Find Your Line: Develop Your Drawing Style

Jen Dixon, Abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

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10 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Find Your Line Introduction

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Visual Style in Drawing

    • 4. Exercise: Scribble Maps

    • 5. Exercise: Making Marks that Speak

    • 6. Intermission: #notmycat

    • 7. Exercise: Drawing What You See & Feel

    • 8. Final Project

    • 9. Bonus: Artists Who Inspire Me

    • 10. Final Thoughts and Advice

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About This Class


Hi! I’m Jen Dixon and welcome to Find Your Line: Develop Your Drawing Style.

This is not a beginner's class, as the exercises and final project will assume you can draw with some skill already. (If you are a beginner, come on in, I don’t bite, but the work we do in here will require you to already be able to draw an object with mostly accurate perspective and proportions.)

This class is for artists and illustrators currently fairly confident in your drawing but feel it is lacking a signature style.
Perhaps you feel like your drawings look just like someone else’s or don’t stand out. Maybe you're still relying heavily on mimicking other artists.
I’m here to help you.

We’ll look at what visual style is and analyse the work of a few artists, then I’ll guide you through specific exercises with a variety of tools to build your vocabulary of marks and take you out of comfort zone.
(Remember: Nothing interesting happens in a comfort zone.)

Then we’ll get to know a subject with "learning" drawings before giving it a soul with style exploration.

You will get to the final project having learned from yourself and others and started on the path to your own unique visual style.

Developing your own drawing style is not a quick process, but this class will help you break out of your comfort zone and give you logical, actionable steps to practice.

Art critic Jerry Saltz recently wrote in an article called: How To Be An Artist, “Take drawing classes, if you wish; learn to draw 'like the masters.' You still have to do it in an original way. [...] Your skill will be whatever it is you’re doing differently.”

He’s talking about your unique visual style. I’m here to help you with that.  

Time to let go of your comfort zone and find your line.
Come on in and let’s get started.