First Degree Reiki Energy Healing

Kali MacArthur

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12 Videos (32m)
    • First Degree Reiki Energy Healing Course

    • What is Reiki

    • The History of Reiki

    • Reiki & health Benefits

    • The & Chakras in Reiki

    • How to do a reiki Sesion Properly #1

    • Proper Hand Positions during a reiki session

    • Setting your Intentions during a reiki Session

    • Review of how to do a Reiki Session

    • Scanning & Beaming of the Auras During a Reiki Session

    • Reiki Information

    • Meditation Practice before a Reiki Session


About This Class

Hi I am Kali MacArthur & welcome to my first degree Reiki energy healing course, I am a certified Reiki master & a certified aromatherapist. In this course you will learn about 

. The fundamentals of Reiki. 

.The History of Reiki 

.The Health Benefits of Reiki 

. The Reiki chakra meanings 

.Reiki chakra body healing meanings.

.How to do a reiki session properly 

.You will learn proper hand positions in reiki. 

.You will learn about setting intentions to you & your clients in a positive way. 

.You will learn how to scan & beam the energy of your client.

.You will increase your intuition of your awareness of yourself & others. 






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Hi I am Kali MacArthur I am a certified Aromatherapist & Certified Reiki Master Energy Healer, I am a Soap Maker, freelance video speaker, & a shop handmade seller & a ebay seller. & I have a great passion for teaching & tutoring about individual personality Types, like the Myers Briggs the Big Five, the Enneagram & personality color types. I Volunteered at North Memorial hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota when I was still in high school when I had enough credits to graduate. I graduated high school in 2010 in Hopkins Minnesota after high school I went to Anoka Ramsey community college just outside of Minneapolis for 2 years August 2010- December 2011 as an undecided major. Then I leaned skills from the American Red Cross for Nursing Assistant training in Downtown Minneapolis in 2011.From February- May of 2012 I started taking classes at Normandale community college continuing education certificate  course so that I could apply real world skills & knowledge to my area of focus in Intergrative health & healing.  In July 2012 I started my own business called Kali's Whole & Natural Sensations, once I started I started selling at craft fairs in the Minneapolis St. Paul Area. From January- July 2013 I took courses on iTunes U to get my generals out of the way. In January of 2013 I had my certificate in first degree reiki & 2nd degree reiki, then I practiced reiki on 50 people & that is the requirement if you want to become a reiki master.  From 2013- 2014 year I took online courses on Alison & Portal Education which is now From 2014- 2015 I continued on my skills online & at Normandale community college. In the Summer of 2015- Fall of 2015  I started doing Independent contract work for my parents filing legal important private documents. 2015- 2016 I wanted to put my business to the next level & attend more craft fairs. I started selling on shop handmade in August of 2016 & I started selling on ebay in June of 2016. 2016- 2017 I started writing ebooks as an other part of my business,  Its on The Myers Briggs type Indicator & many more to come in the future of my ebook creations.You can contact me on LinkedIn under Kali MacArthur or Google Plus which is under Kali MacArthur.