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Firebase + React Course

Joshua Pitzalis, Web Developer

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9 Videos (19m)
    • Manually Add A Document To The Firestore Console

    • Read From The Firestore

    • Show A Firestore Datum In The UI

    • Write To The Firestore

    • Write Multiple Documents To The Firestore

    • Read Multiple Documents From The Firestore

    • Read Data In Realtime

    • Delete A Document From The Firestore

    • Deploy Our App To Firebase Hosting


About This Class


The course will involve building and deploying a web application using Firebase, React 16 and React Router 4. The course is aimed at front-end developers who want to make the jump to building full-stack applications.

A step-by-step course to get you building a full-stack React + Firebase web application.

One of the biggest barriers to learning React used to be the overwhelming amount of tooling involved. Beginners were forced to make important decisions about things they don’t understand before they could create anything.

React solved this problem in 2016 by releasing something called Create React App. Now there is an official way to create single-page React applications with zero configuration. If you chose to use create-react-app then you don’t have to make any other decisions. This makes React much easier to learn.

I believe Firebase is create-react-app for the backend. It lets you start building full-stack applications without having to get lost in a wormhole of build tools and server-side boilerplate. Using only Firebase and React you can have a full-stack project setup in a weekend.

What Will I Learn?

How to build an entire web application with React and Firebase from start to finish. the course will cover:

  • React 16
  • React Router 4
  • The new Firestore database
  • Authentication with Firebase
  • File storage with Firebase
  • Browser notifications
  • Offline persistence
  • Hosting with Firebase

Who is this for?

Anyone looking to make the jump from frontend to fullstack development. This course is not for absolute beginners.

The ideal level of understanding would be a student who has just completed the Front-end and Data Visualisation Development Certificates at FreeCodeCamp

I will assume you know the basics of Javascript and React. I will be using ES6 syntax throughout the course. I will introduce new aspects of React 16 but I will assume you are already a little familiar with the basics of React.

Zero knowledge of Firebase is required.





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