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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This bite sized course will help you to combat creative blocks, be more creative or simply be more mindful in your creativity, using the concept of 'Flow.'

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ErinBlythe Sanders

Humanities. People. Education.


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1. FlowClass1: Hi, this is Erin, both Sanders. Welcome back. To find your creative flow, we're gonna be talking about quite a few things today, starting with the simple question. Really? What exactly is float? So Flow is a concept that was created by a psychologist. His name is me. High check sent me Hi. And it started really in the seventies. It's this idea that we now call basically being in the zone. He turned it flow. And it's that idea that when you're engaged in an activity, especially creative activities, you're and you're so fully focused you become more energized to become more creative. You, um, have a just a better output of whatever it may be. So finding your flow could do quite a few things that can help get you out of a creative Brett. It can crack your creative blocks. It can really allow you to find creative activities that have a true talent for, and I can allow you to both beak creative and more productive again. It's not always more of what you produce, but the quality and Reince So what we'll be doing in this course? Wow, we again, Were we just continually discussing what this concept of flow is. Where you going? Teoh Really learned with the benefits of flow, you're going to learn how toe pick a task to practice your flow. You will learn how to find the right quiet time and place. You will learn how to focus and then lose yourself in flow. You learn how the practice of flow can help you create and really help you A tasks, all kinds of tests, really, But we're gonna be focusing on creative tasks. All right, so what will our class, Project B. It's gonna be really simple. It's gonna be pretty much anything of your choosing. You're gonna choose a creative task that you've kind of been struggling with. Do you have 1/2 finished needle point somewhere? Is there a souffle recipe you just can't get right has there? Ah, half finished painting in your studio. It up to you Choose whatever that task, Maybe you're going to complete a journal entry before you start the practice of flow. Kind of speaking to why you feel stuck, what your issues are with this creative task, what you'd like to get out of the exercise I need to share an image of your task. If it's again a painting or a piece of sewing easy enough, just click a picture and share it. If your baby doing some writing, you are more than welcome to either share just by copying peace, doing some of your text. Or you can actually take a picture of your writing, whatever makes most sense for you. And then after the exercise, you're gonna complete a second journal entry. And that journal entry is going to really make you focus on Lee practice itself. So you will kind of contemplate on how you felt during it, how productive you were, how far you got along on your project. And then you will share a second image of your progress again. If you're writing poetry and taking pictures makes sense, feel free to post your entire completed poem to the class. If you're comfortable with that or again, you know, show your progress of your painting, your cooking, whatever it may be. All right. So our next video is gonna be how to get started with all this. So stay tuned 2. FlowClass2: welcome back to find your creative flow. I'm Erin Life Sanders. Today we're really gonna focus on how to choose a task for your first foray here into finding flow. It's really simple. Um, really, what you need to do? It's two steps you need to choose something that you love or at least like a whole lot. And you needed to do something that's challenging, but not too hard. So, you know, do you love to? So But you can't focus on that kick pleat. Do you like cooking? But you don't have the patience for souffle. Um, do you wanna get better at coating? Um, making claim mugs? It really could be anything. Um, but it needs to be not too hard. So you don't want to jump into this with trying to figure out particle physics or even really trying to put together a Kia furniture. Leave that for another time, but it really other than that, something that you're really, really interested in, but something that's not too hard again for their course project. Really simple. Here. You're gonna choose that task. You're gonna choose that piece of creative work, and you're gonna write yourself a simple journal entry. Why did you choose that task? Are you in a block? Do you just feel stuck? Do you just want to paint more happy little clouds? You want paint better? Happy little clouds, Whatever their reasons for feeling kind of stuck are, um, again only for you. You don't have to share this at all. What you do want a post in the class project is what you've chosen and why you chose it. Okay, so you're going to post a photo, Um, of your half. Done, um, cross stitch, or you're going to post a photo of a recipe. You just can't get a handle on you. If you're doing writing again, you can just copy and paste some of your poetry in the bond. If it's a poem that you wanna complete. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, that's perfectly fine. You're more than welcome to just kind of tell people what task you chose. This is completely up to you if you're not comfortable sharing your artistic output, which is completely understandable. But for the project for this class, you want to go to the course project section and you're gonna post your task in a post again either a photo or a quick, you know, cut and paste of whatever it is that you feel that you're gonna be doing all right. So our next video, we're gonna talk about how to find the right time and how to banish all the distractions that are maybe keeping you from completing your creative task. 3. FlowClass3: I am Aaron Blades Sanders. Welcome back To find your creative flow. Today's class is all about finding the right time for you to get into flow, just like meditation or a good nap. You really need the proper conditions for this. There's three simple steps to figure out what that is for you. They're gonna be completely individual, Teoh, each of you. So there's really no right time for everyone. So you're gonna need to ask yourself a few questions, right? So, are you a morning person? Do you feel most energized after, I don't know, Maybe a midnight snack. Oh, maybe it's on your lunch break in a hidden conference room in your office. You really just need to figure out what your best time this again. It's gonna be different for all of you. Now, within that best time, you need to find a quiet place to do your task in that best time. So maybe your best time is mid morning, but you are watching several small Children who are making a lot of noise. It's gonna be difficult for you to find a quiet time the best time within that window. You're really going to figure out what's gonna work best for you, right? So once you figured out what your best time is and where a quiet place is within that best time, you need to clear away distraction. You really need to turn off much tech as possible. Put your phone on silent and stick it in your bag. Turn off the radio, the TV. Um, unless you're doing your creative task on your computer, you really don't want that open for sure. And beyond that, you need to clean up your immediate workspace. Now, I'm not saying you need to file away every piece of paper on it. You're more than welcome to put it in a giant pile the foot of the desk or your bed or wherever it is, you're gonna be working and deal with it later. But you need to clear off your immediate works based. You need to make sure that your eye isn't wandering to a pile of bills. You know, you need to make sure that you know there isn't a clock that's ticking and that you're here is gonna get caught on, so just really turn off is much check is possible. Clean up your immediate workspace and you're gonna have all the right conditions, remember? Course project. Now they've decided what? You're right Time your best time is you still need to post a picture of your task before you begin the floor exercise. I could be that picture of an unfinished painting. Your empty poetry notebook. Um, given text editor open with some half inch code in it. Post that. Also, do you remember if you are again uncomfortable sharing your creative output, that is totally fine. Just kind of explain to the class what task you've chosen and why you've chosen it. Don't feel 1% obligated to post a photo. Although I would love to see the projects. I would love to see as many photos as possible. So in our next video, we're going to get to the meat of the matter. We're gonna learn how to focus, would learn how to get into flow, and then you know how. Lose yourself within it. E can't wait to see what projects you guys are coming up with. 4. FLowClass4: Hi, Erin by Sanders. Welcome back To find your creative flow today, we're going to be learning to focus. Now. This is very much like meditation, and we'll take practice. Each of you will need to do this in different steps. Each of you may need to do this in a little bit of a different way. Is this kind of an individual process? So let's start so it's easy as started. So Step one is just to begin your task, start your task and keep focused on it as long as you can. Now, do you find your mind wandering and you will. That's okay. Just recognize that your mind is wandering and then return your focus to your quote. But you're sewing or your novel or your recipe testing whatever it may be, Then keep focusing on your task for Aziz long as possible. Eventually, you won't have to focus on focusing Now. If you find your mind continuing to wander, it might help you to write things down as they pop in your head so that you can kind of just dismiss them. Go for it. I have a little pad of paper, right? Whatever is popping in your head down and then forget about it for right now. Get back to focusing Number four. This is kind of the step that's a little difficult for some people. You really need to. While you're in the moment of working on your task, notice the contentment that you have feel the joy you have of just being very present in this moment. Now this might have to wait till later. For some people, it's difficult to kind of address how they're feeling in the moment. That's fine when you're done with your task. Take a moment to think about how you felt while you were completing it. So again you're gonna have to repeat these four steps over and over. And then we'll get to a point where you no longer have to focus on focusing, and you can really just engage yourself in your task. But just start that task with all you have to dio start it. Try and focus, return your focus and then focus on how you're feeling for your class project. When we have a second journal entry, it's all about how you felt while inflow. How much progress did you make on your task. And again, that's not necessarily the most important thing, right? But it is something that you want to be aware. And this is where you're going to be posting that picture of your task after you've been in flow. Did you finish that painting? Did you make that souffle? Did you finish your quote? Uh, if not, that's again. Okay? And you also don't have to share the photo. Remember, it's totally fine if you also just tell the class in your course project what you decided to work on and kind of the experience that you had perfectly fine. So our next video, we're going to talk about practicing this idea flow, repeating those four steps over and over and kind of what are the rewards that come with that? And I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your projects 5. FlowClas5: does Aaron by Sanders Welcome back to find your creative flow. This is our last video in this bite sized Siri's. And I hope that you will have been practicing, practicing and practicing. I hope you have continuously been practicing each step that we outlined in the previous video and that you have kind of really found what? You're right time. You're right. Place your right project. It's maybe the time you thought you were the most productive wasn't right. Um, maybe you found out that you actually do need to file all of those papers that are cluttering your desk instead of just putting them aside. That's fine. That's, you know, a step that you need to learn about yourself in orderto find this flow. And I hope that within this practice you have not only found a way to be more productive, that maybe you've overcome your creative blocks and that you've really reaped some rewards . Here I'll be have found some joined fulfillment in your creative tasks. We've made some progress and again, well, that's not necessarily the most important thing. It's really great and really helpful to get over a block by seeing that you can just move forward. And I hope that you have you really found a way to enjoy this productive space Now for your course project, Remember? Ideally, I'd love to see kind of a before and after of your project before you started the flow exercise and after see how far you came. If you're not comfortable sharing that, that's fine. Share the task that you chose and maybe give us a little writing about you know, how you felt and where you got to. Um, if you decided that you were gonna write 10 hiking a share one great one with us, I'd love to see it. That's up to you that whatever you feel most comfortable sharing And I hope you continue to practice this I hope you keep learning how to focus on and we keep sparking your creativity through finding flow. I thank you for joining us on this very short little trip. If you have any questions, please send them my way. I will happily answer them. And again, I hope you're all out there creating and finding your flow. Thank you.