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Fiscally Fit: Increase Your Financial Power

Blake Jones, Personal Finance Coach

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10 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction Fiscally Fit

    • Budget Kickoff

    • Debt Conditioning

    • Major Purchases

    • Emergency Fund Abs

    • Insurance Run

    • Loans & Lunges

    • Taxing Leg Raises

    • Investment Push Ups

    • Retirement Crunches


About This Class

Fiscally Fit is here to help you exercise 5 minutes a day and become your own Personal Finance Expert!

Every 5 minute exercise video includes, links, spreadsheets, and ideas meant to make your financial life simple and structured.

Through daily financial exercise develop your own personal tools including:

  • 12 Personal Finance Rules For Life
  • Customized Budget with Action Plan
  • 5 Year Goals Based Cash Flow Worksheet
  • Debt Snowball Calculator
  • Review of Emergency Fund Interest Rates
  • Online Resource Insurance Calculator
  • 2018 Taxes Worksheet
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Online Resource to Analyze Your Investment Portfolio

Whether you are 18 or 81 I am positive there are techniques and resources here to increase your financial power!

To start off, download the 12 Personal Finance Rules For Life and review the rules and respective exercise videos.

Future Classes in 2019:

  • Money Meditation
  • Spin Class For Couples
  • Yoga Estates
  • Credit Sprints
  • And MORE!

My education & expertise has developed through 4 financial facets of my career thus far:

  • Associate Financial Advisor at a  Company with a Top 10 Internship program in the Investments and Insurance World
  • Tax Apprentice at a Locally Owned 30+ Years Accounting Practice with 1200+ Clients
  • Wealth Management Banker at One of the most Ethical Banks in the World
  • Diverse Personal Finance Books

I am currently studying for my CFP Designation

*I specifically disclaim any liability, or responsibility for claims, loss, or risk incurred, directly or indirectly, from using any of the materials provided or mentioned.

**All examples are hypothetical and are not meant to provide advice, but are for educational purposes only. Please consult your tax adviser and/or investment professional for your own situation.

***I do not receive any compensation from any third party organization I refer to in my class.





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Blake Jones

Personal Finance Coach

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