First Time Manager's Crash Course: Part 2 - Influence | Rebecca Elvy | Skillshare

First Time Manager's Crash Course: Part 2 - Influence

Rebecca Elvy, Leader, Writer, Wife, Mum, Human

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12 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. RECAP: Part One: "Course Intro"

    • 2. RECAP: Part One: "Why You? Why Me?"

    • 3. RECAP: Part One: "Management Model"

    • 4. RECAP: Part One: "Course Project"

    • 5. Lesson 1: Introduction to Influence

    • 6. Lesson 2: Other People

    • 7. Lesson 3: Building Trust

    • 8. Lesson 4: Communication Skills

    • 9. Lesson 5: Human Needs at Work

    • 10. Lesson 6: Building Engagement

    • 11. Lesson 7: GRPI

    • 12. Lesson 8: Concluding Thoughts


About This Class

When I started my first management job, I had no idea what I was doing. I had to figure most of it out the hard way... with trial and error, and LOTS of mistakes.

I don't want that for you - I don't think it's necessary, and it doesn't do you or your staff any favours.

Most employers have partial training to help you get up to speed with the things that are specific to that company, but everything else is left up to you! It's like a secret code that nobody wants to share because they had to figure it out for themselves,and they're probably not sure they've got it right either!

Why is this different from every other time you’ve started a new job? Because this time, the newbie mistakes don’t only affect you: they affect the people you are managing as well!

And what have I figured out during my management career?

There are actually a small handful of things that hardly anyone ever talks about that make allthe difference between success and train-wreck.

I'll teach you what these are, I'll provide you with some handy tools to keep you on track, and I'll give you a list of further resources and reading to help take your skills to the next level as well.

I’ll also show you how to use bullet journaling to keep track of your progress, manage your time effectively, and reflect on your learning as you go.

This is Part Two of a Three part course. This Course covers Influence.

Part One looked at Self-Awareness and Part Three looks at Delivering Results.

Let's get started!

Additional Resources

The following additional resources are referred to during the course: