Fine Art Photography: How to Create a Unique Self Portrait | Maureen Eggleton | Skillshare

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Maureen Eggleton, Portrait and Fine Art photographer

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Introduction: Getting Ready

    • 3. Get Inspired:Feed Your Imagination

    • 4. Narrowing down the idea: 6 easy steps

    • 5. Time to shoot: See How It's Done

    • 6. Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop part 1

    • 7. Editing In Lightroom and Photoshop part 2

    • 8. Final words

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About This Class

How to create unique self-portraits in the comfort of your home. Bring your imagination and passion to tell an idea or story.

Let’s open the doors to our worlds! Fine Art self-portraiture is a wonderful tool to set your mind free to experiment and communicate anything you want to the world! 

My name is Maureen Eggleton. I am a portrait and editorial photographer. In this class, I will share with you all my creative processes, including tips and tricks so that you can take self-portraits even in tiny places.

This class is for any person who wants to unleash their creativity to experiment and create something personal and artistic. 

The goal is to create one fine art self-portrait that expresses something you want to share with the world, ie, it could be a part of your story, an idea, feeling, or something you stand up for. The sky's the limit!

Here are some of the most exciting things you will learn::

-Creativity over gear: We will focus on creating and telling a story or idea with what we have at hand. 

-Running out of ideas? No problem, I will show you what you can do to get inspired and how to feed your imagination.

-We will immerse ourselves in a personal and easy activity where you will use your introspection to help you come up with ideas.

-Play with lightroom sliders to bring your photo to life and blend images with blending modes in photoshop to give your image an artistic touch.

-Learn to observe. This will help you find the best places to shoot in your home and in other locations.

-Work in your curiosity, patience, and flexibility: Let go of perfectionism and focus on finding different possible ways to express your idea.

-Grow your self-confidence: Being the subject in front of the camera can be intimidating and awkward but practicing fine art self-portrait constantly will help you see, accept, and love yourself as you are. 

-Flexibility: You can bend the photography rules, allowing you more room to play with your images. Blurry and out of the focus images can be welcome!!

-Props: We will see how different props already available in your home can help you tell your story.

What will you need:

-Very basic knowledge of digital cameras.

-Basic knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop.

-A tripod and remote control would be helpful otherwise you can use a pile of books or perhaps a table and the self-timer option in your camera ;)

Can’t wait to see what you create! Let’s get started!

PS1. I have attached a PDF with links to resources, a cheat sheet for lesson 2, and a link to download my PSD files to help you in your creative journey. You can find these docs in the project section. 

PS2. You can also find me in Instagram @maureeneggleton or if you want to learn more about my work feel free to visit