Finish a Song in 3 Hours or Die Trying - Essential Song Sprint Workflow 1 | Glen Gómez-Meade | Skillshare

Finish a Song in 3 Hours or Die Trying - Essential Song Sprint Workflow 1

Glen Gómez-Meade, Composer / Producer / Music Coach

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8 Videos (13m)
    • 1 Intro

    • 2 What You Need

    • 3 Plan of Attack

    • 4 Prep

    • 5 Compose

    • 6 Arrange

    • 7 Mixing

    • 8 Wrap it Up


About This Class


This class is a barebones intro to my super fast workflow of making music. A lot of people think there is some voodoo that goes into finishing a song from start to finish, but what it really takes is a commitment and dedication to see a song through to completion... and we will be doing exactly that in only 3 hours!

We will walk through the very basics of

  • Preparing for a song sprint,
  • Composing without judgement,
  • Arranging by taking away, and
  • Mixing rough and dirty without over thinking it. 

If you haven't finished a song in awhile or end up with only 8 bar loops, this is the class for you. 





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Glen Gómez-Meade

Composer / Producer / Music Coach

I am full time composer, music producer, and music coach making music for film and TV.

One of my passions is helping other producers finish more music faster. I fell into the trap that many producers and songwriters fall into, which is a hard drive full of 8 bar loops or some scribbles on a sheet of paper and no finished songs to show for it.

I would think about music, read about music, watch tutorials on music, anything EXCEPT actually making and finishing music. The shame, th...

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