Five Minute Backgrounds for Your Mixed Media Art | Charmaine Boggs | Skillshare

Five Minute Backgrounds for Your Mixed Media Art

Charmaine Boggs, artist, educator, creativity crusader

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9 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction and Welcome

    • Supplies

    • Stencil Prints on Gesso

    • Watercolor Stencil

    • Brush Letter Wash

    • Printing Ink Textures

    • Acrylic Monoprints

    • Share Your Project 1

    • Wrapping It Up!


About This Class

In this class, you'll learn five quick and easy ways to create colorful, unique backgrounds for your art journal pages and other mixed media art. Each technique can be combined with others to form beautiful collaged papers that can be embellished with paints, inks, and other ephemera that you already have in your supply cabinet. 

This class is perfect for those beginning their art journaling journey as well as more experienced artists on the hunt for new techniques to integrate into their work. This class uses watercolors, brush markers, acrylics, and block printing ink to add color and texture to papers of all types. 






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Charmaine Boggs

artist, educator, creativity crusader

 I'm Charmaine, artist, arts educator, and creativity crusader ... living an art-full life fueled by Starbucks and beach dreams!

After retiring from a forty year career in education in 2017,  I realized that I was not ready for a life of leisurely luncheons and golf outings. I'm sure the fact that I've never even played golf might have something to do with that! 

When I'm not busy working on my painting and printmaking, I enjoy spending time in my flowe...

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