First Steps in Becoming Gluten Free | Liya Cetiner | Skillshare

First Steps in Becoming Gluten Free

Liya Cetiner, NLP, Life & Business Coach

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome on Board!

    • 2. Introduction to the Course

    • 3. Reconsider Your Shopping List

    • 4. Find Hidden Gluten in Your Household

    • 5. You and Booze

    • 6. Dining Out While Being Gluten Free

    • 7. Travelling on Gluten Free Diet

    • 8. Adapting Your Diet to Gluten-Free

    • 9. Final Words


About This Class

 Welcome! In this class, together we will learn how to become a gluten free. 

Gluten is a protein found in many grains.

New research, published in the journal Nature Communications, finds that a diet low in gluten may also benefit the health of people who are not allergic to it.

However, avoiding gluten means more than giving up traditional breads, cereals, pasta, pizza, and beer. Gluten also lurks in many other products, including frozen vegetables in sauces, soy sauce, some foods made with “natural flavorings,” vitamin and mineral supplements, some medications, and even toothpaste.

++ Important! If you think you might have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it’s best to see a doctor before you go gluten free. A simple blood test will help.

Why? Once a person has avoided gluten for a while, it becomes difficult to establish if he or she has celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or neither.

However, if you're determined to learn everything about going GLUTEN FREE just get started and learn:

  • How to shop while being gluten free
  • Find hidden gluten
  • Dine out, travel on gluten free diet

In the project for the class, I've shared with you my 5 day recipes that has no gluten in it and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. Please share your recipes with learners too.

So, are you ready to get started? Let's explore the world without gluten together!