Find your style: 4 cocktails in different styles - digital illustration in Procreate on Ipad | Inga Yoon | Skillshare

Find your style: 4 cocktails in different styles - digital illustration in Procreate on Ipad

Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

Find your style: 4 cocktails in different styles - digital illustration in Procreate on Ipad

Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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7 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting ready

    • 3. Cocktail in watercolor pt.1

    • 4. Cocktail in watercolor pt.2

    • 5. Cocktail in ink

    • 6. Cocktail in pop-art

    • 7. Cocktail in oil

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About This Class


Let’s paint all together  cool illustrations of cocktail in different styles - watercolor, ink, pop art and oil painting. During our today’s class you will find your own style that suits you perfectly. And in the end of my class you can see it.

You can use the illustrations you create for posting in Instagram, add it to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy, Gumroad and so on.

You can check the brushset that I mentioned here: 


Today I will teach you:

  • How to create a texture paper (we have a new one),
  • What is composition and how to locate elements on the canvas in a beautiful way,
  • How to paint picture from the sketch (you can draw your own sketch or use mine),
  • How to use my and default Procreate brushes for painting,
  • How to add text,
  • How to use calligraphy brush,
  • I will explain what is clipping mask, reference layer and selection tool,
  • I will also show you different techniques of adding textures, shades and highlights.

I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.


And as a bonus I will share with you my new textured paper, custom brushes, 3 color pallets, sketches that I created. I will also add files of my pictures that i drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects.

This class is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners (if you watched my previous classes) and for experienced artist - probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways how to paint cocktails in different styles.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome back to my class. During our today's tutorial, I will teach you how to pay for different illustrations incomplete in different styles. You're going to be the cocktails and our first paint, and we'll be in watercolor style. And after we moved to Incubator are asserted. Picture will be in our style. And the fourth one is oil paint and illustration. So in the end of a class, you will understand reach style suits you best. And also I'm going to share with you lots of freebies. I have three different color palettes, loss of brushes, all my today's class will be very useful and you will enjoy our time spent together. So let's go. Hi guys, I am indifference illustrator. Welcome back to my class and let's paint altogether cool illustrations of cocktail in different styles. Watercolor, ink, pop art, and oil paint here. During our today's class, you will find your own style that suits your perfectly. And in the end of my class, you can see it. You can use illustrations you create for Poston in Instagram, added to a portfolio or sell it on camera mode and so on. Today, I will teach you how to create a texture paper. We will have a new one. What is compensation? And how to locate elements on a canvas in a beautiful way. How to paint a picture from the sketch. You can draw your own sketch or use mine. How to use my default procreate brushes for pain teen. How to add text, how to use calligraphy brush. I will explain what is clipping mask, reference layer and selection tool. I will also show you different techniques of adding textures, shades, and highlights. I will show you my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you my new textured paper, custom brushes, three color palettes, sketches that I created. I will also add files of my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects. This glass is great for intermediate level, also can be useful for beginners. If you've watched my previous classes. And for experienced artists, probably here, you can find an inspiration and new ways how to pay an cocktails in different styles. Your class project will be next Bay and an illustration that you like most, or paint all of them using Zai tips and brushes. Zed I gave you today. I will use procreate for this class with iPad and Apple pencil. So if you have it or some Maza drawing paths, or just regular watercolor paper in paints. Please join our class and good luck. 2. Getting ready : So again, I think you can stare at them for themes that you're gonna do is, I'm going to explain you what is our plan for today's class? And I already created some sketches for you. And you're going to pay in today for different cocktails in completely different styles. First Style it'll be watercolor, and Second Style is ink painting. And after said, we'll create a picture in pope art style. And the last one is oil paint. So as you might see, eagle take us prettier, long time to complete all of it. But in the end of my class, you might understand which style suits you best. And like play through you can develop your art style it right in this, in some particular way. And also guys, the main characteristics of mitral ACE classes. I created a sketch, but we need to create a composition. So you might see I have strawberries, different kinds of me. And our today's aim is drawn descend. What actually we need to create an reads, learn about composition. So that should be pretty interesting. And for today's class, I also created, as you might see, textured paper. This is oil paper, maybe also pastel paper. It's all up to you which way you're going to use it. And I will share this paper is us well. And also guys, I created a special set and which is called cocktails. And I will share with you my brushes and transpose it I'm going to share with you is called Gore until dry brush. Brush that created recently. And it's featured in my new watercolour brush said, I can leave the link in the description of my class and you can check it out. And my second brush is pool batch and calligraphy brush. You might differ me nervy said, cause they already use this brush my previous classes, I legs his brush. So another one is bullet to color background browsers that can help you to create those beautiful splashy effect. And after zed o Marshmallow watercolour brush, this is pretty simple. A brush that can help you to paint in watercolor style. And 6B pencil drying, Terrell EIA brush, turpentine brush and old beach brush also is precious. Native procreate brushes. So you might find them in a Incan said, paint and said artistic, said, oh, just use this brush set. It's that I created and I added guys, all my paper sketches and all those brushes. You might download pro chick and sources section. In the right corner here you will have at title headline, which is called sources. And under the sources you will have different, it'll have all my freebies, my Downloads. Okay, so I think we are ready and let's start beamed in. First of all, what we're gonna do is we need to decide whether to build a composition and wanting to create beautiful pictures at later we need to color. So let's paint step-by-step. 3. Cocktail in watercolor pt.1: So our first picture, we'll be in vertical style. And guys, I want to tell you sense the size of our canvas is 911 inches with 300 DPI resolution. And artifacts class is kinda more for advanced students. But if you're familiar with my previous classes, I think it wouldn't be difficult for you to complete the tasks and create your own style. So let's start. And I guess, as I told you, first of all, we need to create a composition so our picture should be beautiful. And let's place our glass right in the middle. We can the size of it. And also I created a strawberry here because it will be like kind of strawberry cocktail. And probably I want to play strawberry somewhere here. And also my theme is what I did is I paint a strawberry and some mean. And as you see our strawberry, you'll get on a top of a glass. And as you might see, I need to erase some parts that are overlapping with each other. And in this way I will go to the class. And let's just erase some parts that you think are not necessary in our painting. And also the ISA created three killer pellets for our today's class. So you might be creative and I will give you a free them and you can choose any sets, any beautiful computations that you might like. And as you might see, this is first combination, first row, and second row is another combination, and third one is third one. So saying there's a second curve but palette. So you might play around, choose different color variations that you might like. So here we have strawberry, same, we have mean leafs in this area, so we also need to raise it. Well, I think we are ready this very beautiful. And our next step is let's just merge all of it together enough to Lorber surpassed city and create a new layer, such as ending nice house kitchen layer. And we have a variety of different brushes, but I'll start with promotional watercolor brush. And now let's move to color palettes and we need to decide reach color palette is pretty good for us. He also can play this occurs, changed them a little bit. That's all fine. And to my mind, I think I'm gonna go and discover colored glass. Well, pretty code. I also can add some glue shades, doesn't meet LFO up glass because glass is transparent and you definitely have those blue reflections all around. By a great week. And same, I'm gonna go and change the color. Peggy crate and guys is a blend didn't dawn until we're gonna use our Terrell airbrushed lovers adiposity and just blend. It's likely Dong blend everything entirely. And guys control like dawned, blend every steam. It's pretty complicated TO keeps a balance and don't over blend everything. Bad. I believe you can do it like this. I'll create. Now. We need to erase a part where the half means leaves here. Add-on to raise it perfectly. It doesn't matter. Okay, now, I think have preceded Pride Thread color, and I'm gonna go and finish our strawberries. Same marshmallow watercolour brush. And later we'll add different textures. Thanks is same here. I take ten to paint on one layer because it's easier for me. But obviously for like R1, V1 to add some different color variations, highlights, we definitely need to create a new layer. Thank, seems pretty good. So same R Now I'm gonna go and grab dark green color. Like a bride sprinkler. Guys. It's all up to you. Once again, you can go to our color palette, and here we have different beautiful green shades. Let's just go and add green color, make it just prior to her. We also need to remember about perspective, because this is, this leaf is behind our first leaf. So it means as leaf will be darker. So my leafs. Because if you leave it from this screen, you will overlap with same color. I will show you now is a example. So now I lose my Apple Pencil. And now when I paint on a second time, you see I wanted to finish our paint and I overlap ways. A second layer of color, often such as blends as barked. Let's call this beautiful. It's really beautiful. And I think I'm ready to add different highlights. But first of all, I just replicate is this layer lower for step-by-step TO first layer till 60% enough to merge it together. After said, the placated one one-time, move to lower layer off to magic one hue, saturation, brightness layer and most uprightness TO 100%. Just feeling thanks. It's one month time merge together and merge together. And now cocktail is not transparent anymore. And it guys, I'm gonna go idle grep and they'll go and cripple marshmallow, watercolor brash. And here I have actually in ice, so I'm going to highlight the spark, make it lighter. Okay, now I'm going to create a new layer lover. So Positano house, kitchen layer. And so we created a new layer and opportunity to press clipping mask. So now you might be just an area which is selected and we need to add shades. And we're gonna go and grew up Terrell airbrushed for SAT. And once again, I will go and grip darker color, maybe reddish. And I'm gonna go and add some shades. And also different like splashes, What a color splashes. Bad controls the size, controls a color and everything. Sometimes you may just blended to raise in our colors. It's also very beautiful. T-pose. It means like to call books. I mean, recent, very light color. Nuff to collect data on each other. Well now and Nozick green color code to look cooler, shade like I did here. And add different colorations. Backflow color in a first color palette. You might go 910 parts. Then forget about it. Finds he can shade from froms and leave. Here. We also need to have some splashes from St. Tropez, like Santa and more green shade here. And it's like Sam, he and planned in each other. And I like how it looks. 4. Cocktail in watercolor pt.2: Now guys, if it turned off hours kitchen layers is beautiful but still not finished. So I'm gonna go and add some details. And what I'm going to do, I will just merge together all of it. And I'm going to blend strawberry in a glass. And yep. It looks even more natural if you blended one in each other. And that's great, but I still gotta go and add some shades. For Zed. I will return our sketchy layer lower set, elite obeyed creating new Layers, press clipping mask. And after that I will go and grab and as a brash and his ball oriental tribe brush. And I'm gonna go and grab the little color. And I want to add some shades. Controls the size. And I need to emphasize tried brush. Just brushes grade. If you like, you can just loggers up positive. So up to you. And like this r dr feelings that it creates, if you like, you can plead his color variations make it lighter or darker, less saturated. Thank says yep. I don't want to be very sharps. It's why I don't kras and harsh colors and use it. In some ways we need to do that, but not now. Now tar care sheet to show two slides. And as you might see, I don't blend every theme in iron Lee. I decided to keep some parts. Now let's just turn off hours kitchen layer. And it's so nice. Now onto Blend some areas. And this very beautiful. Now guys, I think we can merge together and we need to create a new user descending need everything. And it will go in. Brightness is for what kind of background crash. And go to the pilot's. Think about as a killer pellet, say colors. If you want to have a little ve Schwab, like sad. And I think that feeling is so cool. It's very authentic. And you guys have done he's our first paint and now it's moved it as one entity will begin campaign team. 5. Cocktail in ink: Well, our next plane DNAs pretty cool. And this one, and I'm going to go and also combine different, and I'm going to combine an ebook with watercolors by L. This should be pretty cool. So once again, we have different elements and we need to arrange them in a perfect way. So for this way, we will just plays out in our class here. And probably berries idle place, close treat and i will increase and as well somewhere here makes 0s. So Rosemarie is also very important part of our composition. Exit. So do like how it looks. And guys now who go to barriers and I need to erase some parts overlapping, please each other. Pen now lovers out positive and create a new layer and say, I'm going grapple marshmallow, what color brash, my x's. And it should be very, very light obviously. And go marshmallow multicolored brash. And guys, I suggest in this way we can create a new layer behind our liquid. Same planned in total, then erase some parts to offer lepidic. Or was it goes beyond the edges. Great. Now we have some blue color here. Guys. Now my next step is let's just duplicated. And after lovers out positively slightly half to merge together. Same visit glass logger posited, yet merged and practical to hue saturation and brightness. I don't want to have class said bright. So I lowers a situation nodes, nodes that blue cup bluish and after say, merge together. And after duplicated, one would time goto hue, saturation, brightness and turn and white colour and replicate it couple of times, merge together, merge together, and merge together Rees our original layer. Now I've needed to create a new layer and press click and mask. Because it means that now we can paint on top of our tree and grab Terrell a, a brash. And just play around and add different shapes. Saying go and grab blue color. Tara lay a brush and differentiates to our glass. So if you have shades from a site, so it means it's, this site is lighter. So I put shades here all around. Great. Now let's just merge it together. And let's just same. I will go and create a new layer for our fruits. And four Rosemarie. And we'll start with arose for your code to pellet. Grabs is darker in color. Believe, bluish. Thank CSC. And now let's just go and move to the marshmallow watercolour brush process of artists. Cool. Now I'm gonna go and grab glory until try pride. So my next tab, e sino calling finish. These aren't and I need to clone critical Marshmallow, but he kind of crash, go and grab purple colour. Given lowish. Thanks. Same brash in how you need to go and grab a bite color. And fancy Syria is white-collar. Found same that this just duplicated. Had preteen ice lovers that passes in our jet to cancer. The Medicaid on my time to lower layer hue saturation and brightness and measure client layer turned to white color. Now just layers wide, replicated a few times to replicate and merge together. Perfect. Now I wanted to same. I will go and grab and creating new layer, press, clipping mask. And after grip a yellow color and grabbed Terrell EIA brash. And I will add some shades here and I'm gonna go and grab some blueberry color. Like so, that same yellow color on the blueberries. And actually I need to go to our class and add also some purple shakes. Thanks us. As cool. Now we need to return to leap in mass clear, goal and grant. And at some shades to Rosemarie. I like how it looks and now I think you can merge together. And if it turned off us kitchen layer, this is cool, but we need to add ink. So that's why we will keep it and lowers that passivity. And I'm gonna go and create a new layer and move to black color. And after I've gone grabbed dry brush, lovers have positive because as these brushes pressure sensitive. So now let's just line up. Right. So you see it so cool to play. This is pressure sensitivity. It can be Lieter dot I like heavier and it's really cold. You can turn off hours kitchen layer. And that's our amazing, just amazing income sad. Even compete in and they're like how it looks also, we can add sam background, too sad. And we need to create a new layer, going t onto everything. And now I will go and grab all Beach brash. And I think I'm gonna go and grab blue color. I'll go guys. Now I want to show you a magic trick. How can you change eraser to same browser to just be and you just need to press longer. And now you erase old beaches file increases size. And now guys, my suggestion, what else you can do? If you want to emphasize this part, if you don't want to blend our picture in a background, my suggestion is you need to go to our P into layers. A swan after duplicated. Go to Magic one, hue saturation brightness, and turn it to white color. Create and now is just move it slightly. So says will help us to create this shade. Final detail. So I'm gonna go and grab drying brush, turn to white collar. I need to create a new layer. And my next step is I will go and just add some lines. And my, I should be on a top of everything. Under black liner on tube-like black line list. And I'm going to go and add some highlights. Why hot colors here? Tom. Thanks. Amy, meet hell. So it's very important to us, highlights. And same. We also want to add some lines to Rosemary. You might also add some textures. And they've done music is fine. So in our last tip and final details, I'm gonna go and change your branch to turpentine brush and I'm gonna go Increase the size and I want to add some scratches. I need to create a new layer. This is important because later I went to loggers out positive. And after I've, I've move IT tools a layer that is underneath of everything. And it'll create a psi increases size of it. Okay? And after lovers out by city, slightly said might help us to add more beautiful structures and textures. Tens, it's actually very beautiful. And let's just say we're gonna go and grab dark blue color and create a new layer. And guys, it's very important you need to press clipping mask. So now you might just paying just on this area of background. Well, so you can movers are positively increased capacity. It's all up to you. For me. I like how it looks. You can increase the size. Once again. Like sad. And guys, one was suggestion. What else you can do with our painting is you need to create a new layer is just between our background and our class. And if you go to white color, and we can add the text. So press add, edit text and write something like hello. And after that says hot cocoa formed as I've just from Elise, Coca, color brown. And yep, you're going write something like hello here. Okay, I think that it's cool. Guy. So you've databases part now you can merge all of it together and let's move to another painting. 6. Cocktail in pop-art: Well, our next illustration will be created in a inept pop art style. And it would be interested in, in a festival. Of course, we need to create a beautiful composition and festivals. You need to put our glass summary here. And Rose Marie, I think I went to place here. Well, that's our next painting and I think we can merge all of it together, create a new layer. And what I'm gonna do, I will go and grab tried him brash. Try in crash. And I'll just go and lie in here. Like sand. And same here. So first of all, we need to pain to sketch the Mayan enough to tap resisting GRG. Now it's pretest trade. Same here. Thanks. Same. Okay, good. Craig, Now Rose Marie is the most time-consuming part. Cool. Now let's just add some dots. Say amazed that indeed is the first part. And now guys, I think they're 84 p in teen and I'm going to show you one magic trick. So we need to go and press reference. You need to go to the layer behind beyond this layer and you can use it and don't forget about our color palette. And I will just feel it here. So what does it mean if fico and press this layer, our regional layer with sketching as if breast a reference and if you go to the lower layer. So it means that we can feel all the areas like if we have our reference layer here, oust kitchen layer here, but we didn't have it. So when should we can turn off our reference layer? And it's really cool. So once again, you need to be on the layer. So just underneath our reference layer. As phi, like it's, it's so convenient. Let's just same here. And as if the ground color, I'm gonna use this shade. And I think that's pretty lovely. It'll have this neutral colors. And four to glass. I don't create a new layer once again. And idle crap, yellow color. And same here almost. And then I guess you might see here we have black color. Like sais is. It's so easy and so fast to paint. All the weight is part. The seasoned taste. My accent. And like how it looks same here. And now I want to go and create very interesting theme. So my next step is I will go and replicate layer VIV paint all of it, and go to lower layer whose attrition brightness now turn brightness to minimal. So now we have this layer is pretty black. And our next step E soon just smooth it like set. Pretty nice, but it's not finished yet. And now we need to create a new layer. Go to black color the graph dry. And now I need to add more shades, thicker lines, set for separate one part from another. Now you can turn off our reference. Now I'm going to need it as a reference layer. Music scene. Let's return black color. And let's keep theme dense. Yeah, cannot decide I'm gonna go and actually cut some parts cart and edges. And how I'm gonna do is add is pretty simple. I will just go to Selection Tool rectangle. And after press, cut and paste. Like sad. Nouns. And last step is actually also want to add some text to that. To Jacoby behind everything. The black color and fuzzy time. I will go and grab my blue wedding calligraphy brush. Like some fill like fun. And another layer regularized time. And after said, you can go and grep yellow color margin together. And after, Select. And fill layer. Now on Denise vf, yellow color. And you might have yellow color underneath. You might have yellow color on the top. You see it's all up to you which way you want to chose. And also if you like select, you might add as this yellow layer. And we can add grab Terrell ambrosia, and also adds shades. Now say I'm gonna go with the slayer, press Select. And now you can paint on this area. And I actually want to add some shades. Length is nows is pretty lovely. And guys, you can play around at more and more different color variations is all up to you. And guess what else you can do. If you want, add some texture. You might go to Incan said, and gripe, grab, Silence, sign brash. Increases size. And pray is a combinations to series it later. And it's pretty interesting. You can play around. And if you like, you can change the colors. You would have a leg. It's all up to your base case, one lobe option, what else you can do is you need to create a new layer that is above our glass cocktail. And I have to say it. You need to go to Sketch and sat and grab bonobo Chuck, brush. And choose a killers at humanly need. Probably a little bit darker than our color. Increases size. And guys, one more thing that you need to remember, you need to create a new layer. And after press click mask. And after that I start painting. Create a new layer on top of fun time and also press clipping mask. After said, wow, this is pretty cool. And same merger together. And we've done with this part and guys one within what else you can do if you like, of course you can play around with the shade. And if you like, you can increase the shade, lowers the shade. Makes a shake smaller. Put shade somewhere behind. It's all up to you which way to chose. I stick to our previous shade and I'm gonna keep et cetera way. And guys, I think now we can call this piece finished. And I like how it looks. So let's move to another part. 7. Cocktail in oil: Lastly, int and ease in oil style, oil painting styles is 1. First of all, we need to create beautiful composition, of course. And I will just go and grab our glass and place it in the center summary here. Yep. And Rosemarie, Let me think we trace better for this team. Maybe I want to place a tryst. Thanks. Well overall is pretty nice. And now we need to erase a part which is overlapping. And now we have our good for composition and how I think we can just merge jewelry together, allow for SAP Udacity and create a new layer. And guys for oil paint. And I'm going to use a few layers. And that might help us to create beautiful composition, very beautiful paint you here. So for today's, I have, for today's class, we're going to go and grab turpentine, brash, and all Beach brush. And let's start this old beach brush. And we Conoco and grip our color palette and our today's picture look a combination loses colors. And the other one is set cars as well. So once again, you remember the need to have our textural layer out texture paper. We just in Legionnaire Bernie mode. And this brush is pressure sensitive. So if you want to have more color, just press harder. If you have less pigment, just be pretty Gentofte. You're gonna go and grab all Beach brush as a blend and talk. Okay, cool. Now steel, I wanted to create a new layer. And I go and grab orange color, maybe lighter a little bit. And I'm going to go and paint pigment inside. I actually know even pellet number one grabs is dark blue colour and go to lighter shade. And vertical gallon class. Now let's go and grab orange color and red color. And I think it might be grapefruits. So if I want to add slightly red color, now, orange color. So in oil paint in the venue, pay that picture insists tile. You might be slightly abstract. So no need to paint all the way to visit details. Like of course you can. Dependent on this tile is at your, you like. But I tend to agree to abstract way. The light green color. And also in this tile, What is interesting is it you don't have a solid color. You always have also shades, different color variations. So you can't just use white color and paint. Everything is just one cut, one color. That's simply impossible. And this is a cool way. Means add wildlife branch because you can paint on top of, of an asic Holler If you need so. And in oil paint, and it's actually true, you need to add some acid colors. You can just paint on a top of asic color of our canvas or, and it's completely fine. You can covers as a color, unlike a watercolour, if you go to that guy. So what I'm gonna do is I will just duplicated lower Zab prosity and merge it together, duplicated one more time. Go to hue saturation and brightness and lower end turn to layer two white color. Because I want to avoid saws overlapping. And ask does it merge it together? Same. And to beat our background, just a traditional Brian is white colored, replicated a few times and merge it together. And as I told you, you can't be like that contained everything in details. And like you have like time and thin brush and you'll, your aim is to draw a cell that I'm going to go and paint it in a previous soft way. Create. Now guys, go and grab and nasa shade Baptists and replicate it lower layer, his Trisha brightness turned into white color. A few times. Wk duplicate and merge together and merge together with glass. So now all layers, if you're going to pay him to be opined on a top and I'm gonna go and grab an asic brass. It is turpentine, brash and steal. I will go and grab darker shade. And I'm going to add some shades to control this to the Rose Marie. And actual disease brash can help us to reach those details. You can say so. Of course I can fit paint a picture in a oils tile oil painting style. You might spend lots of time add in details, shapes, and so on. Out of course, we don't have this time now. So I have tried to be pretty quick painting all the way and grab a light blue color. Now so panics shades. So, so cool because it makes a calorie actually can make some colored together. Just go and drag this fun. So this brush is actually a very good as a blender as well itself. You can use it just as a brush is out, turn into blend, blend in mold. This is so cool. And I will go press hue saturation, brightness. And I want to make it saturated, right? Takes nonsense, dark, light, maybe 70%. And after-sale replicated a few times. So I'm gonna go and nurture together here. And let's keep painting. And I will create a new layer. Once again, I will go and grab Gu oriental dry brush. Brushes grade as hobo to color as for oil paint him if I like it. And that's why I decided to ads as brash to our today's class. Now it's time to ads as a details, different lines, makes at. So, and after I'll do the same with our oranges. Now let's go to dark age color. Hi. The critical. Now you can turn of ours kitchen layer, say S1. And we can lower self paucity of oxide layer as well. And now we can go and grab a Terrell airbrushed as a plunder and just make it known set of feasible if you can say so. I want to go and add some shade style PNT and ends at cookies. And so first of all, I've gotta go and merging together and merge it together with these align. And now you have this glass cocktail. And I will go to the selection to oppress free hand. And I will go and add shade here, press add, have to same. And and at phasor might be maybe 5% is a k after hue saturation and brightness layer. And menu to loggers out positive. And US TO create a shape. Crazy situation in the turbid. Thanks. After glands is part. Not as a, as a blend and dog ego and use turpentine brash. And you can blend a little bit, make it non set, feasible. And this beautiful. Now, in those salaries, our background as or maybe 9% attrition, brightness lowers uprightness, increased situation. Alito made Lexis and then can help us to create an amazing feeling. Okay guys, now get down with our oil painting as well. And I hope you enjoyed our today's tutorial and now you know how to paint cocktail in completely different styles. Then this is the end of our class, but now you know how to ban cocktails in four different styles. And it holds it in a drama class, you actually followed your style. Then I will look forward to see you all your art orcs. And if you have any questions, suggestions, you might leave sin in a discussion section or our class. So as C, as in next class in a new video, bye-bye.