Finding Your Writing Voice: How to Express Your Unique Self in Your Work

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, Writer @ Entertainment Weekly, BBC Culture + more

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4 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Unit 1: Welcome to Class

    • 2. Unit 2 Pop Stars, Literary Lights, and You

    • 3. Unit 3: Project Demonstration

    • 4. Unit 4: Final Inspirations


Project Description

Pretend You're Writing to a Friend About a Major Turning Point

Using the principles discussed in class, write a 500-word passage that conveys your essence. Channel the adjectives you used to describe yourself. Embody your inner pop star and/or favorite rock-star writer of all time. Pretend you're writing to a friend, and describe the biggest turning point in your life, writing in the first person. Make your reader understand YOUR UNIQUE SELF. Upload your work in the project gallery for feedback from your classmates.

In the video lessons, I reference two outside videos, which you can find here:

Britney Spears: