Finding your style: Make art that is uniquely yours

Cara Ord, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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12 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. What is Style

    • 3. Structural Style

    • 4. Inspiration

    • 5. Inspiration vs Plagarism

    • 6. Structural Attributes

    • 7. Six Different Structures

    • 8. Refining Structural Style

    • 9. Rendering Style

    • 10. Six Different Renders

    • 11. Refining Rendering Style

    • 12. Final Thoughts


Project Description

The class project will be in several stages. Each video will have a new mini task leading up to the final project. We will start with the 3 basic steps. Tracing a simple character, tracing the shapes of the character and then trying to replicate them over the top of those shapes, drawing the character by your eye. Then we will move to the intermediate knowledge section; tracing the planes and shapes of a face (in the video I will outline the parts for the students to find), measuring a face. Then we will go into the final part of the project, drawing the face from reference, and an extra challenge, using multiple references to make a unique portrait/figure.

Stage 1

-pick inspiration

-go online and search for illustrators and artworks that inspire you

-collate a list of ten and save these images as a collage in your project

Stage 2

-style theory

-review your ten inspirations and for each one analyse the style and write done a stylistic quality (i.e. gestural lines, sharp features etc.)

-upload your list in your project

Stage 3

-break it down

-take your list of inspiration qualities and circle any qualities that repeat (minimum 6 qualities)

-post the cut down list of stylistic qualities that you like most

Stage 4

-find your structural style

-draw 6 illustrations of the same thing. (i.e. a portrait) Combine your list of style qualities into 6 different style combinations and do a different style for each portrait

Stage 5

-refine your style

-pick your favourite portrait from the previous exercise and draw a new picture in that style. 

-ask yourself what is working and what is not? what eels more natural for you to do

Stage 6

-finding your rendering style

-use the sketch you have just completed and render it 6 different ways based on the styles of your inspiration.

Stage 7

-refine your rendering style

-pick your favourite rendering style and draw a new image in that style.

-what works and what feels natural? play with your style from there on.

Student Projects

project card
project card