Find Your Voice in Surface Pattern Design - How to Use Pinterest to Inspire Your Next Design | DK Ryland | Skillshare

Find Your Voice in Surface Pattern Design - How to Use Pinterest to Inspire Your Next Design

DK Ryland, Illustrator, Surface Designer

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Build Your Pinterest Pattern Board

    • Analyzing and Observing Your Board

    • Picking and Analyzing your Inspiring Pattern

    • Final Analysis

    • Your Class Project


About This Class

Hi! I'm Danielle Kinley Ryland, a surface pattern designer and owner of Tiger Tale Designs. In my previous course, we talked about how to gain inspiration from your own life, and in the process how to create a Surface Pattern Idea Book.

In this course, we are going to talk all about how to gain inspiration from other surface pattern designs. The key word here is inspiration. We are not going to copy anything. We are going to break down other designs and decide what it is about them that we are attracted to, and explore how to utilize those things in order to find our own creative voice.

We all know in order to get better at anything, we need to be practicing, and a lot! So in order to get better at surface design we need to be sketching daily, exploring new techniques on a regular basis, and I think anyone can do that. One of the hardest part about developing as a surface designer is drawing things in a way where someone can look at it and know that it's yours, and the other difficult part is knowing what to draw and gaining inspiration.

In this class we are going to do a creative exercise using Pinterest in order to further develop your style and voice as a designer. This class is meant for designers who already know how to technically put together a repeat but are looking for inspiration to create their next hero pattern. 

My inspirational pattern by next:

Music: Springish by Gillicuddy





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DK Ryland

Illustrator, Surface Designer

Hi! I'm DK Ryland and I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer who specializes in stylized, charming, and quirky pieces inspired by nature and animals. I work with a wide range of techniques and programs to create fresh and vibrant illustrations and am constantly exploring new techniques. I love showing people what I learn along the way and am so glad you are here! 

Check out my Website to see more of what I do and I would love to be Instagram friends!&...

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