep breath and then let it go. Okay, so that's kind of how it works. So let's go to the meditation and I'll walk you through it, so I'll see you there 12. Meditation - The Integration Meditation: Hello and welcome to the integration meditation. So what I'd like you to do before we begin is just to get yourself seated, situated and comfortable. You can stand if you like. For this one, it doesn't really matter. Your eyes can be open or closed, but I find for me it's most effective when my eyes are closed. So go ahead and take a deep breath and we'll get started. So as we began, I'd like you to take this one more very deep breath to relax. So to start this meditation, what I would like you to do is to place your hands out in front of you with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, with your palms face upward about shoulder width apart and in your left hand. I would like you to place either a disruptive emotion, an area where you need to make a decision or an area of internal conflict in your left hand , and I want you to feel the attributes of what you have in there. It may feel heavy or there may be color associated with it. There may be certain feelings or emotions attached to it, so just pay attention to those for a few moments, and in your right hand, I'd like you to place the opposite of what's in your left hand. Maybe it's your other decision you want to make. It's the opposite of your disruptive emotion, or it's the other area of internal conflict. Feel the attributes, whatever's in your right, and it may be very different than what's in your left hand and then take another deep breath and then turn your palms so they face each other with attributes and you want in your left hand and the attributes in your right hand and allow your two hands to slowly come together, almost as if there's a magnetic force that's pulling them together. And and as your hands slowly come closer and closer together, you may begin to feel shifts, energy or movement going on inside of your body right side of your head As it comes closer and closer. Just pay attention to what's going on inside of you. Allow your hands slowly, come together, feeling shift towards integration, going on inside of your mind inside of your body until finally, you can feel your two hands come together in a position and just allow your hands to be there in that position. And if you what's going on inside of your body on inside of your mind as you take another deep breath, you can feel this process towards integration happening inside of your body. Just continue to breathe. Relax that you move to a state of peace. State of Integration State of decision Just continue to bring even to relax, to pay close attention to what's happening inside of your body inside of your mind. As you continue to relax when you are ready and when you feel like the time is right, go ahead and take your hands. Once they feel integrated in, place both of your hands over your heart and feel the shift and the integration can happening inside of your body, especially in your heart and a lot of your hands to just sit there for a few moments that you continue to breathe as you continue to relax, allowing the integration process to continue and when you're ready when you feel like the process is completed, there's no hurry. You can just take a deep breath. You can lower your hands and you can release the meditation, and you can come back to this meditation whenever you feel that way, 13. Lecture - Grounding: Hello and welcome to the lecture for the five minute meditation on Grounding. So the grounding meditation is when you want to use. When you're feeling scattered and frazzled, there's a 1,000,000 different things going on at once. You feel like you're going crazy and also want to do is make yourself grounded, bring yourself back into your body and get grounded in the present moment. So it's really great for that. And believe it or not, this meditation is also wonderful for preventing jet leg. So about 10 years ago, I was working in Sweden and living in the United States and was traveling back and forth a lot, and in that time I realized how absolutely debilitating jet leg can be. And a few years later, Ah, I went to India, and between the time I was in Sweden, and when I went to India, I learned this technique for grounding, and I learned that it's fabulous for preventing jet leg, and so the time you want to use it, if you're using it for jet lag, is when you're in the airplane. So what we'll be doing in this meditation is that we're gonna focus our energy and bringing it back into our body. And then we're gonna do visualization techniques that will allow us to feel our energy and our route shocker at the base of our spine and just imagine making a connection into the middle of the earth. And then we'll do some visualization techniques to really strengthen that connection, and that's about all there is to it. So just kick back and relax. Get yourself pulled into your body and we'll go do the grounding meditation, so I'll see you there. 14. Meditation - Grounding: Okay, so let's get prepared to start the grounding meditation. So you can either stand up or sit down for this one. It doesn't really matter, but just get yourself in a nice, relaxed, comfortable position. Take a deep breath, close your eyes. If you like, we'll start to relax. So go ahead and just take another real deep breath and let it out. And if you're feeling frazzle their scattered, just start to pull your energy into your body, so just allow your awareness to call yourself back in to yourself. And then what I'd like you to do is I'd like you to take that energy that's in your body and focus it, or just allow your attention to rest on it gently at the very base of your spine. Take another deep breath and as you breathe, what I'd like you to do now is just to imagine that energy in the base of your spine going down into the center of the year. You can imagine it as a beam of light, like a root of a tree, or like a cord or rope or a strong chain. Whatever it is, just allow yourself to feel that connection beginning from their base of your spine. And if you're sitting, just haven't go straight down into the earth. If you're standing, just have it. Go from your spine through your feet and down into the center of the year and just breathe as that connection starts to create itself and allow that energy to go all the way down to connect into the center of the earth. Take another deep breath. Know what I'd like you to do? Is just to imagine that in that connection that is in the center of the Earth, that the Earth's energy, whatever that is for you starts to move up that connection. Just feel the earth energy moving up that connection from the center of the Earth. Maybe it's light or color or a cord or rope, or whatever it is you feel. Feel the Earth energy moving up that connection and tell it it connects with the route or shocker or the base of your spine. So feel that energy of the earth connecting into your route shocker or the base of your spine. Take another deep breath and just allow your energy to focus there and allow that earth energy to combine with your own physical energy. So it's now your energy, so it may feel a tingling sensation. You may feel warmth or piece you might see color or light or whatever it is. Take another deep breath and then allow that energy once again to travel back down through that cord or through that energy connection toward the Earth. No, and this is going toward the earth realized the Earth energy is again coming up that same chord as your energy goes down about halfway between the two. Those two energies connect. Just allow those two energies to fuse and to become strongly connected as you continue to breathe as you continue to relax. So the connection between the base of your spine and the Earth is unbreakable. It feels incredibly solid, very secure. A ziff. The two energies are one. You and the earth are one and just allow that energy from the earth to again, come up to the base of your spine and connect and and then allowed to go back down into the center of the Earth and just allow that energy to move back and forth. In its own time. Its own way As you continue to relax, just breathe and feel that connection. It's becoming stronger, becoming more solid. Aziz, you are becoming one with the energy of the earth. You're very ground, so allow your energy to finish by connecting into the center of the earth. Take another very deep breath and enjoy this feeling of being grounded. And you could take this feeling with you throughout the rest of your day. So take another deep breath. Just release the meditation. 15. Lecture - Sound: Hello and welcome to the lecture for the five minute meditation for sound. When you get into meditation and healing, sound and pure tone can be very magical. And my first experience in sound healing was about 10 years ago when I went to see a chiropractor because I was having some problems with my back from working on a computer. Too much use a magician at applied kinesiology or muscle testing. So we went through our session. He adjusted my neck and felt great, and at the end of the session he pulled out a tuning fork, gave it a lack, and then he ran it across my entire body. And as that tuning fork was being waved over the top of my body, my entire body kind of lurched, and it felt like I had a gigantic adjustment on my energy field or my aura. And at that moment I knew that that sound healing can be very powerful medicine, and that's when I started using it in my own healing sessions from then on. So here's the basic principle behind sound healing and how sound could benefit meditation. It's like like planet earth. Human beings have an aura or an energy field electro magnetic field that surrounds us. And within our energy field we have seven centers of energy going up our spine, which are referred to as shockers in each of our Shaqra, responds to different areas of human consciousness. Um, so what's sound healing could be really great at is that you can use a pure tone like a tuning fork or a chime or a bull that resonates to a specific shocker. And so what can happen is that if anything is attached to a shocker is like, so your heart shocker. You've just broken up in a relationship you have pain in your heart is that if you go into a deep, deeply relaxed state, you open up your subconscious to your energy field. In your shockers, you play pure tone. Anything that's not resonating with the pureness or the frequency of your shocker will release. And so suppressed pain from the past can actually be lifted off with sound. Almost without efforts will be quite magical. So the tools that I'm gonna use in this meditation are on the following photograph. Now there's all sorts of healing tools and chimes and sounds it can use their ceiling bulls . There's tuning forks. There's rain sticks or straddles. The list goes on and on. But before I'm going to use our are the ones that follow. So in the bottom of the photo you'll see a rain stick. And I primarily use those for lower shocker work or one of doing Chamonix type stuff. Or maybe going into someone's past life or doing some really deep healing work and the bull up there on the left hand. Upper left is a Tibetan chime Tibetan Sound Bowl, and the Tibetans believe that when you play this particular bull and you hear the sound that you're actually experiencing the Tibetan god of love and compassion, so we'll be using that one. The one in the top center. There is just a chime that's a very high pitch that resonates to your crown chakra or the top of your head, so that will open your connection to your higher self or your divine or whatever you wanna call it. And then the last one. There is just a multi tonal chime, and this one's really wonderful. It's like a sound bath for your soul, so it's really great. So without any further ado, let's go into this meditation and use some of my meditation toys, so I'll see you there. 16. Meditation - Sound: so welcome to the meditation on sound. So let's get started by getting very comfortable. Get a nice, comfortable position. Start to relax by taking a very deep breath, and then we'll begin sound. So let's get started by just taking another very deep breath all the way in way. - Just continue to relax on Take another deep throat way, way. - So allow yourself to continue to unwind, to relax by taking another gentle deep throat way, way, way Just continuing to be a piece. One more, deeper. Yeah, no. 17. Lecture - Countdown: hello and welcome to the lecture on the five minute meditation called the Countdown Meditation. So the countdown meditation is really great if you want to go into a very deep and profound state of relaxation, almost like a trance state. So what happens when you go into a deeply relaxed state like that is your subconscious mind opens up, And when your subconscious mind opens up like that, you can do all sorts of wonderful things like release suppressed emotion from the past. And so you can forgive people or let go of things that no longer serve your purpose. You can also step into greater insights and awareness, so maybe you'll have creative flashes that will come to you to help you problem solve on certain things. And also other creative ideas may come in. So if you're in the arts or something like that, it can be a wonderful tool for creativity. So what I'll be doing this meditation is that we'll guide you into a deeply relaxed state by helping you breathe. And then I'm gonna ask you to imagine like you're drifting down to some beautiful place, and as you're drifting down to this beautiful place. I'll be counting backwards from seven, using the words down and deeper. So it's going to take you into a very deeply relaxed state. Um, and when you're transitioning into that deeply relaxed state, you may feel what I call physical distortions. So you may feel like you're spinning or you're floating on a cloud of your body's disappearing or something like that. So if any of that happens during the meditation, take it as a very good sign and just kind of go with it. So with that said, Let's go ahead and go to the meditation, I'll see you there. 18. Meditation - Countdown: hello and welcome to the five minute meditation called The Countdown Meditation. So just get yourself situated, get relaxed and comfortable. Take a deep breath. We'll start the meditation. So go ahead and take another very deep breath all the way down to your toes and just let it go. And as we begin, what I would like you to do is just imagine yourself as if you're above some beautiful place, maybe some type of sanctuary place place you've been before or someplace you would like to go someplace that your mind just makes. Does that count backwards from seven. Using the words down in deeper, I'd like you to drift down to this place and into a very deep and peaceful state of calm. An effortless relax ation number seven. Feel yourself going down, down, drifting deeper and deeper. Six. Drifting down, down, drifting deeper, deeper. Five. Drifting down, down deeper, deeper for drifting down, down deeper and deeper. Three. Drifting down, down deeper and deeper to drifting down, down paper deeper and want drifting down, down, down deeper and deeper and deeper. If you are now in your sanctuary place, I just ask that you imagine yourself being there as if you were actually there. And with every detail that you noticed. I'd like to take you into a deeper in deeper place of call and effortless. Relax ation. So you become more and more perfectly relaxed, more and more perfectly relaxed, more and more perfectly relaxed, very calm, very peaceful and very deeply relaxed, very peaceful and very deeply relaxed. Peace. Relax, calm, peace. Relax. Just take another deep breath as you drift into the state of incredibly deep peace. Profound and deeply relax. If any insights or awareness is created, flashes commit. Just allowed them to come in. Now, did you continue to relax and breathe? Being very deep peace? Just continue to relax, take another deep breath and when you're ready, you can gently release thats meditation Good. 19. Lecture - Higher Self: hello and welcome to the lecture for the five minute meditation on the higher Self. Earlier in this course, I had a lecture on grounding, and that was where we focused on our energy and connected it into the center of the Earth. This meditation is going to be similar, except instead of focusing our energy to connect to the center of the Earth, we're going to connect it to our higher self, which is above us. So what happens when we do that is that not only could be get relaxed, but we can also access higher parts of our own wisdom so we can connect to our higher Selves, which is part of us that knows everything about us. And it could start to communicate to us so we can actually develop our intuition and our own psychic abilities. So what we'll be doing in this meditation is that will be imagining a beam of light coming down from above into our crown chakra or the top of our head. So this light can be brilliant. White light could be gold, violet, whatever works for you, and then we're going to allow it to enter into our head allow it to relax our mind. And then we're gonna take it even further down and let it connect to our heart, which is really the center of our spirituality. Then in the meditation will continue and will send that energy back up again. Hopefully you'll be able to feel it, and then we're going to bring it back down again. But before we bring it down, uh, I'm gonna invite you are welcome you to ask any question you might like. And so you may get some information from above. The information may come, Teoh, as a feeling of knowing it may come as a tingling or vibrational sensation. You may have mental pictures or you can actually hear words. So takes a little practice to get really in tuned to how your higher self communicates to you. But we were going to give it a little shot today. So eso again just kick back. Relax. Let me take you through the process and let's go connect with our higher self. So I'll see you there 20. Meditation - Higher Self: hello and welcome to the meditation on the higher self. So before we connect in, just get yourself situated in a nice, comfortable position. Take a very deep breath and we'll start to relax. So go ahead and take another very deep breath all the way down to your toes and just let it all go. Allow your body to become heavy, relaxed very much. And as you continue to relax as you continue to unwind and as you continue to let go, I'd like you to imagine if you can, that there's a beam of like a beam of higher intelligence coming down from about. Perhaps it's a being a brilliant light light. Perhaps it's cold. Or perhaps it's violent. Whatever is most comfortable for you just allowed thats wonderful energy to begin to move into the top of your head, your crown chakra movement to your brain. So can you can actually feel this presence. As your mind starts to relax, you can feel your thinking process slowing down a so your thoughts become more relaxed or comfortable and more deeply piece. So go ahead and take another deep breath. Allow this beam of light to become energized and to continue drifting down into the center of your heart very deeply. Piece very lax, very alert and energized. I just allowed three energy of this light begin to ascend, moving in through your brain, moving up through the top of your head and back up to the source of your higher self. So this channel is open. And so this beam of light is steady. It's energized and and it's strong. And if you'd like to, you're more than welcome. If you have a question in your life, something you're concerned about, feel free to send that question to your higher self. Take a deep breath and relax and allow this energy. Come down once again from above in the form of brilliant light, slowly descending and enter your brain. No, and if there is information, you have to a question. It's allowed to become known to now, perhaps in the form of a picture worth knowing or tingling sensation or a warm or maybe of your words. See solutions and and if you don't just continue to breathe and relax, feeling at peace, taking another deep breath. Allow the sensation this feeling in this knowingness, perhaps information to go down into resident with your heart so you can actually feel this information in your heart or the sense of being just continue to breathe and to relax, connected to your higher self connected to your higher wisdom with your mind fully energized and your heart fully engaged and just breathe into your heart space this incredible channel light just and green and take it all in for as much as you can for as long as you like. When you feel like you're ready, you can just release the medication way good no. 21. Lecture - Energizing: hello and welcome to the lecture for the five minute meditation on energizing. So what we're going to do in this meditation is we're going to energize our entire body. And there's a little bit of method to my madness on this one, because what will be doing is that we're gonna be combining two meditations that we've already learned in this course. And the 1st 1 is going to be the higher self meditation followed by the grounding Meditation. So this is also a really wonderful meditation for kids because we're gonna be using our hands in the beginning. And kids love toe, use their hands and do stuff like that. So, um, so how will start is that will begin by imagining that we can see or feel a ball of energy between her hands and if you can, if you can feel it, that's really great. Um, if you could imagine it, that's great, too. And if you can't just pretend that you can, because the subconscious mind doesn't really distinguish between experience, memory and imagination, and so then we'll begin by taking this ball of energy up to the top of our head. Actually feel this energy ball of energy in her hands of overhead. And we're gonna bring it down to our crown, slowly into our heart, down to our legs and our feet, and we're gonna send it down into the middle of the earth with both feet planted on the floor. And then we're gonna call it back up again through our hands. When it gets to our feet, our knees, we're gonna feel that ball of energy between her hands. Bring it up. We can actually feel it. And then back to the top of our head with our hands, and then we're gonna amp it up. Take our skills up. Not we're going to run it through our body one more time, this time without using our hands, but just using our imagination. So this is really great. Hopefully, your body will feel completely energized afterwards, you know, even way better than coffee. So with that said, let's go to the meditation 22. Meditation - Energizing: Hello and welcome to the meditation for energizing. So what we're gonna do to start this one, just get yourself seated. Relax. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and then place your hands in front of you and imagine, or pretend for Feel a ball of energy in between your hands. Take another deep breath and raise that ball of energy between your hands to the top of your head and just start toe. Pull it down through your body, your crown chakra moving into your brain, feeling the energy between your hands and in your body. They feel like gentle electricity or tingling feelings. Pull it down into your neck, your shoulders. Bring it into your heart everything as you go your stomach, your hips base of your spine containing to breathe and just tingling all of light and energy down through your legs past your knees and then release it through your feet and down into the middle of the earth with take a deep breath, call this energy backup center of the earth to our hands or goes to our feet up to our legs . You can feel it coming off the palms of your hands and into your body, energizing your body as it goes into your knees, bringing this ball between your hands up to your hips, your stomach breathing as you go. Come into your heart on up into your head, moving through your crown chakra back in between your hands. So there's a ball of energy above your head and then we're gonna release it from our hands . Bring her hands down. Leave the ball of energy up there and I'll pull this ball of energy down into your brain into your throat on your shoulders. Can actually feel this energy movie into your heart. Tingling, vibrant light as it goes moving into your stomach down a giri apps base of your spine. Do your legs attorneys, your lower legs. You could feel it energizing your feet, and now we're gonna let this energy move to the center of the earth so you feel strongly connected from the top of your head to the center of the earth, and your body is starting to feel very, very energized Breath. And now bring this energy up from the center of the earth again, moving from the earth to the soles of your feet. tingling and energizing as it goes. Bring into your lower legs, your knees, your upper legs and your hips that starts to move up your spine. Moving in your stomach, feeling your heart tingling as it moves up through your shoulders, your neck and into your head. So every part of you is starting to feel energized as it moves into the top of your head and take a deep breath and feel your energized body and just relax and enjoy it for us long that you'd like. And when you're ready, you could just release the meditation I know way good. 23. Lecture - Creativity: Hello. Welcome to the lecture for the Magic Blank canvas. This is one of my favorite meditation because it opened the doors to creativity, whether it's writing a book, making artwork or making music or just trying to get ideas to solve problems. This is a really wonderful meditation, and this meditation can be used exceptionally well for Children also. So one thing I do besides make online courses for meditation is that I write Children's books and I go give presentations to wherever kids are gathered at schools, libraries, etcetera. And I teach them about the magic of creativity and what we do in those exercises that we use this very meditation to help kids get creative ideas. And it's absolutely amazing what kids come up with. So it can also be absolutely amazing what adults come up with. Two. So I think you'll like it now. This meditation I use very frequently, and how I do it is that I walk along instead of seeing a magic blank canvas. What I see is just kind of a blank space, and it's where creative ideas can come through. So here's kind of how the meditation works. We're gonna get really relax and very peaceful. And then you're just going to see in your mind's eye with your eyes closed either blank canvas or something like a TV screen, or maybe even a stage, a theater where the the curtains were opening. And then you're just gonna allow your creativity to present itself to you. Now it's good to have an idea before you go into the meditation, what kind of creativity you're interested in, whether it's music or art, or writing or making a movie or whatever. And then you just sit back and you allow your creativity to come to you. Now you can experience distracting thoughts. That's a very possible scenario. And if thoughts come in either, just let him come in like clouds and let him float through or actually follow them, because sometimes your thoughts will have creative ideas that you never dreamed of if you just pay attention to your thoughts and also just kind of on a side note, if you are not visual. So if you close your eyes and you don't see anything, so I'm kind of like that, just allow yourself to create an open space where creative inspiration can come through. So with that said, let's go to this very magical meditation. I'll see you there 24. Meditation - Creativity: Okay, so welcome to the meditation. The magic blank canvas. All you need to do is to be seated, or it can even lie down, get yourself very comfortable, take a deep breath and then we'll start the meditation. So go ahead and take another very deep breath all the way down to your toes and just let it out. You begin to relax to sink into a state of peace. And as you continue to relax, unwind, I'd like you to imagine in front of you a large blank canvas or a movie screen or a theater . Or, if you're not visual, just a in space, right? Just allow yourself to continue to breathe. To relax. Does that creative space comes into your awareness? Taking another deep breath? I just want you to pay attention to what begins to form your creative space. Perhaps there's images, colors, ideas, hurts or sounds. Whatever it is, just allow yourself to start to pay attention to relax. It's a creative channels open, and the creativity starts to pour through, taking another deep breath. And if any thoughts come through that seemed to be distracting, just allow those to pass through, almost like a cloud or, if you'd rather you can follow those thoughts because they may lead to a source inside or inspired creativity to continue to breathe. To relax, your body begins to become heavy. May be relaxed, peaceful. Continue to gently place your focus, your attention, your creative space being relaxed, paying attention, relaxed creative sounds, images, ideas, colors to begin to come in. What a sense, the source of inspiration. There may be a sense of excitement, knowing or a spark of genius. Whatever it is. Just relax, allowed to pour through because it creates itself your magic space. Just continue to breathe to relax. One final deep breath. Yeah, you can take this creativity with you. No, as you released this medication, good. 25. Lecture - Nature: Hello and welcome to the lecture for the meditation on nature. Today I'm out near Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, which is not too far from where I live. And I'm hoping that I could turn you on to this ultimate mindfulness meditation. I was born with a very deep spiritual connection to nature, and that was enhanced by my father, who took me out duck hunting as a small child. Now, if you've never been duck hunting, what you do is you got in the morning before sunrise and you sit in a duck blind and you wait and you wait and you wait. And so as a small child, it was like the ultimate Zen meditation because I got to see nature in ways. Unbelievable. So as you settled into the rhythm of nature which is always in motion but never in a hurry , I saw things like the sunrise through the flog. I saw ice form and then melt again. I saw the colors of autumn change. I would see the angle of light change through the day, and this whole natural setting to me became very magical. And I was so inspired by the early ah duck hunting trips. I went on with my father that I wanted to earn a master's degree in geology as I got older in the hopes that I could work in the wilderness and I did get to work in the wilderness because I spent nine years as a mineral exploration geologist and two of those summers were incredible. So what we would do is I worked in northern Alaska and northern Canada up near the Arctic Ocean, and what we would do each day is that I would get dropped off by helicopter in this vast wilderness. And I spend the day hiking around looking for precious minerals, and at the end of the day we get picked up by a helicopter. And so what I learned from those early experiences as a child and then later is a geologist is that nature is alive. I mean, everything is alive. The rocks are alive, The ground is alive, The trees are alive, The plants are alive, the skies alive, the animals alive, the windows of life. Everything is alive. And when you slow down and tune into that unhurried motion of constant activity, it becomes very apparent that behind the veil of this three d world. There is a presence or an energy or a spirit that is bringing this entire three D world toe life. So if you slow down and listen and tune into this presence, you will find out that it will always let you know that it knows that you are there and so will happen is we'll start to interact with you. And so for me, what I notice is I would start to have these really unusual encounters with wildlife to the point where they're absolutely very meaningful. And I begin to start to understand the meaning behind animal totems. So that may not happen for you, and it may not happen for everyone, but it may be something just a simple is the sun breaking through the clouds or seeing a beautiful flower in an open meadow. So the task that I'm taking on today is to try to open up your world and open up your mind in your experiences to experience this living presence behind nature and only five minutes So I'm gonna ask you to do if you can. I'm gonna ask you to find a place we can do this meditation away from people. Now, I know that may be difficult if you live in a city, but all cities have parks and all cities have skyline in all cities have sky. So what happens with people when we imprint ourselves and our society on top of nature's that the spirit of nature tends to hide itself beneath the surface on we can't experience the due to our distractions and our unawareness. But if you go to some place where there are no people, are there very few people, This presence will make itself known again, and all you need to do is slow down to the rhythm of this unhurried, constant motion. So you could do this meditation, sitting or walking. It doesn't really matter. But I will ask that as you do this meditation that you keep your eyes open and begin to sink into the awareness of this incredible presence. So, without any further talking from me, let's go to this really incredible meditation. I'll see you there 26. Meditation - Nature: hello and welcome to the meditation for nature. So to get prepared for this meditation, you can either sit or walk along. But I'm gonna ask you to just take a deep breath and just in a very relaxed fashion start to pay attention to your surroundings. So as we began, just take a deep breath and start to relax. Start to pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to the ground, rocks, plants, trees around or grass bushes, just everything that covers the ground. Continue to breathe deeply, paying attention. And then I would like you to observe the horizon where land touches the sky. Good, smooth, jagged. There's trees or hills. Water. Breathe again. You know, I'd like you to focus your gaze towards the sky to pay attention to the colors. On the light in any shadows are clouds of the skies of blue, whatever colors you see, or perhaps the sun. More fits at night, the moon or the stars, the darkness. Just take it all in, breathe and relax, and now shift your attention to the air. Perhaps there's wind on your face, perhaps our aromas in the air that are fresh. Then move your attention to any animals. If there any any birds, insects, any kind of life and then pay attempting to the water, there's any in your surroundings. Maybe you're near an ocean or a lake stream. Just take it all in and breathe and relax and enjoy this moment of serenity. And then I like it. Gently shift your focus and kind of step back and observe everything ground sky on everything in between to just be aware that this is an incredible living presence, that everything you're observing is alive and everything you're observing. Nos that you are there. So take a moment to relax, to sink in and to be aware of the presence that is behind the three dimensional veil that we call nature. So just breathe and relax and take it all in and allow yourself to sink into the center of a still point and into the center of life itself. Just breathe and relax. Take it all in to be aware of this presence and just take one more deep breath on when you're ready, you can release this meditation good 27. Bonus: Hello, I congratulations on finishing the course. I hope you got more out of the class than you anticipated. In case you didn't notice. There are some fabulous music in this course. And most of my meditations are used music by Richard Taylor from his album fathoms. And the contemplations are used for eclipse from Ben And in a few spots, I used yoga meditation by Eric cartel. If you're interested in more personalized healing and awakening, then I'm available for private sessions to take you deeper into the mysteries of spirit. I also have an assortment of soul inspiring books in non-fiction, award-winning fiction and children's books. And of course, all this can be found on my website at Joseph As you continue along your path of growth and fulfillment. Please remember, I am here for your questions and comments on the topics of hypnotherapy, meditation, healing, and spirituality. Please don't hesitate to contact me at anytime. And of course, if you enjoyed this class, a positive review would be endlessly appreciated because they are what keep my courses alive. And don't forget, I have numerous other courses on a variety of topics in this platform. If this one was a benefit to you, then I may have more you'd be interested in. So please check those out. So thanks once again for enrolling. I'm honored to have you as a student and I hope to see you in another class very soon.