Fine Art Critiques - A Fantastic Learning Tool

Robert Joyner, Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

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About This Class

In this class you will discover a collection of fine art critiques designed to help you create better art. Each critique includes a detailed breakdown of what is going well and more importantly, how the artist can improve to take it to a higher level.

Want Your Art Critiqued?

Here are the guideline.

  • You must agree to share the critique publicly via SkillShare 'Art Critique' class
  • Files need to be large - 1200 x 1200px will do
  • Email them to Robert HERE

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Thorough information. Watch your lines. Consider the light. Simplify the background, and much more. Thanks!
My art definitely has a "colouring book" look to it. I appreciated the detailed explanation of how to rid our art of that. I especially appreciated, too, the explanation of how shadows really bring the painting to life. As a novice, I am afraid of shadows, because they seem to blacken my pictures; probably, because I don't really understand them. This video helped me to get a better handle on them. I'll try again. : )





Robert Joyner

Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

Full time paintslinger from Richmond, Virginia specializing in acrylic & mixed media paintings. Best known for my signature loose brushwork and carefree approach to creating abstract style artwork.

Bragging Rights

  • Official Artist 2012 Kentucky Derby
  • Arlington Horse Race Track Chicago
  • National Pastime Baseball Museum
  • Art On Carnival Cruise Ships
  • 555 Fahrenheit Restaurants
  • Art on sitcom Modern Family
  • Artwork on sitcom The Odd Couple
  • Artwork in movie Tracers
  • 2013 Mixed Media Instructor Strathmore Papers
  • Shenton Valley Vineyards Wine Label
  • Art in Polo Resort – upscale hotel In Hong Kong