Finding Your Astrology Map "Star chart" | M. Ruth McCants | Skillshare
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5 Videos (23m)
    • Astro Star Chart Introduction Video #1

    • Accessing Your Star Chart Video #2

    • Four Directions Video #3

    • The Trio, Signs and Houses Video #4

    • It's Your Turn, Map Your "Trio" Video #5


About This Class


Finding Your Astrology "Star Chart", is an invitation to playful begin learning the signs, symbols, images and clues, as you learn to "decode" your story with  Astrology .  These videos lessons provide guidance on how to find your natal birth chart, and offers some basic pointers for understanding your chart, "life map". Every astrology chart is a unique map, that reveals the collection of life directions, experiences and soul purpose that describes each individual's life journey. 

If you want to go further with understanding your "Star Chart" sign up for my free 10 Day Mapping Your Life Challenge where I take you through 10 days of understanding the basics of your Astrology Chart. 

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Love how simple it was to pull my natal chart. Thank you for explaining so clearly how to find my trio. I love the chart you shared in the PDF. Wonderful class. I can't wait for more.
Kiala Givehand

Bookbinder • Storyteller • Printmaker

Excellent intro to personal astrology. Appreciate the info on how to get a free natal chart. Loved learning how what's contained within my astrological chart is like a portal to the soul. Everything is laid out in a step-by-step logical order. And now I can't wait to take an intermediate or more advanced course with M. Ruth McCants to learn more. Thank you!!
Debra Marrs

Inspirationalist : Creativity and Writing Coach





M. Ruth McCants

Soul Nurturer • Sound Alchemist • Intuitive


I am drawn to inner guidance and intuitive arts through astrology, numerology and the various other oracle and tarot systems. By nature I am a synthesizer, weaver, and an observer of how life energy is rhythmic and constant.

Just recently I've been introduced to visual & intentional creativity, especially art and mixed media journaling. I adore playing with paint, color and symbols because this goes right along with...

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