Find your Behavioural Type to Understand Yourself and Others Better (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) | Robin Hills | Skillshare

Find your Behavioural Type to Understand Yourself and Others Better (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Robin Hills, Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Understanding behavioural preferences and behavioural type

    • Behavioural Preferences Objectives

    • Behavioural Preferences

    • Extraverson and Introversion

    • Sensing and Intuition

    • Thinking and Feeling

    • Judging and Perceiving

    • Working with Type

    • Behavioural Preferences Review


About This Class

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This class is based on the work of Carl Jung that was modifed by Isabel Myers anmd Katharine Briggs.  It covers the basic principles of the commericially available tool known as Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Understand more about behavioural preferences and your behvaioural type.

Learn about four different preferences - the strengths and the limitations of each preference and the best ways of working with each preference. 

The course helps you to

  • Understand four different behavioural preferences - where you get your energy, how you take in information and process it, and how you deal with the world

  • Explore your behavioural type so that you have a better understanding of your strengths and limitations when working with others on a one-to-one basis and in teams.





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Robin Hills

Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator

Hi. I'm Robin Hills. It is my intention to offer the best and highest quality courses on emotional intelligence available through SkillShare and across the internet. Teaching emotional intelligence skills is a challenge at the best of times. I am not teaching any other types of class as I am a specialist in emotional intelligence and it is the focus of my business.

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