Finding Your Dream Career - How Every Professional Can Choose A Better, New Career | Kevin Farrugia | Skillshare

Finding Your Dream Career - How Every Professional Can Choose A Better, New Career

Kevin Farrugia

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39 Videos (1h 60m)
    • Section 1 Introduction Lecture 1 Introduction

    • S2l1 What Attracts And Repels You 1

    • Section 2 Opening Yourself To Discovery Lecture 2 Spotting Clues To Your Future 1

    • Section 2 Opening Yourself To Discovery Lecture 3 Get Creative 1

    • S3l1 Looking At How Important Relationships Impact Your Work 1

    • Section 3 Envisioning Your Dream Lifestyles Lesson 2 Describing Your Desired Lifestyle 1

    • S4l1 Determining Your Ideal Work Schedule 1

    • S4l4 The Kind Of Company 3

    • S4l3 Recording Your Ideal Work Arrangement 2

    • S4l2 Matching Benefits To Your Needs 1

    • Section 5 Finding Your Passions Lesson 4 Top 10 To Top 2 6

    • Section 5 Finding Your Passions Lesson 3 Brainstorming Intriguing Career Ideas 5

    • S5l2 Discovering Topics That Make You Sizzle With Excitement 4

    • S6l5 Creating A List Of Contacts 5

    • S6l4 Asking The Right Questions About Your Top Two Careers 4

    • S6l3 Paying Attention To Your Gut Reaction 3

    • S6l2 Taking A Closer Look At Salary Information 2

    • S6l1 Bringing Your Dream Career To Life 1

    • The Practice (Part 2) 1

    • The Practice (Part 1) 1

    • S7l1 Stepping Into Your First Round Of Informational Interviews 1

    • S8l4 Reconciling True Differences 1

    • S8l3 Reconciling Differences Between Your Life And Your Dream 1

    • S8l2 Trying Your Career On For Size 1

    • S8l5 Dealing With What Can’T Be 1

    • S8l1 Refining Your Ideal Work Needs 1

    • S9l5 Searching For Job Openings 1

    • S9l1 Introduction 1

    • S9l4 Path Four And Five 1

    • S9l3 Assessing Your Need For More Training 1

    • S9l2 Taking A Test Drive 1

    • S9l6 Refining Your Business Idea 1

    • S9l7 Preparing Your Personalized Action Plan 1

    • S10l1 Introduction 1

    • S10l2 Heading Back To School 2

    • S10l3 Choosing The Right Program For You1 3

    • S10l4 Going For Your Dream Job1 4

    • S10l5 Evaluating Your Options1 5

    • S10l6 Feeling At Home In Your New Career1 1


About This Class

Here's the TRUTH!

The odds are almost 100 to 1 against you when it comes to changing career

Most people will never realize what makes a great career change. Why?

Is this you?

  • You don't have access to all the information
  • You don't have access to people that have the knowledge
  • You don't know what all the potential pitfalls are
  • You don't have credibility when it comes to the new career

But that's not the end of the problem...

it actually gets worse...

Here's the Real Problem you're facing

  • The good companies will hire people with prior experience
  • The best companies won't be interested in someone who hasn't done their proper research
  • And, worst of all, The people who seem the most interested are usually the ones that end up not getting hired
  • But luckily for you, there's now a solution...


"Finding your dream career"

"Finding your dream career"

  • Strategy #1: Helps You Open Yourself Up To Discovery
  • Strategy #2: Gets You More Answers By Asking The Righrt Questions
  • Strategy #3: Makes It Easy To Envision Your Dream Lifestyle
  • Strategy #4: Gives You The Key To Finding Your Passion
  • Strategy #5: Avoid The Typical Problems Associated With Informational Interviews
  • Strategy #6: The Real SECRET For Merging Your Personal Life With Your Dream Career
  • Strategy #7: How To Bring Your Dream Career To Life
  • Strategy #8: Effortlessly Move Even Closer To Your Immediate Goal
  • Strategy #9: Quickly Refine Your Business Ideas
  • Strategy #10: Escape Your Current Boring Job

Hi, My name is Kevin Farrugia and by now, you're probably asking...

Who am I and how can I make these claims?



Here's why we can make these promises to you:

  • I spent too much time doing a job that I disliked
  • I've helped many people leave a job they hated and get started on one they loved
  • I've taught people the steps required to get from where they are to where they want to be

Here's Exactly What You Get With"Finding your dream career"

  • Step by step informational videos on how to start the process that will see you change/find the career of your dreams
  • How to ask the right questions to figure out the right answers
  • The secret to finding the passions that you really want to pursue in life
  • And much more

As always, this course is backed by our 30 day money back guaranteed. So try it out and if you find it's not for true, let me know and I'll give you your money back - no questions asked.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this course a try!

Get Onboard With Finding your dream career Now!

If you want to:

  • Change your career with ease
  • Know that you're on the right path
  • Start enjoying the work that you do on an everyday basis





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