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Find the Job You Want through the Hidden Job Market

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is the Hidden Job Market

    • 3. The Visible Job Market

    • 4. Why use the hidden job market

    • 5. How to access the Hidden Job Market

    • 6. Move on to Tier Two

    • 7. Find & Talk to Someone with Influence

    • 8. Talk to the Decision Maker

    • 9. Use Social Media to your advantage

    • 10. Tips for Effective Networking

    • 11. Stories of Success with the Hidden Job Market

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About This Class


Did you know that the vast majority of jobs are NOT advertised? So if all you are doing is going after advertised jobs, you are missing out on all the best jobs. This course takes you step by step through the process of finding and getting unadvertised jobs. It's a skill once learned will last your entire life. Full of insights, suggestions and simple to follow directions, this course can take you to the wonderful place of hearing the words "You're Hired!"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm feeling Makhaya on. Welcome to find the job you want through the hidden job market. Do you know what the hidden job market is? Do you know how to access it effectively? Do you really understand it? Because that's what this course is all about. I've been a career counselor and career coach for over 20 years, and during that time I've helped. Mullet must be hundreds because I did workshops, hundreds and hundreds of clients to find the jobs that they wanted by using the hidden job market. Now, just a quick, ah quick noted case, you don't know what the hidden job market is. It's the jobs that aren't advertised on. Approximately. Some estimates make it as high as 80% of jobs, our farm for the hidden job market. So if you take that the other way, According to some statistics on Lee, 20% of jobs that are are given that are hired for are found through advertised jobs. So if all you're doing is looking online or l in the newspaper anywhere else for advertised jobs, you could be missing out on us. Muchas 82% of job opportunities on. Besides that, the Unadvertised ones are often better jobs because often employers only advertised once they've exhausted all other sources. If they can't find people through not advertising, they've angle and average eyes. So by looking at the hidden job market, the jobs are not advertised. You confined better quality jobs, jobs that you would much rather have etcetera on. Besides that, in the process of doing that, as you'll find out from the course, you're setting up contacts and relationships that if it a later date, you find yourself job searching again. You already have a lot of contacts. A lot of people you know who can help you find the next job. So please join me on the journey to find a job you want through the hidden job market. 2. What is the Hidden Job Market: lesson number one. What is the his and job markets? So what isn't The hidden Czar market consists of all the available jobs that are not advertised? Why did job secretly to know about it? Jobseekers need to know about it on how to use it because it comprises of up to 82% off available jobs. Yes, you heard that right. Up to 80% off available jobs are not advertised and therefore are part off a hidden job market. That's a huge percentage. Some of that 82% are eventually advertised because the employer is legally bone to do so, and that's often government jobs and things like that. But in actual fact, the jobs are already filled. The new person is already chosen before the ad ever runs, so you have 0% chance of getting these jobs if you apply after you've seen the at. So really, they're part of the hidden job market as well, because you have to know about him before the ad is run. So the hidden job market is all jobs obtained by people who did not respond to an external posting coming up next lesson to visible job markets 3. The Visible Job Market: Lesson two. The visible job market. The visible job market is what most people think about when they think about looking for a job. The ads in the employment section off the newspaper signs you see in a shop window or in a notice board the job. Postings on the huge online job sites such as Work Populace Monster indeed, exacta advertised positions you're told about by people you know jobs you find advertised on company websites, club or association websites or anywhere else you find a job at. And just because you're exploring the hidden job market doesn't mean you should need collective visible job market. Do both, and you should be during both. So look for advertised jobs everywhere you can think off on. Apply for any seem appropriate to you, but do it at the same time as you work at a hidden job market. Job search is a full time job coming up Next lesson. Three. Why use hidden job markets 4. Why use the hidden job market: Lesson three. Why use the hidden job market? Why bother with the hidden job markets? A tall on all the time and effort it takes when you could just be firing off resumes by email? Well, apart from the simple fact that it works on as mentioned is responsible for the huge majority of jobs being filled. It also is better because the quality of jobs is generally better. Here's the general employer scenario. They have a job they need to fill. They look within their own company to see if there's anyone they know. That would be a good fit. If not, they ask other people in the company if there's anyone they would recommend from within the company. If not, they asked anyone they know well, either within the company or elsewhere if they know of anyone. So if any of thes investigations results in a good candidate, the job is filled but never advertised. If the employers have used a temp agency in the past, they mail. They may well use that again for a while, and if they like who they get US attempt, they may arrange with the agency to take that person on us a permanent employees, the employers be next advertised within closed organizations are associations for people within their own industry. This is an advertisement, but it's not open to the public. It generates word of mouth from whiter field. Within the employer's industry, it's still nothing transpires on. No good job applicant results. The employers be finally resort to general advertising, but notice that it is a last resort. So only the jobs that are advertised are those that the employer couldn't fill in. Other ways so many people have had a chance of the job before is finally advertised. So is pretty safe to say that many of the best jobs air filled without any advertising at all, so the ones that are left and advertised are the ones that either are harder to fill or less desirable. So it makes sense that if you want a good job, one which hasn't be rejected by several other people that you get busy using the hidden job markets and find jobs at the beginning when the employer is starting to look around for good candidates. There are, of course exceptions to every rule, but in general that's how it goes so if you're thinking is too much trouble to work the hidden job market, weigh that against the chance of getting a good job that you really love. A few weeks, our months of slog for perhaps years off happy employment. It's worth it coming up. Next lesson for how to access the hidden job market. 5. How to access the Hidden Job Market: Lesson four. How to access the hidden job markets To access the hidden job market, you have to start by deciding what job you want to go after. You can't easily use the hidden job market to go after different jobs at the same time as when you speak to people. You need to give a clear our Klein off what you do on what you're seeking. Otherwise, they don't know whom to refer you, so get clear in your mind which job you're looking for. First, if there's more than one type of work you're considering, choose your favorite and goal after that on all the After you've exhausted all leads to that. Do you try for your next favorite via a hidden job market? Here's a rundown of how it all works. Then we'll go into how to actually do each step to get you the job you want. Talk to your first year people what? You'll see more information on who these exactly are very shortly. So talk to your first year people and tell them that you are looking to speak with people who are involved in whatever your chosen type of work is. You're not looking for human resources people. You're not asking for advertised or even Unadvertised jobs. At this point, you are looking to speak to people who are in some way connected with the job type of work . Are even the industry in which you want to work on that is all that you doing for now? Think of all the people you could talk to about your goal. The first year is anyone you already know. Friends, family, neighbours, anyone in your contacts lists. People you've previously worked beside are people for whom you have previously worked. People you met in school had college or any course you took teachers, professors, instructors, your doctor, your dentist, yoga teacher, anyone you know professionally. The first year also includes people you don't know yet but who are in a position that makes it easy for you to talk to them. For example, talk to speakers at meetings you attend Anyone who you met through your past or oppressive work, especially those who meet a lot of people. For example, sales from suppliers, customers. Another possibility for first year connections are people you don't know well, but her in a position where is easy for you to have the opportunity to talk with, um, for example, your bus driver or your mailman. Anyone you see often but don't really know. Well, remember, you're not asking these people for a job or even if they know off a job, Don't ask me if they know over job they may say no. So just don't ask that question. You're asking them if they know someone who someone who is either in the type of job you want or in a company you want are in an industry you want. You're just asking them if somebody, if they know somebody who and your bus driver, our mailman is justice likely to know someone in the job you want are working in the field you want, or for the company you want, as is anyone else, they're valuable connections coming up. Next lesson five. Move on to Tier two 6. Move on to Tier Two: less than five. Move on to Tier two. Your first your contacts put you in touch with seconds here. Contexts. Here's who they are and what to say to them. Second, here are people you don't know personally but who with whom. You can find some linked to whether that's a person who knows you both and can perform the introduction off. Whether there is some activity that connects you. For example, AH, local organization, which you both attend, or a top our association of which you, both members, are a soccer team you both play on or have kids play on. Also in Tier two, our writers are contributors for any publication related to the job that you would like to have trade journals, For example, use paper journalists who write about employment career or about the industry. You want to work in anyone you could connect with, who is doing the job you want in another company, or even in another industry or in a different area of the country that you haven't met. But you can find a way to communicate with them. These could all be great connections because they probably know lots of people in the type of work you want. Now you've got them. Here is what to do with your second tier context. Go speak to the people to whom to your one referred to and ask them about the job. The company, the industry, which ever appears to be their specialty. On the last question never to be for gotten is to ask them. Who else would you suggest I speak to about this is very important that you do this. This is the most important question. Who else do you suggest I speak to about this and write down the name and contact him for off who ever is suggested? You don't have to ask their permission to use their name because you're not going to tell the next person that this person recommended you. You're just going to say that this parson gave you their name, which is true. So you don't need permission? Don't ask. In case the answer is no. Keep on doing this until you have the name off someone about two levels higher than the job you expect to get in a company you would like to work for. But don't just do it once you aren't lots of companies to talk to, because you may have to talk to several before you find a job that is the second here, talking to people to whom you have. Bean referred finding out more about their company or industry or job and collecting more contacts from them coming up. Next, lefts and six find and talk to someone with influence. 7. Find & Talk to Someone with Influence: Lesson six. Find and talk to someone with influence. This is 1/3 tier to find and talk to someone with influence. Once you have the name and contact information of someone who is either a department manager or about two levels higher than the job you expect to get Make an appointment to see this person, preferably in person, not on the phone or by email. But that's better than nothing. Thes people not being human resources generally don't have gatekeepers, so you can usually get in the door to see them without too much trouble. You're don't asking this person for a job, because the chances are they're not in a position to hire you anyway. But they do have influence. Have you researched already done so you can ask intelligent questions about the company and take the opportunity to tell them about your skills, experience and special talents or awards that you have and ask if they think you would be a fits in this company or department. Also, take your rest of me along to this meeting, but don't offer it unless you're asked for it. The manager re often to pass it along to human resources and which case you want to be ready to take advantage of this opportunity. You won't need a cover letter, however, because the manager will be explaining who you are when they hand over the rest of me. If the offer to talk to each are about you, great, ask if you may follow up to find out what the hiring manager says. This may be by phone or email because you've already met your person with influence in person. So subsequent contact by phone or email is fine. Of course, you may not need to contact your person with influence again if the hiring manager phones you and invites you to an interview. If the person of influence doesn't offer to speak about Jude human Resources, ask for the name off the person HR to talk to and write down their name on their contact information. If it's working out for you so far with this company, you're now ready to get in touch with the hiring manager. Are the human resources person the decision maker coming up next? Less than seven. Talk to the decision maker 8. Talk to the Decision Maker: Lesson seven. Talk to the decision maker so likes to a quick Greep recap here before we move on. You spoke to everybody, you know, right? That's done. And you were told about someone in the industry or company that you want to work in. And you went and contacted that person that was level one and level two. They gave you the name off a manager or a person with influence. You contacted that person. The person of influence on now have either had your resume forwarded to H R. Or you have the name off HR person to contact. So that was Tier three. You've done that, too. You may, of course, have to go this process several times before you get this far with one of them. But don't give up. It really does work. And remember, if ought to 82% of jobs on almost all the best jobs are found this way. It's well worth the time and effort involved. So time, plus the effort. He quotes success. This is here for If the manager did offer to speak to HR far, you contact them. The manager that is at the agreed time and ask them how it went with HR and just go for their whatever you're told. Follow forward from there. Of course, if you've already received a phone call, our email from here in resources invites you to either send to resume or better still to come in for an interview. Then you already know how it went. In which case all this needed for the manager is a thank you email or card. If you didn't hear back from HR, you can contact them directly. Use the manager's name to get you in the door. Ideally, of course, you want to meet in person. So first try phoning. And if that doesn't work, if you can't get through on the phone, send an email in which you mentioned that the manager on Give the Manager's name recommended that you talk with the name of the person in HR If you can't get into CHR in person, if you're on the phone, ask permission to send your resume, then send it with a carefully crafted cover letter, which includes on the first line of the letter. The fact that you were given this name the HR name by the manager and Of course, you'll give the manager's name if you're communicating from the beginning by email when you respond to their email, which turns down a personal meeting. Attach your arrested me. Make your responding. Email contained most of the important points from your cover letter, including the name off a manager who gave you the contact information for HR. The rest of your cover letter and rest of me will be assed usual unless you learned anything in your talk with the manager that will allow you to target. You arrested me more tightly to this job or company. It's important to mention the name off a manager because there's a good chance that human resources will talk to them about you on all the skills and experience that you shared with the manager. Plus, the impression you made a person will be relate to human resources. But if the manager has spoken to human resources in your favor without success, it's highly unlikely that anything will happen from you sending your ressa me directly and on us. So this might be the time to move on to looking at another opportunity. The chances are you will have to go through all of this more than once before landing the job you want. But that's the basic format of how it works, and it really does work coming up. Next lesson eight. Use social media to your advantage. 9. Use Social Media to your advantage: Lesson eight. Use social media to your advantage. That, of course, is the whole huge arena off social media created appropriate profile for yourself on Lengthen Facebook on Twitter on whatever other social media sites seem good for your type of work. Instagram and Pinterest are great ones. If you're in any type of work that shows well, visually, usually the artistic or creative types of work. Lewington is geared to business, so it could be really useful in job search. On one of the best ways to find useful contacts through Lewington is to join groups joint groups. Not only that interest you personally, but joint routes where people you want to meet are likely to be because once you're a group member, lengthen does not frown upon you contacting other members, even if you don't already know them. Follow on Twitter. Any company you think might be a potential employer and make intelligence knowledgeable tweets. That way, when you do approach someone from the company, you not only can court what you've seen them tweet about, but there's also a good chance they'll already know you through your tweets. Follow companies have interests on Facebook to, and any other social media off your choice and be up to date on what they're posting there , because when you talk to people from these companies, you want to be able to talk about what you saw on social media. And don't forget company websites on blog's just become asses familiar as you can with all the electronic output off each company and of which you have a really interest and with whom you have a really hope of finding a position. Make sure your Elektronik footprint is clean. Have there are no inappropriate pictures or posts off your online? Employers often check that. Make sure your email address is appropriate. Usually just your name or your name, plus a number if you can't just get your name. But don't use your birth date as the number. Also, that your voicemail is something that won't put off a potential employer coming up. Next lesson. Knowing tips for effective networking 10. Tips for Effective Networking: Lesson nine tips for effective networking Just keep following up on all the steps in this course until you find a job. And don't forget to ask anyone and everyone the key question. Who else should I talk to about this? That's away toe. Why did your database and meet more people? And we've gone through each step for just one company here? In real life, you can be going through this process with us. Many companies as you confined simultaneously so it won't seem so long and drawn out as you'll be kept busy keeping track of different people in different companies continuously. Keep notes on who you talk to on when on the outcome. Keep notes on who refer to to whom. Keep all email addresses and phone numbers. Create a chart for yourself so that you'll be able to keep on top of all your connections. And here's the organizational chart in more detail. If you want to copy that, then pause the video and have a look. This may seem overly detailed, but if you have several contacts on the go with several companies at different stages of the process with each, it can be really easy to get confused or to miss a follow update. So try to organize your job search so you don't miss any great opportunities, even if it doesn't work out with a person or a company. Keep their information because you never know when things will change. And you may end up going back to a company that previously couldn't hire you, but now can coming up. Next lesson. 10 stories off Success with the hidden job market. 11. Stories of Success with the Hidden Job Market: Lesson 10 stories of success with the Hidden job market Here are three short stories about people who used the hidden job market with great success. Angela had just qualified to work with at risk youth. As a counselor. She had also just move cities so didn't know anyone. So she volunteered in a group that assisted adult job seekers to find work. Through this fall in tier position, she met another volunteer who is much further advanced, said her job search. Then Angela, the other job seeker, Mark, found to potential jobs at once. She chose the one she wanted on ass Angela if she would be interested in the other. As it happened, the other job was of much more interest to Angela than the one Mark had decided to take. So she said yes, she would be very interested. Mark just didn't give for the information. Instead, she went back to the organization who had offered her the job and told them she chosen a different job. And at the same time she recommended Angela so highly that she was not only invited to an interview but almost have the job before she walked in the door she got the job. I worked there happily for several years, so the organization closed its doors. Neither off the jobs mark phoned were ever advertised. Sandy was a teacher who has stopped working to care for her sick parent. When it was time to go back to work. Ah, hiring freeze meant there were no jobs, so she had to find something else to do. But she was just looking for part time work. She heard from a friend who was trying to lose weight. That the weight loss company she was using were looking for you consultants Sandy Row topper Ressa Me, highlighting all her transfer skills that she thought would be appropriate for a weight loss coach as she went along to the weight loss clinic and asked to see the manager. The manager, who is also the owner, interviewed Sandy. At the end of the interview. She asked Sandy why as a teacher she thought she could be a good weight loss Coach Sandy explained. The great part of teaching is encouraging the students, helping them identify problems that we're holding them back and overcoming them, celebrating your victories with them and helping them move forwards after a hitch, she finished by saying that as far as she could see all these things fitted into being a weight loss coach as well, the manager agreed wholeheartedly on no. Only after she was hired did Sandy find out that the manager had actually be looking for a full time employee and had indeed hard won that very morning. But she was so impressed with Sandy that she made another job opening just for her. If you consider what Sandy said to the manager, she didn't discuss any part of teaching, there was not relevant to wait. Last coaching. She only focused on the skills and abilities that were directly transferrable between the two jobs. And you can do this, too, if you find yourself looking at a job that somewhat different from what you previously done . The weight loss clinic jobs were never advertised, as the manager used her clients to get the word out above them and was looking for an office job. I had a friend of hers, Linda was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Ah, person. She was chatting to whom she had never previously met, confided that he was looking for an office administrator since his present one was due to retire, Linda mentioned an and said good things about her to this employer. He asked Linda to ask Hand to get in touch with him, and when she did, she was hired on the spot. The job Waas never advertised. There are many, many more stories just like this that show that the hidden job market is easily the best way to find a job you really like. So good luck with your job search. I hope youll imply these new skills to find your dream job.