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Find your brand's tribe on Instagram and get them to care

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Who are you speaking too?

    • 4. Hashtag Research - part 1

    • 5. Hashtag Research - part 2

    • 6. Get to Know Influencers in your niche

    • 7. Be the Voice of Movement

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About This Class

Is your content not getting discovered no matter how many hashtags or pictures you add? Do very few people comment on your pictures? Are you feeling stuck on the same number of followers? Are you failing to get website traffic from Instagram?

Well if you are telling yourself  - right about NOW - “GF stop reading my mind?” You are in the right place…

So how can you find your tribe & become a popular Instagram Account?

In this class, you will learn how to fine tune your voice so it appeals to your audience. You will learn how to dissect your audience’s emotional triggers so you can connect with them on a deeper level.

Along with other tactics to make your content more discoverable…

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: class. I'll provide you with steps needed so you can effectively grow your instagram following and half an engaged friend based. Now, these aren't quick fix tricks, but more sound strategy so you can become a popular INSTAGRAM account. I hope to see you guys inside. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys. And welcome to finding your Bruns tribe on instagram, the art of building an engaged audience on instagram so you can have the instagram fame you've always wanted. So why that's finding your tribe matters while because, first and foremost, you don't want to attract the wrong customer because the wrong customer, we'll find your brand completely irrelevant to them. So it's very important that you speak to individuals who will get your brand who understand why you're brunnis so important and can really relate to it. You need to make sure that you're making the right connections, cause if you're speaking to the wrong people while you're gonna be making all the wrong connections, and as a result, you're gonna have a poor return on investment because you're going to be spending a lot of money on marketing efforts, which aren't going to pay offs. You'll be losing money. You are investing in marketing. So a little bit about me. My name is Luna Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant at Luna vega dot Net and also co founder of E Commerce Academy, which is an online course platform for fashion entrepreneurs. So throughout the years I've helped several brands and what I've noticed that a lot of them I feel like Instagram is a little bit of a game, if you will. So they kind of feel stuck with the same amount of Instagram followers they have. And no matter what they do, you know they no one is really engaging with their content, and they're just having a really hard time figuring how to get noticed. So in this course, I'm going to provide you with the steps biceps you need in order to stop spending countless hours in the wrong places. Because, like we just reviewed, you need to be speaking to the right customers because you'd have everything in place. Great Anatoly counter Great Toyota Voice. But if you're speaking to the wrong people, while you're going to be losing a lot of effort, so let's jump right through it. How can you find your tribe and get them to care about your brand? Well, first and foremost, it's important that you really understand who your customer is, and we're going to go through these exercises so you can start really thinking beyond just age and gender, because most brands, when I asked him Who is your customer? They gave me strictly just age and, you know, age, sex and what type of hobbies they have, which is not enough for you to have a deeper understanding of who your customer is. So I'm gonna provide you guys and next few chapters all the steps that you need in order to be able to find your tribe. But most importantly, what I really want, you understand, is how important this step is because it's going to help you guide your overall instagram strategy. 3. Who are you speaking too? : first up in finding where your tribe is is to really understand. Who are you speaking to? Who is your customer? Who are these individuals? And yes, it goes beyond what their gender, age and overall hobbies are. You need to dig a lot deeper. So what are those questions you need to be asking yourself? Some of these questions includes first and foremost, what makes your tribe excited. Why are these individuals excited about being part of your brand being part of the movement that you've created? What makes them unique from any other individuals out there? What is their aspiration? Do they aspire to have a greater life and learn how to become better persons, etcetera? What is the overall frustrations? Perhaps if there are working at a 9 to 5 job, the remain frustration is the fact that they want more freedom in their life, and they want the ability to do as they want and, you know, break away from 95 for instance, so really get into the psychology of this customer and why they would be interested in your brand. What makes them laugh? What makes him furious? What type of music do they listen to what type of movies do they watch? Etcetera. So now I understand that you are going toe, have different types of customers, right? They're gonna be different types of customers who have the for NIS. Different frustrations, etcetera. But you do need to figure out a way to group thes customers. So this is where the personas come in. You need to be extremely granular and really understand what the motivations of each of your customers are. So now this exercise will be easier for some than others. If you are just starting out your brand, obviously you won't be able to send surveys to customers you already have. But what I encourage you to do is to kind of go through the exercise by yourself by really putting yourself in the shoe of the individual. You're trying a truck to your brand and writing down. What does answers might be because as you evolve your brand and has you start having customers come to you, then you'll be able to send them surveys. So sending a list of questionnaires in order to see whether or not you're feeling was right . But at the end of the day, If you've created this brand, chances are is that you really know what's missing in the market, right? And also you really know why customers need your specific item, whatever you're selling, right, so you need to do the exercise of creating personas. Depending on this specific needs, frustration, psychology that is behind your customer. You need to put yourself you essentially you need to recreate the day of a life of your customers. And like I mentioned, there could be anywhere between 1 to 3 personas are even for I mean, try to keep it as simple as possible and try to figure out ways to group these individuals . But you really want to understand what their personality traits are and what their frustrations are In order for you to be able to get a better understanding of who these individuals are now, you can get into the psychological needs of your customer. Better understand the psychological need of your customers by reviewing deep Maslow your key of needs. Essentially, these are all the human needs, starting with food, sex, breathing. Then go comes security feeling safe. Then comes family, love and belonging, confidence and then creativity, morality, etcetera so think us to where your brand specifically. Which specific need are you helping your customer with? So Brenes like, for instance, blackmail, clothing, Nike and even Harley Davidson. They do a great job making their customers feel part of a tribe, So they're satisfying the love and belonging need of their customers. So making people feel part of a family. So I think, really deep asked to what exactly is your brand doing? And how is that going to relate to your customer? Right. So once you have this understanding of what the emotional core of your customer is, along with creating these personas, you'll have a really crystal clear understanding of who your customer is. And they will make you finding these customers all lot easier because essentially, you've mapped out who these individuals are. So when you are in front of their instagram account, it will be a lot easier for you to recognize if you found an individual who would be a potential customer for you, someone who fits within your persona. So make sure that your doing this exercise first and foremost create personas crate for those of start just one persona oven individual who would fit as the ideal customer. And, you know, as you're doing this exercise, you might notice that Oh, well, you know this individual within this demographic fits. But I'm realizing that there's other individuals who might be interested in my product and also have the same psychological need as this other individual. So that's when you start adding more personas. So for now, as you're starting out, I encourage you to only not do more than two personas go through their exercise, and I'll see in the next chapter. 4. Hashtag Research - part 1: now that you have a better idea of who you customer is, and you created the personas you need to perform of hashtag research someone to speak us to ha best ways for you to do the following. But first you need to understand which hashtag is your tribe following, because once you've figured that out, you will be able to find your customers on instagram. Be able to interact with um, and then, little by little, you will be able to create a deeper connection with these individuals, right, and you'll be able to also include and pepper and these ash dogs within your photos so your photos get this covered. So percent for most not all hash dogs are created equal. There's different categories of hash dogs. There's the bronze hashtags, which is obviously like the name, says Hashtags, that are you specifically to describe brands like nasty L Nike vans, etcetera. Then there's campaign hashtag campaign hash dogs are usually hash dogs that brands create specifically for a campaign, or to drive awareness to something something specific or to drive awareness to, um, advertising efforts that they're putting together or a contest etcetera. Then there's category Hashtags which are used a lot in fashion toe, whether tops, tank tops, dresses, pence, etcetera. Then there's trending hash dogs. Those are extremely important. Um, they will help your research because a lot of time individuals are looking at specific trending hash dogs or or searching specific training hash dogs. Those are hash tags that are used specifically on days of the week or first, best specific hashtag holidays. Like, um, there's a harsh dog that is used specifically for ice cream, such as ice cream day for ice cream days or doughnut days, etcetera. Then you also have content Hash dogs should, such as true story working Hard hustle. Those can also be part of trending hashtags as well. So, um, you can put those in the same categories, if you will. Then there's location, hashtags event, hash dogs and niche hashtag. So, for instance, in fashion anyone who's looking for a vintage clothes, they're gonna use toe hashtag vintage, for instance, or if they're looking for sneaker wear, etcetera or streetwear etcetera. So just keep that in mind When you're doing your overall hashtag research, try to keep it simple at first so you can identify just a few hashtags that are gonna help you find your net. In this case, what would be more relevant are looking at trending hashtags content. Hashtag scategory, hashtags location. Hashtags. In some ways, even though that is a little too broad and niche hashtags, those are the most important. Hashtag is that going to help you find your demographic? So again, nish Hosack obviously, because you'll have a better understanding of who your customer is. So usually they're looking for something that's really niche, so whether it's tattoos or vintage or yoga, where etcetera content, hashtags also trending hashtag is kind of go along and then category hashtags as well. Those are the top hashtag is that you want to focus your time on. So how can you figure out which hashtags you should be looking for and further analyzing, and how can you start your research well, first and foremost, you need to find and follow your ideal customer so it's a little bit chicken before the AG , because if you don't have the hashtags in hand, obviously it's going to be a little harder. But what you need to do is first identify high level. What are their hashtag that they could be possibly looking for. So let's take the example of vintage, for instance, and again, I don't know, this applies to your brand, but really trying to figure out which hashtag best apply to your brand. And even if it's something really broad, just picked that specific hashtag from there. Look at the content that's being posted within, um Instagram trending section in their trending section, you will see that you have to option most popular and then what was posted most recent. You want to look at the most two recent section there, you're going to find your potential customer. So where you're gonna have to do is go through the pictures of these individuals and see if they fit with the persona that you hot created and lost chapter. So when you're looking at these pictures, do these individuals fit the bill? If you will. So if they do fit to Bell at that point, I suggest that you follow them and you take a look. Start looking at what they're liking. Who are they following? Are they following? Which influencers are they following which celebrities Which brands are they're following and most importantly, what Which hashtags are they using in their pictures? Right, So this is going to help you fine influencers as well. So you might already have knowledge of who the influencers are within your specific niche. So you know, there's plenty of vintage bloggers again out there, and you can also use Hashtags in order to find these individuals. Bloggers are really proactive, and obviously they use a lot of hash dogs because it's a way for them to get this covered and grow their audience. So, you know, obviously, when you're going through instagram, chances are a lot of time You're gonna find influencers. Be fun before you find your ideal customer. But those two kind of go hand in hand because influencers, we'll talk more about the following their kind of your gateway to your tribe. So again, you want to be browsing specifically at each of these specific accounts and look at the hashtags that they're using where their likings that look specifically for brands and other influencers they might be following. So you'll want to create initial list of relevant hashtags that you are finding so you can the start your research with those five anywhere between 5 to 10 Hashtags, if you don't have, If you only have a few anywhere between 2 to 3, not a big deal. Just start writing those down. And I promise you like I'm gonna walk you through the exercise you need to do in order to start having access to more hash dogs and start finding your nature tribe. Individuals were following these hashtags. So I'm gonna walk you through some of the tools that I personally use in order to find relevant hashtag so you can identify opportunities. But first and foremost, let me walk you through some of the tools that I have used in the past. My favorite is Keyhole, and I'm going to do a quick demo, um, as to how you can use keyhole to fine hash dogs to help your research. There's also hash tracking, and then there is a hash at it. So each of these tools have different price points. You can use a free trial version most of the time, but these tools are going to make all the difference. Are going to make your research a lot easier. You can start like I said, going through instagram and going through hashtags that you're putting in looking at the most recent photos that have been posted and go one by one to take a sense as to who were these individuals who are using these hashtags and do they fit your demographics? So let's switch to key Holdout CEO so I can do a quick demo for you. Asked to how I research hashtags on that platform in order to get a list, a healthy list of anywhere between 10 to 20 hashtags. 5. Hashtag Research - part 2: welcome to Keyhole. I absolutely love this platform in order to do my hashtag research. As you can see, you can research hashtag you can research account. You can also research keywords and mention so by clicking here As you can see, this is the instagram. But you can just, uh, quickly answer a word. So in here I did a quick search for vintage fashion and ah, the information you want to be looking at is related topics because it gives you ideas of related hashtags. So what you'll want to do. So, for instance, vintage style could be an interesting hashtag to review as well. So you want to go through the exercise of essentially including all these different related hashtags within a different windows you can get. As you can see, I don't have access to it. I need to get the free 12 anyways, so it enables you to get more related hashtags based on and continue your research. Essentially. So the other thing that you want to be looking at are these individuals who are using the's hashtag So it's organized in two different columns. Want is recent users. So these air individuals who just posted a photo without specific hash dogs and then D's are individuals. You have to highest engagement within their picture. Cloud is anyone who has more influential and frequency are individuals who are using the's hash dogs often. What's great to is you can get an idea of where individuals air using these hashtag So what specific country that might be data you might be interested in and then also sentiments. And so you can. I kind of dig a little deeper within the software and get additional information if you're looking to get a better understanding of what people are saying about specific hashtag But really for the sole purpose of this exercise, what I want you to do is essentially include the high level hashtags or whatever hashtags that you think my best. Describe your niche and then, based on that, try to come up with many Hashtags is possible by looking at the related topics to see what essentially could be applied to your brother. So I kind of did this exercise here. I used a vintage like a broader term. I think I also used at sea in one of the other windows, so these are some of the individuals that came up. So, for instance, this woman, this is an individual that I found through the etc. Fashion hashtag who is also related to fashion. As you can see, this individual is selling vintage on her instagram page. Quite a few followers term an influencer, but they're more of a store. This is also an Etsy store, and then this is a new influence for Page. But as you can see and if you actually click on these images, there's not a lot of comments. There's a lot of likes, but not a lot of comments. So if you're looking to store, we chance influence around. We'll talk more about this in the loss and the next chapter. This individual wouldn't be someone to contact because it looks a little bit more like a spam account because they don't have a high level of engagement. But someone like this, for instance, like they have a little bit more engagement. This woman is, ah, fashion vintage blogger. She's also YouTuber, and you know she's got 161,000 followers. So if you're in the niche of vintage, she could be someone interesting to top into, or at least start looking at some of the likes that she's getting, obviously would have to follow her and going through some of the individuals who are commenting on her pictures. You can see she got 60 for comments. So this woman's legit. There's another one, another fashion blogger that I found through D hashtag vintage fashion. She also has a decent amount of comments. She doesn't have that many followers, but she has really high engagement. So this would be again someone that you might want to partner up with. And then there is other individuals that I found who are potential customers of yours, so you'd have to again follow them and look at their feet to get a sense as whether or not these individuals fit your demographic. So just to recap, make sure that you're using keyhole. In order to identify as many Hashtags as possible. Start putting a list of all these different hashtags within an Excel sheet, and once you've done the following, you want to also start looking at all these different users to start identifying who are influencers who are potential customers. You can put them in different list And this way you can start interacting with his individuals so they start knowing your brand. And most importantly, now that you'll have your list of Hashtags, you can start implementing these hashtags within your photos so your photos can get this covered. 6. Get to Know Influencers in your niche: So now you have a better understanding of your ideal customer, who your ideal customer is. You've done the exercise of putting together personas. You also understand wished hash dogs your customers are using in order to find content that they like and that also relates back to your niche. And through that exercise, you most likely have found influencers. So you really want to make sure that you get to know influencers in your niche. Why? Because these individuals are the gatekeepers to your audience there, the individuals who will be able to introduce your brand to your ideal customer. So when you've done that hashtag research dot we went through earlier, you noticed that some accounts were blogger, some accounts were potential customer and you've actually put those in a list. So now the next step is obviously following these individuals. So following these influencers and commenting on their pictures, liking their picks, introducing yourself in a more genuine way, don't ask for favors. Absolutely. Don't, because most of the time these bloggers get messages from brands asking them to do things for free. These individuals have a business just like you. You need to have the following in mind when you're reaching out to them. Therefore, reach out to them in a as a business inquiry, telling them that you're interesting partnering up with them. But before you do the following, just get to know them first by commenting, liking their pictures so they start getting family will arise, particularly with your brand, and they also start you. So this way you're allowing the relationship to grow, and once you've done that for a few weeks, you can send them a direct message. Tell them that you're really big fan, and you'd love to figure out a way for the two of you to collaborate and try to come up with some ideas as to how you could best collaborate, whether it's doing contest, for instance, giving it freebie to their followers, etcetera and think as to what type of content they would be interested in sharing with their customer. Because bloggers, obviously they're kind of their own little magazine publications. Air. They're always looking for new content, so I encourage you to check out my class on influencer marketing because you'll definitely want to consider doing an influencer marketing outreach at some point. So step one is getting to know these individuals having a list of all these influencers that fit within your niche don't have access to your ideal customer. The next up is following down commenting, introducing yourself after a few weeks and then finally considering doing an influencer marketing outreach by providing them either, you know, providing them money or providing them a freebie, etcetera. Again, this is a whole class who encourage you to check that out. But just make sure that you have a list of all your influencers within your niche because they're going to help you get access to your tribe. 7. Be the Voice of Movement: Finally, you need to be the voice of a movement. What is your brands? Greater purpose? The following will attract your ideal customer and the influencers within your niche. You need to make sure that you make these individuals feel part of the family feel part of something bigger than themselves. So it's important for you to speak the language of your audience but also make them feel like they're part of a larger community. Whatever it is that you started from the beginning, what is your mission statement? What makes you different in the market? Is it your creative lands? Is it the fact that you are equal friendly? Is it your need to be an ethical brand? Whatever it is, you need to make sure that your audience understand what your overall purpose is and needs to be embedded within your messaging. But also you need to challenge them to participate and be part of that greater movement. So how can you do that well by interacting by commenting, liking photos by really being generated. A lot of brands Onley focused strictly on putting photos out there with Hashtags, and they don't really do the due diligence of actually commenting on the photos of the influencers that they follow or their customers. Customers will feel a greater bond with your brand if you put in the effort of commenting on their photos and making them feel part of a family. So it's really important for you to do the following re posting Aziz well is highly encourage. Obviously, it depends on what type of Brian your I'll go through some of the examples after the slide . You can also launch challenges or contest in order to make your customers participate in whatever it is that you're doing. Are either doing tagging contests, etcetera. So Brand said, do this really well are usually lifestyle brands. Fitness lifestyle brand I included here to example, Turn it up and Lorna Jane Active Tone It Up is a fitness program created by Karena and Katrina. What I love about their instagram feed is that the feature their customers the show a lot of before and after pictures. They also have a lot of inspirational quotes, and they really do agree job making their followers feel part of a bigger family. Lorna Jane is an active wear company, and she also does a great job asking individuals to tog her brand within her pictures. And often she will riposte at. So she simply says, You can see in the bio to show us how active you are by tagging Lorna Jane to be featured. So it's an invitation to let her customers show her how active they are in for an opportunity to be included within the feed and doing The following is just a great way to make these individuals part of a family. And also it's a great way for these individuals to feel like someone is listening to them. So you need to make sure that, you know, you make these customers feel part of a greater movement by simply being carrying and showing them that you care about their well being. I also love to show La Bella Mafia worldwide because they also do such a great job caring about their community. They do it in a little bit different way. They don't Leslie feature their customers. But what they do said they provide a lot of tips and a lot of motivational quotes to, you know, make their customers feel motivated to go to the gym, and they really understand their demographic. Another example is Founder magazine. It's a magazine strictly for start ups, and they include a lot of quotes and the asked their followers to toggle friends a lot of times in a lot of motivational quotes. And again they have, ah, great community. And they've been able to accomplish that by putting in a lot of motivational quotes and really understanding what drives their customer. Founder magazine. Understand that as an entrepreneur, most entrepreneurs go through look roller coasters so they might have days where they feel on top of the world and other days where they need a little extra pick me up. So the quotes of the list there are really greatly to have a deeper connection with their audience and make them. I really feel like they understand them and provide them the extra motivation that they need in order to get through the day. So again, this goes back to the very first chapter and how you need to understand your customer on a deeper level so your content can really speaks to them. Speak to them and most importantly, so you know where to find these individuals because once you have a better understanding of who these individuals are. You know, you're gonna understand what type of hash stocks they're following, and you can apply all these different steps that I walk you through it. So, really, the next up here in the final step here is to create an editorial in calendar with your newfound knowledge printed at a toll counter where you'll be able to apply some of these ideas within the photos that you're posting. So you need to tell a story in a way that really capture the essence of your customer. I have a class on helping you on how to create a great INSTAGRAM editorial counter encourage you to check that out. But the following will be your final puzzle, your final missing piece in order to gain more followers and really attract these customers . Because now you have all the knowledge and place of who your customer really is a type of influencers there following. So you can top into that demographic what their psychology is, and finally the type of hashtag there they're researching. So we've all that information. You can create a strong editorial calendar and start attracting the right customers Alright , guys. Well, that's it for now, as always, please comment. If you have any questions, also review my class. I would greatly greatly appreciate it. It helps me tremendously so I can create better content for you. And finally, if you're interested in learning more, check out e Commerce Academy. It's an online course platform for a fashion entrepreneur and you can have access to our Facebook group. There is if you want access to me. All right, guys, Thanks a bunch for watching the cost. I really appreciate it by