Find Your Creative Style: An Exploration Through Floral Techniques | Peggy Dean | Skillshare

Find Your Creative Style: An Exploration Through Floral Techniques

Peggy Dean, The Pigeon Letters | Lettering & Illustration

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12 Videos (1h 26m)
    • Introduction

    • Part 1: Lesson 1 - Colors & Shapes

    • Part 1: Lesson 2 - Unlikely Combos

    • Part 1: Lesson 3 - Patterns & Detail

    • Part 1: Lesson 4 - Intentionally Imperfect Outlines

    • Part 2: Lesson 1 - Drawing: Size Matters

    • Part 2: Lesson 2 - Get Your Doodle On (Drawing Forward Facing Flowers)

    • Part 2: Lesson 3 - Doodle a Wee Bit More 

    • Part 2: Lesson 4 - Get Real(istic)

    • Part 2: Lesson 5: What's in a Leaf?

    • Part 3: Color and Details

    • Let's get this party started.

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About This Class


This class is intended to allow you to expand your creative mind and try some new styles you may not have otherwise thought to try. Developing your own style takes experimentation. Even if you don't love a particular style, executing it in practice gives you the experience and the opportunity to make it yours. And who knows - you might end up using an aspect of a certain style and apply it to another style that would have otherwise not have been considered. See where I'm going with this? 

We'll explore color, style, details, patterns, sizing and more with a focus on how these simple elements can transform your work. Let's do this!






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Peggy Dean

The Pigeon Letters | Lettering & Illustration

Hey hey! I'm Peggy. I'm native to the Pacific Northwest and I love all things creative. From a young age I was dipping everything I could into the arts. I've dabbled in quite an abundance of varieties, such as ballet, fire dancing, crafting, graphic design, traditional calligraphy, hand lettering, painting with acrylics and watercolors, illustrating, creative writing, jazz, you name it. If it's something involving being artistic, I've probably cycled through it a time or two (or 700).


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