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Find your Purpose in 6 ways - Perfect Life Design

teacher avatar Jesse Redheart, Viking From The North

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Intro - Why Find Purpose

    • 3. Intro - 4 Real-life Examples

    • 4. Purpose Intro - 6 Ways to Find your Purpose

    • 5. Purpose - 1. Reflect

    • 6. Purpose - Reflect Examples

    • 7. Purpose - Reflect HELP

    • 8. Purpose - 2. Legacy

    • 9. Purpose - Legacy Examples

    • 10. Purpose - 3. Idols

    • 11. Purpose - Idols Examples

    • 12. Purpose - Idols HELP

    • 13. Purpose - 4. Problems

    • 14. Purpose - Problem Examples

    • 15. Purpose - 5. Future

    • 16. Purpose - Future Examples

    • 17. Purpose - 6. Today

    • 18. Purpose - Today Examples

    • 19. Purpose - Create your FINAL PURPOSE

    • 20. Purpose - Final Purpose Examples

    • 21. Purpose - HELP - Questions to Ignore

    • 22. Purpose - HELP - Clear your Mind

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About This Class


  • Find your Purpose
  • Create your Final Purpose


  • 6 Ways to Find your Purpose
  • Step by step instructions
  • Real-Life examples
  • Worksheets with Fill-able Forms and Questions
  • Help sections if you get stuck






Meet Your Teacher

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Jesse Redheart

Viking From The North


Created social media marketing campaigns for pop- and rap stars, celebrities and public figures. Campaigns included Music videos, websites, advertisement, online sales and partnerships. Clients: JBL, Go-pro, Soulja Boy, Tyga, Justin Bieber, Nash Grier and Capitol Records... Planned and organized international gaming events. Partners included Acer, Ford, Futuremark and Nintendo... See full profile

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1. Trailer: you. You want to know why? Take this course, Why Learn your purpose. Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. It's really important that you go on your own journey and you don't follow someone else on their journey. You make a difference. One person can make a difference and everyone should try. You will wake up happy when you know your purpose and you have a mission. You're motivated. Make money. If you're good at something, never do it for free. And finally start doing what you love. The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing so. Go through this course and start doing what you love. Okay, Great. But why take this specific course? We got six ways to find your purpose. If one doesn't work for you, that's fine. We got five others. We give you step by step instructions for real life examples. So these four different types of people answer all these questions. Every section of this course comes with a worksheet help sections. So if you get stuck, check these out. Thank you for listening. If you have any questions, please let me know. 2. Intro - Why Find Purpose: Why find purpose? What is this all about? Let's take a few steps back and start from the beginning. No, I really mean the beginning. Like, what is the meaning of life? And after the survival of our genes and stuff like that? Sure, people say it's happiness or pleasure, or we're just gonna call it fulfillment here. So what? I mean by fulfillment? Well, it's the pleasure hormones in our brains. It's the reward that the pleasure hormones give us. But we can't just have pleasure all the time. Our brains don't work that way. We have to do some effort in order to get a reward. An example of this could be we can't just land couch and have that good feeling. We have to do exercise first. And then he feels great to jump on the couch and watch TV. Otherwise, you don't get that reward. And I don't mean an artificial reward, like getting a massage. I mean the reward that happens in our brains because the hormone, the chemical in our brains, gives us that feeling, that good feeling. I know what you're gonna say. You can cheat this with drugs and out of the types of things. Sure, but you're gonna fuck up. The whole system is you've do toe, so okay, fulfillment is effort plus reward. Sure, but what is effort? What do we have to do? Why? Why does it work like this? Our brains rewarded us for trying to gather resource ease. So every time we tried to get water, food, shelter or sex are brands were like, Yes, great. You're doing something good, otherwise you'll die. So that's why our brains rewarded that behavior. So effort used to be gathering. Resource is that's why, for example, you feel great after you go for a run because your body thinks you were trying to catch an animal you were trying to hunt and it rewards you for that behavior. But we don't have to gather resource is anymore. I mean, sure, we still have to have water, food, shelter and sex and our bodies reward us from those behaviors. But we've got to methods of doing this. We can take them the old fashioned way, just going to nature, killing animals, taking food, finding water, building our own shelter and taking sex by force. But there's another way, which is probably a preferable way in this society, which is to trade it for something. Somebody prepares food for you, and you trade something that's valuable to them, and they'll give you the food. Welcome to the trade system. This is what our society is based on. But what do you trade? What do you trade? Well, now we're getting to the point. If you were wondering, when are we going to get to the point y find purpose and what you trade is your purpose, cause you can choose what valuable things you're going to trade for. Water, food, shelter and sex and all the other resource is you want, like cars and ipads, but you get to choose something you're going to trade. It has to be something valuable that people are ready to pay for or trade something for. That's your purpose. That's your work. That's your reason. So what are you going to trade and why that thing? If you figure that out, you got your purpose and your mission. So let's just recap really fast. Why find purpose? The meaning of life is happiness or fulfillment or pleasure, which equals effort plus reboard, the pleasurable hormonal reward in our brain are brain rewards us for trying to gather resource ease, which are water, food, shelter and sex. And we can take those items by force or going into the nature and getting them. But we can also trade them. So what do you trade and why are you trading that specific item? That is your mission. That is your purpose. People ask me, Do you need to find purpose to be happy, to be fulfilled? The short answer is no. Any idiot can be happy. You just need to do some effort to get the reward. You can run around in your apartment and then sit on your couch. Wow, that's happiness right there. But if you want something more out of life, then sure having a purpose. Emission goals. Great. You're going towards something. You're actually doing something bigger, cause why not 3. Intro - 4 Real-life Examples: Let's move on. So here are the four really examples from real people, so the names have been changed. But the people are really so Bob is a carpenter. Then we've got Mary, who is an artist, Jonah's programmer, and Lucas, who is a teacher. These people are different ages, different genders there from types of people. Seeing how these people answer most of these questions could be really helpful for people. Whoever you identify the most or least could be helpful. 4. Purpose Intro - 6 Ways to Find your Purpose: purpose. So there are six ways we've included for figuring out your purpose. These ways are reflect. Legacy idols, problems, future. And today, not everyone identifies with all of these six. But if you do two or three really, while you figure out your purpose, even one of these is enough to figure out your purpose. People usually identify different people, identify with different ways of figuring these out. Some people are more future oriented. Some people are more problem or anti, or today living in this moment oriented. They think more about others, their idols or their legacy, their family. Just go through these. You can skip around as you like. Let's get started. 5. Purpose - 1. Reflect: how to do this exercise. Okay, first of all, your 80 years old during an old folks home, you wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and you sit next to a window and you look outside. It's a beautiful day and you start thinking about your life. What have I done? Answer these questions. What are the things I'm proud off? What are things in my life that I'm really proud off some things that I wouldn't change with other highlights off my life? Sometimes it's hard to see the highlights right now, but when you think back some of the hardest things you do might end up being your highlights and finally water the things I wish I did. Okay, so why are we doing this exercise? How does this help you? It's hard to say what. Things are important right now. If you're young, it's a lot easier when you're old and you think about your life give so much perspective. The next thing is high insight, which is usually not that useful being captain hindsight saying something that already happened, that you should have prevented it, but in this case it does. It's just a thought exercise where you think you're old, you still have time to affect these things. You still have time to fix them, and that's why it's so important. 6. Purpose - Reflect Examples: reflect examples. Bob here is proud of his work, his journey and his family, and he's highlights in his life are visiting his clients all around the world. He definitely wants to travel, and he needs a reason to travel. So he's going to visit all of his clients around the world. And Bob wishes he quit his day job earlier and started pursuing his goals sooner. Mary, on the other hand, is proud of contributing, empowering and inspiring. Her highlights are making her family proud, which is a really noble goal. And she wishes she believed in herself more. John is proud of inventing and advancing humanity. He's highlights are his product and all the people he met along the way, and he wished he talked to his family more. And there's a great thing about this. John still has time to talk to his family. It's not like he is actually 80. We can still correct our mistakes. Lucas is proud of helping people and sharing his knowledge. He's highlights are experiences and making a difference a little bit vague here, but then again, you don't know, and he wishes he was less critical of himself to keep in mind is some of these people are really specific about things or they already know they have more of an idea what they're going to do in their lives or what they're already doing. Some of these people don't know yet, so they're kind of searching. It just shows that even if you have some vague answers, you can still figure out your purpose. 7. Purpose - Reflect HELP: Okay, Some help in this reflecting thes are the top five regrets off the Dying. This is a great exercise for hindsight. It's a great inside in people's minds. 1st 1 is I wish I had the courage to live the life true to myself, not the life, others exp specked it off me. So I wish I did the things I wanted to do, not the things other people wanted from me. And also, that's why it's super important to have a purpose to have a mission in your life. It means that you're going to do what you want to do. You have the courage to live a life true to yourself if you don't have a purpose. If you don't have a mission, people were going to take your time, and they're going to expect some other things about you that you don't want next. I wish I hadn't worked so hard. Most of this generation will answer. These questions didn't work in their passion jobs. They definitely separated their hobbies with their work, and they mostly worked in the corporate environments that they didn't quite feel that passion about. So that's why this one I wish I hadn't worked so hard. What they mean by this. How I interpret this is I wish I hadn't worked on something I didn't like so hard. I missed other things. I wish I would have worked on something that was passion. That was something I really wanted to do next. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings. As at the moment, it feels really hard to express your feelings. It feels embarrassing sometimes, but again, if you have some perspective, it's better to do that. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. This was a big one, too, and it's great to build your life where you include your friends. So don't isolate yourself This world that we live in now, even though we have all this communication, technology and everything, Social media were still isolated. People sit alone in their apartments. It's crazy. We even have robots to keep you company now when you could just go out and talk to people. It's funny how sometimes you hang out with friends and they're on their phones while you're talking to them. Just building those meaningful relationships is really important and finally I wish that I let myself be happier understanding that happiness actually comes from inside. It doesn't come from any external things that you do or someone dust to you or how many things you have. It's about how you feel from inside about your own thoughts and your feelings, so you can just let yourself be happier right now. You don't have to fulfill this fantasy or goal our mission to be happy. You can be happy right now. There was some wisdom from old people really important. Hope it helps. 8. Purpose - 2. Legacy: So how do you think about your legacy? Here's an exercise five years from now your dad, but as a ghost you go and you float to your own funeral and you see your family and your co workers sitting there and talking about you. Think about these questions. What are people saying about me when they think about my life? When they think about me as a person? What are people saying about me? And what do I want people to say? What I want people to say about me after I'm gone, You might think it doesn't really matter cause I'm already dead. That's and that's true. But at this moment when you're still alive, it's good to think about this. That's why it's a good exercise. So think about these two questions from your family members, coworkers, friends, fans, friend, um, people and think about what they're saying and what I want them to say about me. Why are we doing this specific exercise? Objectivity. It is really important to look at your life, and it's so much easier to see yourself and see those other people talking about you. It gives you perspective. It gives you object activity to your own life. Sometimes it's hard to see what you're doing from other people's perspective. Also social awareness. We are social animals and we need acceptance from other people. It's really important to us how other people perceive us, how people see us, what people feel about us. 9. Purpose - Legacy Examples: at his funeral bulb things. People are going to say that he was dedicated to his work, but still very supportive off his family. And what he wants them to say is pretty much the same. He wants them to say that he was a good husband, father and a good man. Noble goals. Mary is expecting people to say that she always cared for other people, and what she wants people to know is that even though they miss her after she's dead, she wants her family to be okay. She wants her friends to be okay. That proves even more that she cares about others. What people say about John is he always walked his own path. He forged his own path in life. It seems like people didn't know him that well. He expects people not to know him that well on what he wants people to say is that he made an impact on them or the world, just to know that his life meant something to the world and to his friends and his family. Lucas expects people to say behaviors focused, understanding, but also fun, exciting and a happy person, and he wants people to say that he's helped make a difference in the lives off his students . Lucas imagined his top students coming up to the podium and actually saying something, how he affected their lives, how their lives are better because of him. 10. Purpose - 3. Idols: your idols. All right. So how do you do this? First of all, you think about all the people you idolize, the people you follow on social media, the people you look up to and then make a list. List their names at least no. 3 to 5 to 10 people. And then think about these questions. What have these people done? Just list under the names of those people. What have they done? And then compared those things? What do they have in common? What do these people have in common? It could be personality trade. It could be something. They've achieved their ethics, their morals. Well, I think about your idols. We usually idolize the people that have the values that we want, the qualities that we really love. That's why we idolize these people and just seeing which qualities your idols have. You can determine which qualities you would love to have. And it's a great exercise because you don't have to think about yourself. You can think about other people. One great thing about this one is if somebody has already done what you want to do, you know that it's possible. You know that somebody has done it. So you can just follow on their footsteps and then pass them after if you want to, and you should. 11. Purpose - Idols Examples: Bob's idols are Norm Abram, Bob Dylan and Jesus. So two carpenters and one visitation. They've done carpeting, craftsmanship, art and miracles. And what they have in common is their all great men doing great things. Mary's idols are Tracy AM in Lady Gaga and Hyo Meal sake. Their work includes art, film and promoting feminism. And what brings these artists together is that they're socially conscious. Jones idols Are you Own Mosque? Steve Jobs and Larry Page. All these people are in tech. They're doing something new there, innovating, inventing what they have in common is their dreamers, visionaries and innovators and Lucas. These idols are Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Brian Tracy. These people have done teaching, motivating and learning. They've also done public speaking seminars and books. What they have in common is their all role models, entrepreneurs and teachers. They want to learn and teach it to others. 12. Purpose - Idols HELP: it sometimes helps to see the process and not the final product that's neatly categorized. Here. You can see an actual person riding on her notebook on these people and how she put everything together. She wrote all these qualities underneath the artists and then kind of matched these different things. And also I like what she wrote underneath idols in parentheses or just people you really like or who would emulate if your stock I really like that one because the word idolized feels like you're putting them on a pedestal. But sometimes you just have to think about people that you really like or would like to emulate would like to be like them. So here's a really down to earth example off what it is to actually do this. The process of making this 13. Purpose - 4. Problems: how to figure out the problems, right? So this is where we're going to do. We're gonna think about the world. Think about your life, think about the world as a whole and the problems it has. Because there are so many problems in this world, there's so many things to fix. So these questions, what problems do you face in your own life in your everyday life? What are the hardest things you do? What are the problems you face? One of the things you get frustrated with in this world. And what would you change in this world if you could? If you have the possibility to change a few global things in this world, what would they be? How could you make the world a better place? Think about a few different ways and how they would affect the world. What would you do and how would they make this world better? Also, what problem in the world makes you angry or sad? This question is great because the feeling off, angry or sad when you get angry when you read an article or or the news and something just strikes you, something makes you angry or sad or depressed and that might be a problem you want to solve . So why do you think about global problems? Why do you care? Why should you care? First of all, it makes you feel great that you're working on something so noble. And second of all, it's always good to have an impact in this world. Just a feeling that you're doing something great, your actually affecting the world. You're making it better. You're not just running around like crazy like a little. And in ads nest, you're actually doing something impactful. Examples of global problems of today. I couldn't fit all the global problems in this list, but here are the most pressing ones that I could find. There's poverty, hunger and water crisis. I put this all together. They're actually three different ones. That's basically just the lack of food and resource is for people. The refugee crisis huge in Europe right now, also relevant in the US Millions of people commuting, escaping from their home countries, climate change. This thing has been going on for a while, and only now we're starting to do something about it. Data security, the more technology we have, the more data security we need. There's gun violence, domestic violence, gang violence, all kinds of violence. Pollution bigger the city, the more polluted it is. This problem is common in Asia, but also the biggest cities in the US have this problem. Just look at the smog in L. A. Or smell the streets in New York, ocean acidification, animal abuse, drug abuse, infectious diseases, war and terrorism, high unemployment, nuclear weapons, sex trafficking, mental health care, corruption. And the list goes on, Just pick the one that bothers you the most. 14. Purpose - Problem Examples: Bob's own problems, the lack of time and all kinds of distractions. In this modern world, distractions are everywhere. What makes Bob angry or sad? All of these 10 year old kids making these plastic things in a factory and the whole plastic industry by itself. They're making poisonous, cheap mass productions off these plastic solis products and delivering them all over the world so everybody can have the same cheap plastic products child labor, all these kids, 10 year old kids working in factories in such bad places in a really bad environment. What bobo changing the world is just quality off products. Also, the values of the company's making these just to up the quality of the products and have professionals make them so they can make unique, high quality products, not these low quality, plastic poisonous products that they put out. Now Mary feels that her own problems are the lack of creativity and motivation. It seems like she's confused and unmotivated, which for the new generation millennials is so common. We're told that weaken do or be anything But how do we pick if we can be anything? Why would we pick one thing and we also have all this instant gratification everywhere. We got this technology, and there's nothing to motivate us. And creativity comes from limited. Resource is what makes Mary angry or sad is oppression, inequality and unfairness in this world. What she would change is she would like to help other women feel great, and it seems like what she's saying is she wants to feel great first herself and then help other women feel great to. At the moment, John's problems are his health, thinking about his future and a greater purpose. He doesn't know what to do. Specifically, he wants his life to have a purpose, but he doesn't know what yet. It can be kind of a confusing time in your life. We all feel like that. Sometimes what makes John angry is not using all of our potential. There's so many things we can do, and people just sit and watch TV. There's so much unused potential in this world. What John would do is he would use technology to help us advance and probably get more potential out of everyone. Lucas's problems seem to be the lack of a mentor, someone who could tell him what to do how to get to the next level and also all the bad information out there, all the information that doesn't work for you. You open the Internets and there's so much crap. What makes Lucas angry is kids that don't have a chance in life. They're not given a chance, a fighting chance to do something good and he would change the whole education system. I assume this is the education system in America. Lucas. I suggest you watch that Michael Moore documentary about education, where he goes to Europe in different countries and picks the best things from their educational system and then brings them to America. You could check out those things and see how you can implement them in America. 15. Purpose - 5. Future: how to figure out your future purpose. Okay, Imagine the future. Let's say five years from now then you should start creating it. So think about these questions about the future. What do you wish existed right now? But it doesn't yet. But what do you wish existed right now? They think about what do you see humans doing in 10 years? Will we be living the same way as now? What are the advanced sees what other things we're doing, How we're doing things better. What science fiction technology would you like to see in real life? And this is really great for a lot of nerds out there like me. You can think about your favorite movies or comics or books and imagine all that in real life. Like, what would you want from all of these movies? All this cool technology. What would you like to see? What would you like to build? Why is this important? Why is it important to think about the future? That will probably never happen. Okay, First of all, it's great to have vision. We need people on Earth to have a vision, someone who can lead people to a better future, and I hope you're gonna be one of those people. If your future oriented person like Outstayed Steve Jobs, you imagine something that doesn't exist and you bring it to life. It's great you have the chance to advance humanity. Second of all, it's really inspirational. People want to follow you. You become a leader. People who have a vision are inspiring to others. Examples of future technology. I listed a couple of things here that will change in the future or hopeful that will become the future. You can check more by googling the future timeline and checking out so many things that could happen in the future. What I have here is education, reimagined space travel. At some point, we want to get out of this planet and onto other planets. If we want our race to survive better transportation, people want to move around and they need a better way to do it. Artificial intelligence. Our intelligence is limited. If we want to advance, we need machines to do a lot of work for us. Virtual reality or mixed reality. There are so many cool applications for this games education, rehabilitation, virtual travel, robots and drones At the moment, we have so many jobs that could be done by robots that shouldn't be done by humans. Think about a cashier, for example. You slide the bar code in some item, you get the price and you give them their change back. That's not a job for humans that could be done by robots. The same thing with drivers, taxi drivers or truck drivers and so many other jobs. People want creative jobs, problem solving jobs, not the kind of jobs that could be done by a robot. Clean energy sources. We're transferring from fossil fuels to something else, but we're not sure what yet. And it's up to you to figure out what we need. Genetically engineered people. If we can fix some problems before we're born, that could help us a lot. New materials for clothes or curtains or our house sees for anything a new type of glass or a new type of break that's maybe cheaper or better or more efficient or organic. Or it has intelligence, all types of nano technology, for example, something that we ingest and it's in our bodies and it measures something Singularity. This is when we become one with the machines. I would love to have a special hard drive where I would have memories and skills. I just plug it to my brain like an extension for my brain. That would be great. 16. Purpose - Future Examples: Bob wishes he had better tools for his trade. Some specific tools for Carpenter's that they don't make any thinks that in 10 years people will prefer handcrafted work. Unique, high quality, handcrafted work, not the kind of mass produced plastic people prefer now. But Bob loves about science fiction. Technology is that they have these new crazy types of designs, but they're also functional, and they have technology embedded in them. So is the merge between the design and technology Mary Re. She's There was a better way to connect and to empathize with people. Sometimes social media feels so distant, and we need a better way off actually empathizing and communicating with people so that we actually feel close to them. Mary things that in 10 years the world will be equal with equal opportunities for everyone , and it's already going to that direction. Now. What SciFi technology Mary would like is surrogates and avatars that we could plug into so we could stay at home and send this surrogate, this avatar into the world that would promote an equal world with equal opportunities because you could make your avatar look anything you like. People wouldn't know your race or your gender or anything else about you. They will just see your avatar. John wishes there would be a brain hard drive. Oh, great. This is exactly what I said to. Also, he wants the artificial intelligence to be a lot better than it is now and all other types of robots to in 10 years. He thinks that we could actually live in virtual reality. Some people in Western countries could just stay home and live in this virtual reality. Also, in 10 years they'll be faster travel and better artificial intelligence, science fiction technology. He loves spaceships, light sabers, everything from the Matrix and Jarvis from Iron Man. Lucas wishes there was a better, faster way to learn. That's pretty much the technology from The Matrix. You just plug something in your brain and you learn a new skill. Now that would be great. Lucas things in 10 years that there will be a better education system for kids, while I really hope so to Lucas and a sly fi tech that he loves the ability to transfer knowledge to others. So you would kind of blah gin and transfer knowledge, or even through WiFi 17. Purpose - 6. Today: Okay, let's think about today and actually starting your journey now. So what can you do today? Just think about these things. What would you work on today? If all your expenses were paid for? You wouldn't be a millionaire. You wouldn't be crazy, rich. Or you couldn't just sit on your couch and watch TV. No. You would have to work on something. All your expenses would be paid for that work. So all the material you need, all the finances that you need for this project would be done also. What project or company would you start today if it would be automatically funded? So this one is a great for entrepreneurs and self starters. People who want to start something new. But they're kind of afraid because they don't know if it's a good idea. They don't know if it's gonna succeed. So what would you start today? What would you start working on today? What company would you start if it would automatically get funded? You would get all the money, but just for the company needs these two questions air. Great. Because one of them is for trade and for workers and the other one is for entrepreneurs and self starters. So whichever one applies to you the most, choose that one. So why today? Why do we think about today? Well, first of all, it brings you back to reality. Most of these ways to figure out your purpose is being in the future or in a crazy situation or your dad or your old. But this one starts now. It brings you back to this reality. What to do right now, Sick interval you're happen is your day. Today happiness comes from what do you work on every day? Do you actually enjoy what you do on a daily basis? And that's really important. If you always have a goal somewhere far away in the future and you sacrifice your day to day happiness, that's not a nice life to live. 18. Purpose - Today Examples: if Bob could work on anything right now, with all expenses paid, he would work on a Victorian mansion, all handcrafted, handmade. And if he would have a company or project, he would hire the best carpenters toe work on all types of unique projects. Mary would work on a full length animated film, and she would do the same thing if she had a project or a company. Also, she would hire the best voice, actors and voice actresses to do her film. John would work on some software or new idea he has. He's not really sure at this point, and a project he would start is maybe on Artificial Intelligence Project. But it seems like he has to do the research first, to see where he's going to see what the start Lucas would work on. Educating kids every day, and a project that he would start would be to open a new type of school, a new way of learning in a school 19. Purpose - Create your FINAL PURPOSE: finally the final purpose. Now you probably got different answers from different purposes, and you're kind of confused. How dry All make this into one purpose. I have four. I have to or I D NASA rolled these questions. I don't know. So this section is to bring everything together just to make that one final purpose. Let's see if we can figure that out. How to do this? Well, first way is to find a common theme behind your answers. So let's taken example. If you want to design artificial intelligence, build a spaceship or make a new iPhone app, those things have something in common, right? So think about what do these have in common? One of the things is to advance humanity. They're all future oriented technologies. So that is one way to figure things out. The next way is to ask why, until you find fulfillment. First of all, let's say you want to design artificial intelligence, right? You ask why? Why would I want to do that? Well, to advance humanity, for example. But why would you want to advance humanity? Well, you know, it all comes down to, so I feel like I made a difference in this world, and that feeling is your fulfillment. You feel fulfilled on an everyday basis. If you feel like you made a difference in this world, steak one step back from fulfillment and you will find purpose. Purpose will bring you to fulfillment, so that's the second way to figure it out. It's good to give you a little leeway to figure things out later. It's just the reason why you do things. It's not a specific mission. It's not your quest. It's just why the reason behind everything. And if you figure out a good reason to do things, it just gives you that motivation. It should make you feel like you're doing something good like you're affecting something like you have an impact. Your purpose doesn't have to be unique. Later on will go through your mission and mission statement. Those will be unique to you, but your purpose can be universal, so don't be discouraged. If somebody else has the same purpose, you will get to that purpose in a completely different way, and we'll get to that 20. Purpose - Final Purpose Examples: final purpose examples. Bob would revitalize appreciation for traditional handcrafted work. Pretty specific. Great. I like it and it seems like that's gonna take a while. Mary's final purpose is to empower women, and John wants to advance human life. So probably do something new. Help the whole race. And Lucas wants to help underprivileged Children. Kids that right now don't have anywhere to go. Lucas will try to help those kids. Some of these are specific. Some of them are a bit vague. If you want to know more about that, check the section about personal versus company mission statements. Again, All of these are good. It's just the reason behind you do things if it makes you motivated. If you really feel for your purpose great, it's a good purpose for you. 21. Purpose - HELP - Questions to Ignore: So here's some help in figuring out your final purpose. First of all, there are a few questions you gotta ignore like this. Can I make money doing this? A lot of people ask this. Do I have to think about this when I think about my purpose, like, how do I make money at the moment? Just ignore this question. Your purpose isn't about making money. It's about fulfillment in your life. What if I never get there? Also, this is just the reason behind waking up the reason behind you. When you do things, it's not a goal. You don't have to get there. Then why can't I just live day by day? It all sounds great. You can just do whatever you want every day. But there's no direction and direction and focus and purpose and just the reason why you do things. It brings you happiness, and that's what it's all about to find happiness when you have that focus and that energy, the question why, why you do things? It's the only reason that gets you up from bed in the morning. I don't know where to start again. We'll get to this later so you don't have to think about that yet. 22. Purpose - HELP - Clear your Mind: clear your mind of these things. Let's go through a few things that people usually struggle. Judgment. What if people don't like my purpose? What if I'm doing this exercise all wrong? My answers are weird. Don't worry about that. Just answer them as you'd like, and take some time on your own to do this exercise. You don't need other people for this. Just take that space so you don't feel judged. Second of all failure. I'm not good enough for I'm not like Steve Jobs or some other one that's really focused. Motivated? I'm not a person who has a purpose, but you don't have to think about that right now. This is not about how good you are. This is just about the why modesty. This come from a lot of nice people there to say I don't need macho. I'm comfortable right here. But again, you have to think about yourself a bit. You have to put that oxygen mask on yourself before you can start putting it on other people and also understanding the abundance mentality you're not taking away from other people. If you're getting something yourself, you don't have to feel bad next is pretty much the same thing. People give away too much without expecting something. And what we're trying to find here is when. When situations this is loose, when it's OK, you can have it. I will sacrifice myself. Other people need it more. You're sacrificing your own life for other people. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can just find win win situations were It's beneficial for both time. Get this from older people a lot and people that have families or people that already have a career and they say I don't have enough time or you know it's too late for me. It's too late to start now, but it's never too late. If you start today, that's perfect in decision. These one actually come from a lot of young people. This is a super common one with young people. They want to do so much. We want to do so much. I'm a part of this group. Maybe I'll do all of it. Can I pick multiple things? I can't really choose what to do, right? How can you pick one thing? So, first of all, just to understand that you can do multiple things, but you can't do them simultaneously. You can do them back to back. So let's say you first pick one. Don't worry about it. Just pick one because you can always change it and modify it later. You have time. You have so much time in your life to do these things. But you have to do them in order. You can't try to do everything at the same time. You can do anything but not everything, right? It's kind of like that story about the mule who is standing between the bucket of hay and a bucket of water. And he couldn't decide because he wanted them both at the same time and he starved to death . If you just know that you can go to the water, drink the water and then go to the hay bucket and eat the hay, it's fine. You conduce both. Don't worry about it. Okay, here's a little and help on your purpose. It is from James all toucher. Forget purpose. It's okay to be happy without one. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives. Don't take things so seriously, people. It seemed like people sacrificed their lives for their purpose. You don't have to be mother to to re Zeier. You don't have to be Ghani. You can still live a normal happy life. Purpose is chest the reason why you do things. It's just to give you a little more edge, a little more focus on your life. You don't have to get crazy about it. Just jail brow.