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12 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where do We Live?

    • 3. How is Brightness Measured?

    • 4. Mercury

    • 5. Venus

    • 6. Mars

    • 7. Jupiter

    • 8. Saturn

    • 9. Uranus

    • 10. Neptune

    • 11. Pluto

    • 12. Final Thoughts


Project Description

For your class project, tell my your story about when you found the planets for the first time. The moment you first see Jupiter is unforgettable and I want to hear about it.

Here's my class project!

Mercury: December 2014 I saw Mercury when it was coupled very close with Venus. It was in the sunset sky around 5:30 on a chilly December evening. 

Venus: The same evening I saw Mercury, just Venus had much more to offer. It was brighter and I was thrilled!

Mars: At the time Mars was creeping lower and lower every night. I went outside and saw the red planet for the first time at 6:30ish December 2014. Mars was fairly bright and had a distinct red color.

Jupiter: Now this one I will never forget. Jupiter was the first planet I ever saw, so it was a pretty big deal. Before I headed out for my bus stop, I noticed Jupiter was very close to the moon. Since I never saw a planet before, I didn't know what to expect. I thought the moon would increase my chances. I stepped outside and...WOW!!! There was Jupiter undeniably bright!

Saturn: Here's another WOW moment. I saw Saturn with my unaided eye for about 5 months before I peered at it through a telescope. Just seeing in with the unaided eye was a big deal, but the telescope view was so much more. I just stared in awe at how astronomical it was.

Uranus: I saw Uranus in my backyard when it had a very close pairing with the moon. After seeing it once, I could then find it anywhere. I loved the blue hue Uranus gives through a telescope.

Neptune: I saw Neptune just after it rose above the waters of my lake. It wasn't at cool and Uranus, but the thought that I found the farthest planet blew my mind!

Student Projects