Fineliner Doodling: Learning to Super Doodle!

SP Van der Merwe, Illustrator & Cartoonist

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9 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Preparation

    • 4. Undersketch

    • 5. Inking Base Lines

    • 6. Outlining

    • 7. Background Details

    • 8. Shading & Details

    • 9. Closing

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Project Description

For the class project you will be creating a themed "Super Doodle", using a theme of your choice.

When choosing a theme, try to pick one with a wide variety of characters or items. The theme for my Super Doodle was "Pokemon", mostly due to me having been playing Pokemon Go a whole lot at the time of creating this class! Feel free to also use Pokemon as your theme, as this is a perfect example of a theme consisting of many completely different characters. I only stayed within Generation 1 of Pokemon, and I still couldn't fit all of them onto one page!


The assignment is to completely fill one page (any size) with the characters chosen from your theme. A page from your sketchbook, a loose page from your printer, any page will do. 


Post your progress photo's as well as your final Super Doodle to the Project Page, so that we may admire that sweet, sweet art! 

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