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Find The Perfect Business Domain Name for Your Website

teacher avatar Michael Luchies, Entrepreneur & Writer✎

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is A Domain Name

    • 3. Importance of Your Domain Name

    • 4. Your Naming Journey

    • 5. How to Search for Domain Availability

    • 6. Domain Search

    • 7. If Your Domain Isnt Available

    • 8. Trademark Availability

    • 9. Project

    • 10. Wrap Up

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About This Class

Do you have the perfect name for your small business, startup, or website? Both the name of your business and your domain name, which is your website’s url, are extremely important. But there’s a problem. Not only is it hard just to pick a name for your business that will properly suit it and attract customers, you need to find an available domain name, and over 500 million of them are already taken.

Over the past decade, I have named over 600 businesses and websites. For the first time, I am sharing the process I use so that you can find the right name and domain name for your business.

This course is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Marketers
  • Creatives
  • Content Writers and Freelancers Looking to Create Business Names for Others

I will be available to answer your questions and review your name if requested, so please feel free to contact me for additional help. I sincerely want you to find the perfect name for your business and secure the domain name for it, and I believe the best first step you can take is by pressing play and starting this course. 

In this course, you will learn my process and work to find the best domain name for your business. So let’s get started! Start watching and following along as we work to find the perfect name for your business and website.

Course Agenda: 

  • Introduction
  • What is a Domain Name?
  • Your Naming Journey
  • Domain Name Importance
  • How to Search
  • What if it isn't Available?
  • Trademark Availability
  • Project; Register Your Domain
  • Summary

Let's start! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Luchies

Entrepreneur & Writer✎


Have you made your wildest dreams come true, or are you still searching for the right help to get you past your fears and doubts and on the right track to accomplish your dreams and goals? 

If you are ready to learn and want to improve yourself, build a business, or learn new skills, look no further! My name is Michael Luchies and I'm an entrepreneurial writer who guides entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses towards growth with content. 

I am the Founder of TrepRep, Co-Founder of the Write Your Startup community, an experienced communications manager, amateur standup comedian, former contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, TEDx alum, former Interview Editor and Podcast Host for Under30CEO, and Copywriter for Propllr. I have spent the past... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Do you have a name in mind for your business, but you have yet to reserve your domain name. Well, you've come to the right place. My name is Michael leukemia, and this course is finding the perfect business domain name for your website. Over the last 10 years, I've named over 600 businesses. I'm an entrepreneurial writer and an entrepreneur myself. And in this course we're going to go through the process of registering your website domain name for your business. I'll walk you through the steps, help give you some additional tips. And as your project, you'll go ahead and register your domain name. And then after it's registered, you'll share in the project section of this course. I look forward to having you in this class and I look forward to teaching it. Please join me. Go ahead and click on the first video and let's get started securing your domain name. 2. What is A Domain Name: So what is a domain name? Well, obviously it is a website name with So, Your domain name identifies your business on the Internet. It allows people to find your business on what? On the web. And the virtual home of your businesses where that is parked, where that is located. 3. Importance of Your Domain Name: So what's the importance of your domain name? I mean, I can just find any and tell people to find my business there, right? Well, your domain name is likely the first thing people will search. When hearing of your business, they are going to assume it's your business name and that come unless you tell them differently. It helps customers find you or prevents them from finding you, also separates your business from competitors, and it works alongside search engine optimization, your web content, and all of your branding efforts. In other words, it's extremely important. Another, know if it's hard to pronounce or remember your domain name. It's going to do your business, a disservice. 4. Your Naming Journey: So let's talk about your naming journey. Now this is all about where you are in the naming process, which does matter in terms of this course. So this course is intended for those who are in one of the following situations. Your business already has an established name. If you already have your name picked, you know, that's the name you're going with. Then let's talk about how to find the right domain name and register that domain name. If you have picked a name for your startup, it's not already established, um, but you know the name that you really want to go with this course is for you. If you have several ideas and what you want to name your business and you want to see if those are available. This course is also for you. But if you're not here yet, so if you're not really sure what you want to name your business, if you don't have a few ideas, you don't have one that you settled down. Then you need to take a step back and really focus on coming up with a name that's going to fit your business, going to fit your target market. And I do have a perfect course for you. It's called How to find the best name for your business. And that is here on Skillshare. So go ahead and look for that course, take that course, and then come back to this course. 5. How to Search for Domain Availability: Now let's talk about how to search for domain availability. To see if your ideal domain is available, all you need to do a search for your domain and the domain registrar website. So what does that mean? Well, you've probably heard of some of the most popular domain registration sites, including, which is the one I usually end up using. Host, named, which I just used recently. Not bad. And it is as the name says, it is a cheaper way to register domain names, and dream So those are the places you want to go and you can type in your domain name and search to see if that's available, which is what we'll do next. 6. Domain Search: All right, Now it's time to practice searching for a domain name. We're also going to talk about some of the things that you should be looking for when you search for your domain name before you register. So let's take one that we already know is taken. Let's go ahead and type in And we're going to search for that domain and obviously see that it's taken. What it's gonna do is give you some other ideas and we'll talk about what to do if your domain name is taken in the next lesson. But here they'll give you additional ideas of what you can name. So they'll come up with some synonyms instead of Skillshare, skill piece not come. And they also have alternative top-level domains like Skillshare dot io. And obviously skill shares a very, very popular website. I wouldn't even recommend going with a name like that, even using an alternate domain extension. Another thing you want to look for when you search for the main availability is sometimes you'll search for a name. Let's try skills and see if we get something here. So here's another example. So skills is available to purchase. So this means it's not just available from a domain registration website. Somebody has purchased it and they're selling it for nearly $1500. Another possible outcome you can have is where it says, congratulations, your name is available, but it's dot co and, which is another alternate domain extension. So obviously you want I have had businesses still use other domains and be happy with those, but most people do want dot-coms. The problem is availability. It's extremely, extremely difficult, especially if you're picking a word that already exists. just isn't going to be available. If you pick a couple of words that makes sense and are relevant to your business, those probably aren't available either. So sometimes you do need to get creative and we can talk a bit about that. But that is basically how you search for, for domain availability. 7. If Your Domain Isnt Available: So if you haven't yet, make sure to pause the course here and go search for your domain name to see if it's available. Now hopefully, it's available and you can move on to registering your domain name, which means you can skip to the next slide. But it's very likely that your domain was not available. I would almost guarantee it probably wasn't. And I'm sorry about that. That's thinks so. What do you do now? So here are your options. As I see them, you can register an alternate top-level domain, which we talked just a little bit about. You can dot app.use ink that coda IO, there's I think around 1500 different types of top-level domains. It's getting a little insane. But you can look at those other options and decide to register one of those. Obviously is going to be more powerful. Some people still might go to, but you can still keep that name and register an alternate domain. You can also combine your business name with another word for the domain name to try to get dot-com availability. So if your businesses name is Skillshare, you could change your domain name to get It's very popular in the apse space and mobile applications. I see that quite a bit. Get XYZ. You could also do Skillshare or whatever your business is called. If it's an app or maybe it's a store, you can also do the Skillshare company that calm or LLC add something, some kind of word that still makes sense before or after your business name. To give it dot-com availability, you just need to make sure you mark it that it's not just your business name, that your website is XYZ You can also alter your business name to find an domain name. One way is just to do a full rebrand consider, you should consider hiring an agency or a freelancer. This is where I come in. Usually people get to this step. They were really frustrated. And then they hire me to come up with options that have availability. And you could also do an alternate spelling. You can change the spelling of your business name to see if any alterations of the business name are available, which can work. It can make it confusing and possibly change the meaning of your, your business name. But I've seen it work, especially when people come up with something more creative, a modern style name. And another option you have is trying to purchase the domain name that you really want on the several ways to do that. As we saw in the previous example, it showed us how much that domain name was selling for and you can purchase it right through GoDaddy. Another option is to see who owns it and reach out to them privately to see if they're open to selling, which I have done before. I've had people do that to me before as well, and purchase a domain name. So there are some options. Don't give up, keep, keep working forward. You will find the right domain name for your business. 8. Trademark Availability: And before you go ahead and register your domain name, I do want to just touch on trademark availability. Even if you find an or whatever it is, it doesn't mean that you will own that name after you purchase the domain. Somebody could still have a trademark for that business name in your industry, and that will put you in your business at risk. This is also a common way that I end up getting clients. They pick a name, they find a domain name, they get a cease and desist letter in the mail, or they get threatened with a lawsuit, and so they have to change their name or else face other consequences. So you wanna make sure you search. So make sure there are no trademarks for your name before finalizing it. Something I do it usually is do a quick search on trademark You can see what trademarks exist on that business name and make sure you just use the core word. If you try to search, skill share company, blah, blah. It might show no trademarks, but if you just use the word Skillshare, obviously it's going to show that trademark and you want to search the main word that's used in your business to see what trademarks are already on that word. And it is possible that you can still use the name even if there are trademarks. But you wanna make sure there's not any in your industry. So if you're in computer software, yeah, just all comes down to what the trademarks are. If there's something in communication that might deal with computers, there's probably some risk there. If it's in leather work and you're working with network solutions, you're probably okay. I would still recommend trying to consult with a trademark attorney if you have any questions. I'm not a trademark attorney. Although I do this on a regular basis, I always recommend that people make sure that you cover your butt. Don't put your business and yourself at risk by potentially violating somebody else's trademark. Make sure you do this search before finalizing your business name. 9. Project: All right, so now we're to the exciting part is your project. It's time to register your domain name. So registration for a domain, it usually cause around ten to $15. This can be different depending on what type of top-level domain you're registering. For some other options. Think di oh, at least was a pretty expensive options. Some can be $50. If you're purchasing a domain name, it can be thousands of dollars. But if you're just registering dot net, I'm usually around ten to $15 a year, but it does not include any hosting capabilities. You can launch your website just from that basic package you off to pay more. One thing you can do just with buying a basic domain name is you can transfer that to other registration sites. You can also transfer it to a website creation platform, something like Squarespace, I hosting or any of those. There's a lot of different places you can create a website, you can always transfer it to those places. Usually it doesn't cost anything to transfer. I'm also having an email at your domain will cause an additional fees. Well, I know that's something that I pay up for just because it is really nice to have an email that links back to web address. People can also see who owns a domain unless you purchase protection against it. That's a few bucks a month or a few bucks a year. But there is an up charge. You can pay, so nobody can find out who owns a certain website. Also making sure after you register domain that you keep information secure so you can control your domain name, make sure you have access to it. You don't want to get locked out. So now it's time to register your domain name. All you need to do for the step is search on the domain registration of your site. And you can always look at ratings of ones if you want to decide which domain registrar to go with. As I said, I usually use They're the easiest for me to use. But you can find, you can use named cheap for something a little bit cheaper, a couple of bucks cheaper a year. And there are others as well. So do your own research there. Make sure you feel comfortable with whoever you're going to go with to register domain name. Whenever you land on the domain name is available, you can just continue through the registration process, make sure they don't try to up charge you. There are a lot of other boxes they might have checked off that they'll try to sell you on. Just go with the basic domain registration. Unless you do on the Purchase website hosting, email addresses, and all of that. I'd say at this point, keep it simple. You can always upgrade to those later on. 10. Wrap Up: Thank you for taking finding the perfect business domain name for your website. I hope this course has been helpful. If it has, please review my course, let other people know what they can expect. And after you register your domain name, make sure to share in the project section of this course. I can't wait to check it out. Thanks again and best of luck to you and your business.