Fit Your PIctures to Various Social Media with Minimum Effort | Aga Kobylinska | Skillshare

Fit Your PIctures to Various Social Media with Minimum Effort

Aga Kobylinska, Surface pattern designer

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8 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Demo

    • 2. Intro & schedule

    • 3. Few words on organizing

    • 4. Create your media template (Presets & Artboards)

    • 5. Action1: One picture on many artboards

    • 6. Action2: Your logo on multiple artboards

    • 7. Exporting artboards to files

    • 8. Bye


About This Class

Do you often prepare your images for different social media and/or for your blog in Photoshop? Join this short 19-minute class on optimising the process of resizing your images to many formats at once - and make your next watermarked image set in few minutes!

You want your visuals to be consistent but it's so time and energy consuming! Is it your process: each time looking for the proper dimensions in the first place, then copying- pasting your logo or signature from an old design or from somewhere on your drive then checking twice if it’s placed in the same place where the last one was? Here comes a good news: it can be easily fixed!

Automatize your visual content formatting and learn Photoshop Actions by the way!

The class shows the easy way to automatize the whole process of

  • preparing your photoshop workspace to easily work with all graphic dimensions that you need for your online presence
  • placing your logo or signature in right place with one click
  • exporting graphics for all web purposes with a minimum energy

On the occasion you will learn how the Actions in Photoshop work - maybe it will inspire you to automatize the other processes you deal with every day!


For whom:

The class is designed for all people who need to prepare their graphics for web and like to do it with Photoshop as quickly and easily as possible. Step by step, we will create our action together, and in future you can just use it or modify it by yourself!

This class is for the Photoshop beginners, and will cover only very basic and easy techniques. I use Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud* for Windows, but it doesn't really make a difference you work on Mac.

* I'm pretty sure that the given processes can't be used for CS versions of Adobe Photoshop though!


Social media image sizes:

The links to the photographs under Creative Commons Licence I used for the class tutorial:

Photos used for the presentation purposes: Eli DeFaria's and Chris Child,s - both from Unsplash