First Katakana Lesson - Beginner Japanese (Start here first!)

Miko Hayashi, Language is another world of its own.

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Learn Katakana Introduction

    • 2. Materials needed

    • 3. Reading Katakana

    • 4. Katakana page 1

    • 5. Katakana page 2

    • 6. Using Katakana


Project Description

Since this class is all about writing, I would like you to write all of the katakana, and learn how to write your name in Katakana, even if you already have a Japanese name. Stroke order and balance are very important in Japan, so while you are writing, make sure to follow the stroke order you learned in this class.

For a list of  katakana, please check this image. with grid  with stroke order

I highly recommend using grid paper, and make a box for each character written, with a cross drawn within each box like so:

In Japan, they commonly use a notebook called “Kanji Renshuu Cho” or “Kanji Practice Notebook,” like in the picture above. If you’re lucky enough to live near a supplier of Japanese stationeries, go ahead and buy one. If not, I recommend making one from graph paper to get the most beautiful and clean results.

You can buy one here (although the squares are a bit smaller than the ones I’m using).

You can also print out this page for a grid similar to the ones in Japan:

If you want to practice without paper, using a small whiteboard with the grid pattern on it (drawn with permanent marker) is a great way to practice. Like so:

You can even laminate a sheet a paper with a large grid on it, and use whiteboard markers on it for practice.

I look forward to your project!


Student Projects

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