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Find Your Ideal Customers with Confidence In The Digital Age

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Aiming The Canon

    • 3. Your Customer Ring

    • 4. Your Dream 20

    • 5. Customer Avatar

    • 6. Customer Symbiosis

    • 7. Your Next Steps

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About This Class

Together we will discover how to find and reach your target audience on social media and online.

Understanding your customers provides you with clear insights. 
If you want to drive real targeted traffic, craft better content and save lots of time & money, then this training is perfect for you.

You will discover simple strategies that will allow you to identify and find your true ideal customer 

This is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process of identifying and finding your target audience and ideal customer. 

By the time you have finished this course you will know how to find your customer and understand their needs and be ready to adapt your business for growth. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: awesome. So it doesn't matter what nature in or what you do. You could be an influence that you could be an artist. You could be a personal trainer, a realtor. You could have a physical product, like a candle brand that you're trying to sell online. We're gonna show you Hagen, go out into the digital world using social media and the platforms and tools at your disposal, my disposal, and on to connect with your audience and offer them your product or service. And we're gonna share how to do that with confidence. A lot of people are walking around a little bit confused and walking around quite blind, and we're gonna make sure that process is streamlined for you. So you know the step by step process and turning your passion into something that is profitable for you. We're going to start at square one together and build momentum for your business and brand . And we're gonna do this in a fun way by using live examples off people who have already done this in your niche and become successful. I don't know how we can replicate the steps that they took together, so I hope you're as excited as I am to jump in. And I'll see you in the next lecture 2. Aiming The Canon: awesome. So I was so excited to jump into this first bit with you. This is going to be called aiming the Cannon. We're gonna introduce you to your cannon right here. This is what we're going to be learning about, what we're gonna be understanding and how you're going to be successful online. With your digital marketing strategy, we're gonna go diving deep into space specifics and no need to take it all the now just nice bird's eye overview. And what What you're gonna do first is we're gonna break it into phases too easily, understand and die justice and really get the most out of it. So Phase one right here is connecting with your people and finding your perfect target audience. That's this section that you're in right now. That's where we're gonna walk through. I'm gonna find that who it is that you want to serve on how you can best serve. That face to, however, will expand on how you can best serve them. This is creating your product or your service or whatever it is that you offer whatever you want to trade for value, which is normally what you want to sell for money. This is where we're gonna design that. But we're not gonna do that in the vacuum. We're gonna do that once we've identified our target audience in our customer and identified their problems that we can solve for them. And then we have faced three. Once we have identified the perfect target audience that you want to serve and then we have the perfect product that your designer of service that you are designed to actually go and serve the people in phase one. Then we need face three in order to actually connect the two in order to go from having a product, sitting at home behind a laptop screamer in a cafe behind the laptop screen, actually taking that product out there to your audience and reaching the people who you want to be working with and want to be serving. That's face three, where we go through the digital marketing strategies. So let's give you some examples because I like to work in theory first. So you understand the concept, and then we jump straight into examples and have a little fun and actually make it brought back to whatever Ni sure, whatever Subject Whatever topic whatever profession that you have personally. So we're gonna go through the example here off Will Chao. He's a wedding photographer in Melbourne, Australia, which is where I'm from. So who is Will Chow photography? He's a wedding photographer, remember? It's very specific. He just does weddings. Who is his perfect target audience? He wants to get really, really clear on that. Otherwise he's going to be marketing himself to single men, which had never gonna need a wedding photographer. So will Charles. Perfect target audience is obviously people who are engaged and ready to get married or people who have a wedding event planned and need somebody to capture that moment for them. So Phase one, he's identified that he has people who are engaged with a wedding booked with no photographer face to what is the perfect product that they want. What do they actually want him to offer at that wedding? What sort of video reels to They want? What sort of photos So they won't. He needs to go and actually ask her them and not make it up in his head. Make it up in a vacuum, but actually be like, what is your specific problem. What would you like to see from your wedding 10 years from now, when you reflect on it on? That's what I'm going to offer you. And of course, he's going to charge money for that. So he's charging $3000 on his website. Will chow photography dot com, And it's a prices there with different packages that a popular face. Three. Now that he knows who wants the packages on, then Phase two is the exact package that they want. Phase three is connecting adults. How do you reach those people who need you out there? Because it's such allowed a busy place, the Internet, and in order to become a really solid digital marketer and complement your business skills and compliment whatever professional have, you may be a really amazing artist. You may be a real amazing piano teacher. You may be a real estate agent, a fitness instructor, and you have an amazing offer for the world. We actually need to go out there and reach them. That's the other leg that you need to grow and stand on, and that's what we're doing here together so you can take your talents out there to the world and actually connect with people so you can see in face three. And we're not going deep into detail in phase three in this section. But we will. When we do it, it's time to focus on it. But you can see there's a lot of different ways that you can digitally connect with your audience. And it's the most effective and efficient way to do it digitally instead of knocking daughter door or setting up a retail store, which is much slower process so you can see will chair photography. I've got four examples. He does a lot more of these, but these air before that, I thought, were worth pointing out so you can see the top left on it. He had Melissa Mark SD. That is a V me a video. So that's a video of a wedding that he has already done. He put together. You can see it's got 2400 and 58 views At the time, I took a screenshot and he could see other people are going on watching his past work, finding organically on YouTube on Vimeo and other video sites, and then, like well, it was really nice. I mean people who are watching other people's wedding videos, obviously in the market for wedding videos. I'm not personally going on watching random wedding videos, and then they find that the photographer was they get back to this site and they buys product or service. You can see is also doing the same strategy on Pinterest the top right one up there. He's putting his best work, these most amazing photos up on Pinterest. So for when women or even men are searching on Pinterest and they're looking and they're looking for wedding photographers and they're looking for just amazing wedding photos or feel good vibes around patrimony and weddings, they're gonna come across these amazing photos they're gonna lead back to his website. You could see will child photography dot com, and they're going to find these product and service. And if they're in the right geographic location, which I'll show you how he's doing that as well, they're going to want to hire him. You can see the bottom left. One Google. This is called search engine optimization. This is actually how I found him for this example. I just typed in wedding photography and Google, obviously taken to account your geographic location and you can see down there that purple is the one that I clicked. Wheelchair photography. He ranks in the first page of Google when you type in winning photography, which means you're getting in front of your target audience very organically. Here. I'm gonna show you how you can take all of this away and apply it to your niche, Remember? And then, of course, he's over here on Yelp as well. And this is another really cool way to reach your target market. I'll just reach people who were searching for your products and services. And once again, there's many more is almost an infinite way you can reach these people, but we're gonna be talking about the most potent ones and the most effective ones right now . But of course, before we can do any of this before we can do any off Phase two and Phase three, we really, really need to get clear on phase one. What is it exactly? Who is it exactly? That you want to serve? Who is your target audience? Who do you want to work with? 3. Your Customer Ring: So Phase one is where things start to get really exciting. So we call this phase the customer ring, and you can see right here when you see phase one in reference to the rest of your digital marketing cannon. This is the weapon. We're gonna go out there and make sure you conquer the digital space with you can see it looks like a square. But however, I want to put this in a little bit off perspective for you. And I want to show you exactly what's called the customer ring and how clear things become when you do see it as a ring so you can see this is a square. However, it's just a small slice off what's called the total customer ring. So this customer ring encompasses. Basically, everyone in your knees show everyone in the world, and you can see you don't want to target everyone in the world. That's gonna be very, very expensive and a lot of a waste of time. If you can get very specific about who it is, you wanting to serve who it is, right for your product or service, your business online is going to become so much easier. This is 80% of the way. If you can get crystal clear on exactly who needs your business, exactly Who needs your service? I'm gonna show you exactly how to reach them, and things are gonna go so smoothly and so quickly for you. So let's go through once again, some examples of this He is a game called Fortnight Now. Fortnight is a computer game. It's on a lot of different consoles, but it's a very, very popular game out. Will you drop into a world and you basically have to go and find each other and kill each other? So it's hard of fun for a lot of people, but not everybody. And let's have a look at fortnight as a computer game who their customer audience is, who is fortnight people. Is that people on the left over here and owed early or older, sort of mature looking lady? Or is it ever hear a young kid? It looks like he wants to jump onto a cup game console and go and shoot some bad guys is very clear. The target demographic of a compute Again like that, people on the far right and This is why it's very good to get clear, because this one is an obvious, uh, polarisation. You know, you have very different people, but it can get a little bit more murky as you boil it down. I'm gonna share a couple other examples of that. So another clear example before we do that is work. This is a training bands. You put it around your wrist just like a Fitbit, and that measures a lot of your body's data, and it gives you insights in how hard you need to train, how much you need to sleep, how much water you need a drink, and it really just makes you a healthier person. I personally I just got one, and that's why I wanted to use this as an example. They're very, very good now who are woop? It's W H 00 P. Is the name of the brand who were there Perfect target audience. Is that someone over here on the left who obviously is not that health conscious doesn't actually care about his health? Or is it more? Someone on the right of it here obviously is in good shape. He's doing to meditations or some yoga and he clearly cares about his health. Who is it that's gonna want more data and more details on how their bodies actually going. Now, in order to get the answer, weaken simply just goto Group's website and see that they're sponsoring and their advertising two athletes. Now we're gonna be doing a lot of this customer hacking and loaded detective work around brands and and people in your space, your space specifically, we're gonna work through it together, and we're gonna be able to find a lot of answers to these questions. So by going to the actual products page or their instagram account or any social media that they had their you'd be able to very specifically see who there who it is they're actually marketing to. So in groups specific example. Of course it's going to be the guy on the right. However, let's break it down into more of a niche. It's very obvious when you take the whole world into account because you can get quite specific. You'd be like, Okay, obviously the workers for fit people, but what sort of fit people? So let's go into coffee and break down the people who drink coffee because there's a lot of people who drink coffee s So this is the customer ring of coffee. And of course, if you feel that in your gonna find a lot of different demographics within coffee drinkers , you have, ah, top left the fitness people who there was a pre workout and want to get really big. You have the fitness women on the left to drink. It may be for before Ron before a CrossFit Oh, before Politis class. You have the women on the bottom left who do it. It's a social event. The bottom right over here you have a Starbucks, a very strawberry frappuccino, whatever that is. It's a very different demographic, of course, to someone who's drinking for fitness. Off a social, you have a Italian looking man drinking a little cup of coffee and what looks to be an older style bodega or restaurant on. Then, of course, you have, like an entrepreneur or a worker who drinks before work. There very different demographics within coffee drink. It's so an example of a specific brand who's targeting a specific audience of specific demographic. Is someone like bulletproof coffee? If you haven't had a bulletproof coffee that basically they put, I believe, like a butter in with coffee, and it gives you a slower release of the caffeine throughout the day so you don't get the high spike of caffeine levels, and it can be quite consistent with that energy spike. Now, which of these target market a bulletproof serving? They know that their customer ring involves coffee drinkers, but the more specific they can get. Who is it that they who wants to actually not have that caffeine spike crazy if they can specifically target them? And if you can do this for your business or your service or your brand, and you can very specifically identify who, exactly within your customer ring desires your product the most, I'm telling you things that can get so easy for you. And you're not gonna be fighting this uphill battle, trying to convince people who don't want your service or product to buy it. But in fact, you're going to find people coming towards you as you've solved a very specific need for them, and you've got very specific on who actually need your product and your service. So for the bulletproof coffee Obviously, it's not really going to be the older telling guy in the in the bodega. It's not gonna be the person with the strawberry Frappuccino on. How do we know this? Once again, we can go to their social media. We can go to their website. This is from the instagram, and you can see who, who it is. They're actually using as models who it is they're actually appealing to on. You can see that it's a younger male guy up there on the left, who is also has a wearable ate a apple watch on. So obviously it could be a similar draft demographic to the would bend. And then you have a lady here who's eating healthy salad. Who's putting another one of their products? Brain nocturnal. It's a cellar dressing on their salad. You can see that their target audience, where they want to plug their digital marketing cannon into, is to the people who are interested in fitness. That's who they're going after. It's not anyone who drinks coffee, but it's people who are interesting and optimizing their body, optimizing their mind and health. And that's where they're going to put all their efforts in their marketing into otherwise, they're gonna be wasting a lot of time and a lot of money, so we're gonna jump deeper into this. But these are the things you have to consider when you're talking about and looking at your specific customer ring. So the filters you have to put on people's age, how old other people who you want to serve? How old are the people who you wanna work with? One of their specific hobbies? What's the job? What's the relationship status was their geographic location was the ethnicity. What's the background? What's the gender? What's the social economic status Now all of these, you conserve anybody you want, the only one with the Asterix next to it. It's socioeconomic status, because this is the only one who's really going to determine how well you can do with your productive service. Everybody in every age, hobby, job, relationship, status, geographic, ethnicity and gender can go out there and buy a product as long as they have money to spend on it. Because if this is a passion project and don't actually want to trade it, your process of its own money, then go on to anyone you want, but the more wealthy or the more free cash flow that your target audience have, the easier it is for you to actually gain traction and start making money from your product or service because people aren't that concerned with spending money. So that's the only one that I would make sure that you can sit up, actually passes the certain bar off. Wealth is the socioeconomic status. Anything else you can choose for yourself, who do you want to serve? And you can choose from anything? Do you want to work with people like you don't work with people you aspire to be like And it's very important that you choose wisely because we're gonna be building the rest of your digital marketing empire around this. Whatever product, we're gonna come up with whatever service we're gonna come up with. If you already have it, you may want to tweak it slightly or the way you present it, how we reach these people, uh, going to be determined on exactly who it is that you want to dedicate your products and service to. Who is it that you want to serve? Choose wisely, because that is where you're going to be living, that's where you're going to be building a brand around, and that's who you're gonna be connecting with on a day to day level. 4. Your Dream 20: awesome. I'm really excited to introduce you to the concept of the dream 20. Or you may have heard this as the Dream 100. This is a mistake that so many people make out there when starting that digital marketing journey. And this is one that I'm really excited I hope you get clear with. So we're gonna show you how you can now find your people. So were identified. Who exactly do you want to work with? Who exactly do you want to serve? And it's the best place to start. You want to build the foundations from the ground up, and that's what we're doing together. So now that you know exactly who it is that you want to serve out there, we're going to go, and we're getting to find them now again. Organ used the example to get other walk through this, But remember the plug in your own information here. So you get the most out of this training. So here in this example, we're going to be a fitness coach together, we're going to be offering a service off, helping people get fitter. Now we can go into more detail and specifically the service. We're gonna offering how we phrase it and how we marketed. But right now we're gonna We're gonna work in the general sense until we get up to that stage. Now, the ideal demographic, the people that we want to serve, the people who we want to be working with day to day in this example are women 25 to 40. They're the ones we know the most about. They're the ones we've worked with in the past. We understand their psychology and we know how to get results for them. Or they're the ones that we actually want to be working with so doesn't know what stage you're up to with your business. You just need to know who it is that you want to be working with. In this case, it's going to be women 25 to 40 and we are a fitness coach now. This is how most people are. They are blind and they're like, OK, I want to work with women 25 to 40. I'm gonna offer them some form of fitness service. Go and then just wonder out there in the world, even digitally clicking around on different websites and different social media platforms and sending odd message here. And they're sending some cold emails, not really being able to understand what they're doing and why. And this is what we're gonna turn you into right here with this training is a heat seeking missile. We know who it is we want to serve. We're gonna go find them. I'm gonna lock onto them, and then we're going to be able to build a product or a service around that. If you haven't got that already, if you have, I'm gonna show you how you can connect with them and that you offer that to them. So now that you are the mind, you have the mindset of a heat seeking missile. You've taken off your blindfold and stop wandering around. Let's ask the most important question that you could possibly ask. This is the question that I wish most people ask themselves when looking to start digital marketing and connecting with people. This is the one that most people miss. Where is your ideal customer or where are your people already hanging out already? Hanging out is a part that's highlighted because we don't want to reinvent the wheel We don't want to go and have to create our own community from scratch. We want to know exactly where are they hanging out right now? And more than that, we're going to turn this into a little bit of a practical exercise. We're gonna actually go and find 20 people, all brands that they currently follow. So in the real world, before Internet and before online did your marketing, you could physically see where people hang out. You know, people who are into fitness will hang out in a gym. People who are into fashion again be hanging out at the mall and in order. If you had, say your own gym or if you had your own shop, you could go and get in front of your audience by going connecting with them at other gyms or other molds, and was very, very simple, however now a little bit more complex. But it's so much easier because you can do this from the comfort of your own home, and you have the leverage of the digital world. I mean, you can message as many people and get in front of his many people as you want for a very, very small amount of effort and money. And we're gonna go through this together once again as our fitness coach. Where fitness coach and we're going to be serving women 25 to 40. So ask yourself a home. Where are women 25 to 40 who are interested in fitness hanging out on the digit in the digital world? Where is it? And even a little bit in the physical world. What are they doing with their lives? Where do they spend time? And this is why it's sometimes good toe. Have yourself or someone you know as your ideal demographic that you want to work with, because then you can just go and look at their new trip history. Go and look at the travel history of Google Maps. Where have they bean going? Look at who they follow on Instagram Go look at what Pinterest boards they follow. Go look at what? Um, they're shopping. History is and basically we need to identify 20 people. Oh, brand that they're currently following and giving their attention to. So I've gone through and quickly dumbness as not a woman 25 to 40 and just taking some random stabs in the dark, but we're gonna walk through exactly where they are hanging out. So starting a top fernwood fitness is over. Women only, Jim. Obviously, women 25 to 40 interested in getting fit up. They're at that gym. Hello. Fresh or any other meal planning service are fresh, healthy meals sent to your house. Now, a lot of women who do cooking I'm not going to actually want to be doing cooking their public too busy. And they wanna have these prepackaged meals that they can really whip together quickly sent to their houses. So they're going to be ordering and following brands like Hello, fresh then my fitness. An amazing podcast by Runda Patrick eyes a woman who's very into fitness and has a big following. And a lot of them are gonna be women 25 to 40. Obviously interested in fitness. Lulu Lemon, they're gonna be shopping at Lululemon Fitbit. They're probably wearing a Fitbit or an apple watch. They probably have shopped for something like a yoga man or dumbbells or the elastic bands that go round your legs on Amazon. That's that shopping history. Pamela Reef was a youtuber that I found who has like 30 million views on her videos, which had just workouts from home. Andi. It's obviously quite women centric because a woman is running it. Then you have the influences. So someone like Lynn Lear's has a couple 1,000,000 Instagram followers, obviously very tailored to women here. And you can go through her thes 2.5 million followers and see that they're actually women who are about 25 to 40 years old. On all of them. I interested in fitness. Otherwise they wouldn't be following her. So this is the really fun part. So I hope you really excited with this. And I hope you're already using your own niche in order to find out. Where is it that the people you need to serve will want to serve are actually hanging out the rock? Now put the rock in here. I don't know if it's too much specific to this demographic. He's got 188 million follow, so I know it's a lot of women 25 to 40 in there, and he's very much a motivational, health centric guy thing. They have things like Facebook Group, so this is the yoga room. Facebook group, that is. Ah, walkout mums, Facebook groups As all these Facebook groups with the's women 25 to 40 interested in getting fit up are putting their attention. Remember, I've said the word attention so many times because it's so important. If I can get one thing across to you in this little bit of a lecture, it's Where are they currently putting their attention? It's a fight for attention digital marketing. And if you can get in front of people, if you can get in front of them and get their attention, you have the opportunity to connect with them and then tell them what you have to offer them. So that's what we're doing the moment we're just finding where people are putting their attention. You can see Pinterest at the bottom left here. Ah, a lot of women use Pinterest. It's a largely Democrat. The large demographic majority of the demographic Infantry's out women, and here's a fitness board where people can browse fitness photos on Pinterest is going to be a lot of women 25 to 40 interested in fitness. Following that in the 103,000 followers, Nike run club people who are interested in running gonna be falling Nike run club. And then you have the track Australia down here, which is a good example off something that you need to look at. So this is one that might girlfriend follows. And she's in this demographic of women 25 to 40. Who it who are interested in fitness. And I wanted to put this one in there because you could see all the other ones are quite large in terms of their following. But if you confined things that a smaller So this is an ultra marathon race where they run 500 kilometers through the desert. And if you can find things like this, things that are smaller, you're gonna find it a lot easier to connect with people because you're not lost in the crazy busy commotion off five million followers. But you're finding people with, say, 15,000 followers who have a diehard audience that are much more open to you connecting with them. So this is the basically picture overview, sort of like a dream border and mood board off where your target demographic hang out. Now if your target audience once again It's very easy to do this. If you're not, you're going to have to go and you're gonna have to do a little bit of research, which I'll be showing you exactly how to do. We'll put our detective hats on together, and we're gonna be creating our customer ever tied together, which is a really, really fun part where it all comes to life. Insults take shape in a visual world, one that you can actually see And when they can't you feel and then you weaken your full forward into face to. But right now we're going for broad strokes, so we're gonna get specific later. But just go really broad strokes start to paint the picture using its foundation here, and we're gonna get very specific and build this up together. So don't worry. If you are slightly off, we're going to go and verify all this information together. So here's your job. Go out there right now and find 20 areas. Now. This is a concept I originally learned from Russell Bronson, who learned it from someone else. And he does a dream 100 way. You find 100 people who have the attention of your target audience. We're gonna do this exercise just for 20 people now, So go and find 20 people. Create your mood board created a list of 20 people who have your exact target audience that we've identified as people you want to serve. And then I'm gonna show you how you can start to work your way in to this audience had actually get their attention and be able to connect with them and offer them your product or your service. 5. Customer Avatar: awesome. So get ready to have some fun in this lecture. We're going to do what's called customer hacking. So the first thing I need to do is pick up your detective hat with me. I've got my detective hat on here, and we're going to do some customer hacking together, which basically means we're gonna go out there and we're gonna find exactly who our target audience is on a deep level and exactly where we can find them. So in this lecture, we got to remember we're just talking about where we can find them. A lot of people, like I said, I walking around blind, not knowing where their customer is and not even knowing who they are. And they're just messaging everyone. And they don't have such a have a clarity that they need. And the more cloudy you can get, the more powerful you marketing is going to become and more powerful. Your business is gonna become to your target audience to the people out there who need you to make this brand in business and give them your products and services. So, Phase two, I'm gonna show you how to start reaching out to them and had to start then moving in that direction. But in this lecture, remember, we're just trying to locate them, trying to find them and have the opportunity to connect with them. So without detective hats on, we're gonna do three little detective projects together. The 1st 1 is going to be one of a live example. A metter example. I'm making a digital marketing course. This is part of my digital marketing course that I'm making. So what I did as I went out there ended some customer hacking for myself in order. Find out who specifically, I'm talking at you. You have the one who's clicked on this course and taking it. You are my exact target audience. And you better believe that I did my research on you. I'm gonna show exactly what I did on. We're gonna go through that together the next one. And the next example I'm going to use is the common one is a fitness instructor, a personal trainer or anything that is in the fitness room, Maybe a supplement. It may be an exercise tool. It may just be anything that's even to do with emotional fitness. So I'm gonna show you how to do some instagram hacking and find your perfect customer on Instagram. And then I don't also do a lot of e commerce myself. I'm a big fan of e commerce. It's one of most hands off. Business is possible, and I'm going to use an example of a candle brand to someone who has a candle brand and wants to sell their candles online, not specifically on Amazon, that I'm going to show you how you confined and connect with your perfect tug audience on Amazon. So let's jump into Number one myself and the digital marketing course that I'm creating. So I'm not sure exactly where you're specifically watching this course at the moment, but I am designing this course to go through you to me and skill share primarily. Now you, to me, is a big course training platform. You may be on it right now, and what I'm doing is I'm finding who already has my target audience member. That is the key. So I type in digital marketing, which is the course I'm creating. It's what I'm well versed in and well qualified in, and that's what I want to teach at really passionate about this as well. And so what I do is that type digital marketing and up pops the most popular. You can see that little, most popular thing right there on the most popular courses on you to me for digital marketing. Now, throughout this entire lecture, make sure you're taking away how you can do this in your own realm. This at the moment, is my room and where you might not be creating courses. That's why I'm giving you multiple examples, but this can be done on any platform. So just remember that for myself, I want to find my competitors. I want to find the people out there offering something similar to what I'm offering. So I click on the first course there but 12 and one course by Rob Percival on the far left with 106,000 reviews. And just before I do click on that, you can see how many students and reviews all of these courses have, which is just exciting for us because that's all of our target audience. It's all about people in there that we are ready to research, ready to connect with. So once we clicking this course. It brings us to a screen like this. You can see this. 459,988 students in here Half a 1,000,000 students who are my perfect target audience are sitting in this little group, this little colony right here for ready for me to hack. So the speaker toe access. So what I do is that by the course, and I could get access to the list of people inside the course. The people who have asked questions, names come up on the question page off this course. And remember, this is specific to this detective work. But think about how this works in your own world and someone like Tanya, you can see tenure has also a very good question about digital marketing. One I know I can answer on. What I do is I just simply click on 10 years name. Just follow the breadcrumbs. Just keep following the breadcrumbs to you get to them, and then you can see a Montana gug is her full name, and she is learning this course. It's the only course is actually learning, which I thought was curious where you can go through and click on other people's on you to me and you can see they're learning quite a few courses and start to learn more about the people who take the course. But this was our only course, which is not a problem. What I then did is use linked in the reverse. Search her name and you can see she comes up at the top here. How do I know it's her? I don't specifically know, but they share the same name. And she's also got digital marketing in her bio here on LinkedIn. So I'm pretty sure that this is her. And if it's not, she's probably in the courts also or would take the course as well. So this is how you can see you can refined your target audience online. Now I'm gonna show you some other examples apart from using you to me and linked in. But just remember that you can always use LinkedIn, always come back to linked in, and you can connect with people and message people. As you can see up here on that profile, for when we do want to reach out to these people and communicate with them and connect with them and give them values that they give us value in return. So the last thing I want to point out once again in this example is there are half a 1,000,000 people in this one course. This is just one person that I can not connect with, one person that I can reach out to. I can do this 500,000 times in this one course, there's no limit. The only limit is how much I'm willing to put in how much time I'm willing to put in to actually go out and reach and connect with my audience. So with that said, let's vary it up. Let's let's think laterally here and apply that same bread come crumb trail to Instagram. So we are now a fitness instructor. We had teaching people how to get fit and so what do we do? We simply type in our key woods, such as fitness into instagram and we can type in any sort of key. Would you want there Now hundreds and thousands of accounts will come up and Hashtags will come up and places will come up. We're just going to do a very thin slice here. But remember, feel free to explore all of this on your own and connect with more and more people we're going to click on then. Danny Kennedy, online trainer. DJK Fitness because he just caught my eye. So I click on him. You can see this is his personal profile, and you can see all the things that he does in his bio. On immediately, you can see that you can personally message or email and connect with him specifically. But that's not really what we wanna do, because what we want to do is want to connect with his audience and connect with his fans because we don't really have much to offer Danny Kennedy. But we do have a lot to offer its fans as fitness trainers, and we know that they're interested in fitness. So I don't click on the 38,500 followers at the top, and you can see here is a massive list off 38,000 people who we know are interested in our services and the product in our brand and in our mission. And there's a follow button that you can go on like there photos going message them directly. You can find the emails and email them, but you can just simply click on their profile, such as this one and the Louisa W. Who is obviously into fitness. Angie's a 22 year old kindergarten teacher. If she's in your demographic, there's literally a follow on a message button to start reaching out to her and connecting with it. Now I'm gonna show you exactly how to connect with your person, how to connect with your target audience in a way that's not spam me in a way that office value. But at the moment, this is just finding them. Remember finding how we can reach 38,000 people in just one profile? I was just Danny Kennedy's profile is literally millions upon millions of people, and the only thing that's limiting you from finding them and reaching out to them and getting clear on exactly who they are and what which one of the problems you can solve in order to get paid for. It is the time that you put in the effort that you put in, which is why I find it very much easy and a strong recommendation from me to you that you need to be working on something you're passionate in because then you're gonna commit more time. You're gonna be more excited. You're gonna be more consistent with it. So, to the third example, if you are passionate about candle making and you want to might make your own candle brand , maybe you already have a candle. Brando. It could be a jewelry brand. Where can we find your target? Audience is a lot of places to do it. And I've chosen Amazon because I sell our products on Amazon myself. And the first thing you need to do is simply like we started by typing and fitness, like we've started by typing digital marketing. Go to the platform where people already are and type in. The keyword up will pop the people who are doing what you already what you want to do. They're already doing what you want to do, and you can see they already have customers and fans who want actually buying their service and products. So here you can see it in the reviews underneath the products. When you click on the reviews, you can let's see specifically who left the review but more than that, what they actually like about your competitors products or what they don't like about a competitive products that you can actually jump in and fix. So this is Maria Perez, who you can come in and see her actual profile here and see what else she bought. You can see all this information that helps you connect with it. Helps you understand your people, helps you understand your target audience on a deeper level. And then, once again, you can find them on the menu. Confined in on Instagram, you could find email addresses your final Facebook. There's so many other ways that you can connect with these people if you can't do it specifically here on Amazon for this example, there's so many ways that you can use the dollar you can get to find these people. And like I said, you can see what people don't like about these candles. Say where the candle brand. We're putting out amazing smelling candles and then this person said, I thought it would be getting a very aromatic candles, but I kind of it smell it. We now have the solution to their problem. They want an aromatic candle and they couldn't find one with the brand that they thought would be good. We can reach out. We can ask a what what smells? She would like what color she would like. We can custom build her a candle and give her a massive discount in return for a nice review to start al momentum to get a movement going. Or we don't even have to get a discount if we find enough of these people. Like I said, there's millions of people out there. You just have to know exactly where they exist exactly where they hang out so that we can connected them. You can offer them your product or service at full price. And just by offering that you're going to enough people, you're going to find the perfect ones who have the disposable cash and a very happy with your product and service. And we'll leave your great review and pay full price for your product or service. So the last thing we gotta do and I'm gonna show you exactly what I did for this course, is build your customer avatar. So while making this digital marketing course, it's so easy for me to make it because I'm literally imagining who I'm speaking to. Him here in the studio likely have a nice view of a beach out here, but I'm recording this course in the isolation of my own apartment. And I'm not talking to anyone but having built a customer advertising, have them up here on a white board people's faces. And I showed them in a second. I know who I'm talking to. I know how to connect with them. I know what they want. I know what you want. And I know exactly what I need to deliver to make you happy. So I have to customer advertise that I'm making this training for these people are left up blood amount because this is not public knowledge ease. These are actually people in my friendship group and clients that I've worked with in the past, for the most part, and I want to imagine their journey and be able to help them out. So I'm picturing those people on blood out their names. But you can see there's ah, young guy who wants to quit his job and travel is a young girl who wants to create a brand consulting brand that she's passionate about. A young photographer who wants to go full time, Um, author, who has a message to share on a candle brand on etc. Like the example we just walked through on Amazon except for on etc. And that's why I'm using these examples, because I know the target market out there where you do real estate, whether you do graphic design, whether you do anything that I know that you're trying to offer a product or service and get it to your customer, the other people who are out there that maybe you watching this course that people who have a digital marketing job at a modern company, they're mainly going to be female, and basically I refer such to linked in. And this is our public information, which is why none of this is blood. But they work for a company that consults for a company, and they actually used what they learned in this training to help grow. They're the person's company who they work for. So this is what I got to, and because I'm so clear in this, I can speak so so simply and I know exactly what you need exactly what you want. I can help you get to where you want to be. And this is what you need to do for your own brand or product or service or whatever it is you offer. You need to get extremely clear on who you're serving, and now you've done that. And now you can make the customer avatar fetus self. We can go, and we can actually start to learn what the deepest fears I want. Their desires are what their wants. Our and then we can start to create our products, our services or, if you already have them, tweet those parts and services to suit what we learn. So let's jump into that now. 6. Customer Symbiosis: awesome. So now we know exactly who we want to serve. We know exactly where they hang out. Now we need to actually start to serve them. And I'm gonna explain one simple concept, and we're gonna dive into a practical together. So call his customer symbiosis because we want to be on the team off the customer. We're gonna be on the team off the people that were serving and it's not a competition we're not against him were literally just trying to solve their problems. So this is the digital marketing cannon that you are now familiar with. You know that we are in phase one identifying who it is that you wanna work with, which is which customers do you want to actually serve and create products and create services? For now, the question I have for you is why is this phase one? Normally, people start with a product or service or an idea that they have. And this is the wrong way to do things that notes that common way in a way, I've done a lot of times myself, But if you don't start with the customer in mind, you're going to run into a lot off problems face to is where we jump to our products and our services. And if you already have products and services once again, it's totally okay. We just need to tweak them based on what we're finding out about the customer in this lecture right here. So the reason why Phase one is the phase one is identifying the customer is we need to know , identify the customers desires and the customers problems because as soon as you know exactly who you wanna work with, exactly who you want to serve, which is where you should be yet now, and you should have the customer advertiser them. You now need to know the exact problem that they have that they would pay money to fix and as soon as you know, out of their mouths, using their exact vocabulary what it is that they want. Then you can design your product and your service around that, and it will instantly connected them. And I instantly wanted because, you know, exactly, and you've listened to them about what they want and what they need. So to finish out Phase one, we need to figure out and identify what is it that our customer wants and the best way to know exactly what the customer wants so that we condemn package that in that products and services is simply ask them. And that means we're going to actually go and connect with the people that were found using the detective time that we had together. And we're gonna actually survey them and ask them questions. Now, before I jump into this, I want to mention you should never, ever, ever span people You should never expect value from people who haven't given value to in the first place. That best way to get ahead and the smoothest journey you could possibly have is to make sure that you're giving overwhelming amounts of value, and it will always find a way to pay it yourself, pay itself back to you. But if you're trying to extract information or extract money or extract anything from people, they're gonna have a lot of resistance, and they're going to see you is very spammy. So please never spend, but always ask them how you can offer value to them. So let's jump into how you can create your own survey. Okay, so a completely free and easy to use. Survey is Google forms Now you can just sign up for Google forms just typing into Google. And you can immediately come and create your own survey so we can call this survey, uh, test and we can call it so very testing. Here we are, making a survey together. Now, you can come and do this. I'm gonna show you one that I actually had for this digital marketing masterclass that I'm putting together right now. And how at you when surveyed my target audience to get to know exactly what I needed to know. And I'm gonna show you exactly the questions I asked them and the questions that I think you need to ask your target audience in order to identify their problems and then their desires and design your product and your service around that so you can see it's very intuitive. I'm not going to really give you too much of a demo here because you can come in and change the color. You can come in and add segments and questions and the type of question you want to add. It's very easy and very intuitive. So come in and play around with this, Um, and make sure that you save it. As soon as you done with it, you can click, send, and then you can click on this link button could shorten the URL. Copy it. And as soon as we open it using that you l you can see that we'll see it from the actual customer point of view here. Now. Obviously, we didn't actually make your survey here, but you can see that's interactive on. We could submit these things and it said your response is being recorded. So this is where we want people to come through. So to give you an example of the one that I use in order to make this course that you're watching right now, you can see this was the digital marketing must class survey. Now, I got 25 people to come through and give me their feedback. And these air 25 people who know on my target audience I showed you how to reach out to him . I showed you exactly how I found people who I can reach out to to make this actual course that you're watching right now and these are the people who field out this survey for me. Remember, I offered them value to complete my survey, actually, get gave them a free zoom call on. You have to figure out how you can offer value unless you have people who are willing to do this for free. You're gonna that you need to figure out how you can offer value and connect with these people in order to get their answers because their answers are absolutely gold once you get it and you're gonna make a lot off value back once you understand exactly what it is they want really quick before I do jump into the specific questions and why I'm asking them if you don't have anything a vote to offer, you can create something of value based on their answers and give it to them for free. So if you are, um making, for example, a digital marketing less glass, Austin, what they want And I'll say I'll give you a free access to the training if you help me design and help me shape it. And when it's done, not only is it really perfect and personalized to them, they get free access and they're really happy. Naked Libyan. Awesome review. So figure out how you can do that for your industry and your Nietzsche's Well, so basically, I gave it a photo of the top. I made a blue because I like blue title and just a description. Nothing fancy in here and we need their name. We need their current business or brand. I want to know what they're currently doing. I'm trying to design my customer avatar here, and I want to know where they currently working or what they're working on now. What is your biggest fear and frustration when it comes to your brand? Is the money question right here? If you can understand what the biggest fear, frustration or problem, it is something that someone has just reversed that problem, and that's your service. And that's your product. Just phrase it in the inverse of what they're saying here. And you found yourself your first product in your first service that these people, this audience that you have now connecting with eye, going to really, really want what is your ideal outcome when it comes to business of brand? So basically, this is the inverse let have them put it in their own words so that you can use it in your marketing. And then I wanted to know how are they currently employed by a company, and if so, what is their role? And this helped me design my customer Avatar, Go quickly over here to the responses that we got. Now you can see their individual responses, but I'm going to come in and show you that specific responses you can see. Biggest fear, frustration. What comes that brand? These are the answers that they they had and these are the answers them creating this course around because I know that people want to know how to get started. I want I know that people want to get more exposure using their material, get more sales, how to have a sustainable business and ever changing markets had a have something that grounds them just knowledge and marketing, understanding the principle concepts behind it and thats why making this training in the way that I am now? What is the ideal outcome? This is how I'm going to market. My course in my training is to be able to reach customers travel, identify your people directly connected them and using this survey so critical, if you can have this shift of you can't design your product and your service in a vacuum. But you must first know who you want to serve, and you should do that by having what are you most passionate about? And who do you work best with and enjoy? Because that's what's gonna make you consistent and then find out what their problem is and then start to solve their problems in your product or service, and that's where we'll get into face to together. So I hope to see you over there in face to what we now start to design, what a product or a service is based around our custom and needs. 7. Your Next Steps: awesome. A massive congratulations on making it through part one of this series. And I'm very excited for you because it really shows your commitment to what you want to achieve. With good digital marketing presence now talking about presence, I have three presents for you. The 1st 1 we have a huge challenge that's complementary to the Siri's. And it has all these short of videos that are quite long enough for a school shit. Course you can come over and watch, and we come out with new ones every truth days. And make sure you go to YouTube top entrepreneur Academy and go and watch the videos that tickle your fancy. The second president is actually present for May. So thank you very much. I would love to see you leave a review on this course. For me, it takes about 20 seconds of your time, and I really value your honest feedback. So if you could let me know what you liked about this course, it really helps me up. The 3rd 1 of course, is a present once again for you, because I will give you twice as much as I artful. And in this we have a full serious. This is part one. This is finding and connecting with the audience. We're now going to go on into clarifying your brand message. Figure out what offer and prevent what services and products that you can Then go on, offer them based on the survey that we've done together. So make sure you go over to ask your shipper folk and scroll down and up with the thumbnail up here on the screen so you can see which one is part true of this. It will have another digital marketing to label on it and continue your learning. I made these courses as fun as possible with lots of real world examples relevant to any Nietzsche. Doesn't matter. What me assuring. I'm excited to do this whole joining together in this 23 part series, but now we'll start with part two together. So I'm excited to see you over there. Congratulations. Once again, I'll see you in the next room.