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Find Your Brand Focus: A Brand First Workshop

Chris Fredricks, Brand Strategy and Design @ OPEN co.

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Hello!

    • 20 Year Roadmap

    • Start With Why

    • Top 3 Values

    • Top 3 Audiences

    • Brand Promise / Differentiation

    • Brand Positioning Statement

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About This Class

A workshop format class to figure out your focus as a brand. Download the worksheets and let's go!

In this class I will take you through content gathered from the Google Venture's 3 Hour Brand Sprint, as well as tools I use when leading Branding workshops in real life. The goal is to brainstorm the things that really matter to you as a brand, and in the end figure out what makes you REALLY different from your competition. 

I will lead you through a real world example and use my design studio as an example. Follow along as the video plays, pause when you need a minute to brainstorm and hop back in when you are ready. 

This process is used by me on a daily basis when working with my clients. It also uses a design sprint format of Note & Vote, which is used in design thinking exercises. At the very least you can figure out your personal brand, and if you work with clients you can apply it to their brands as well. 

Let's get started!

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Excellent course Chris! I've taken other branding workshops and enjoyed your truly straight-forward slightly off-camera approach very much. Found a few pearls too like "Best brands start with their Why and then they tell you the What or at that point the What doesn't matter, you just believe them." You said it kind of off the cuff but it hit me with a pow! My brand deals not with a specific product but with a combination of business coaching and spiritual development for Artists. I'm finding it really tough to find the language without sounding airy-fairy as I narrow my message. That's part of the challenge and what I hope to solve with my new platform. The audience and focussing exercises were helpful toward that end. Next I'm looking for a web designer to help me craft something really refreshing and edgy in this space. Match their voice with mine basically. All best to you, KK
Awesome. Simple, down to earth presentation with information thats easy to apply to your own business, Chris' quiet delivery is funny and entertaining.
Awesome class! Chris' laid back presentation style and ability to explain fairly complex ideas simply is a great contrast to the usual "build your brand" shouting technique that is often employed. But then that shouldn't be a surprise since he did tell us that he is a "simplifier". So he's right. Take this class for sure.
Ronnie Walter

Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach





Chris Fredricks

Brand Strategy and Design @ OPEN co.

Chris Fredricks is the creative director and founder of OPEN co. a design studio focused on building brands, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The studio is in its early stages and is structured around the idea of being "radically open," by having a remote workforce, encouraging employee side projects, and a focus on social and community responsibility. Chris started OPEN co. after four years as the Art Director / Designer for the sun care company Sun Bum, during their early years. He also is curre...

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