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Financial Statements Analysis: Learn to Invest Like a Pro!

GFS Global Finance School, Global Finance School

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20 Lessons (2h 31m)
    • 1. FS Intro

    • 2. Financial Statements and the Stock Market

    • 3. Introducing the Balance Sheet

    • 4. 2.1

    • 5. A Deeper Look At the Balance Sheet

    • 6. 4.1

    • 7. The Profit & Loss (Income Statement)

    • 8. Depreciation

    • 9. 6.1

    • 10. The Cash Flow Statement

    • 11. The company’s Profit and Cash Flow

    • 12. 8.1

    • 13. Statments of changes in equity

    • 14. Lecture O Financial Statement Ratios

    • 15. Current Ratios

    • 16. Quick Ratio and Equity Balance Sheet Total Ratio

    • 17. Profit and Loss Statement Ratios

    • 18. 13.1

    • 19. Net Profit Per Share

    • 20. Combined ratio


About This Class

“I call it the Rule of Three. If you read a company’s financial statements three times, and you still can’t figure out how they make their money, that’s usually for a reason”. James S. Chanos, founder of Kynikos Associates.

This course will help you to assess any company, while reading their financial statements.

The course covers all the basic aspects of reading and analyzing financial statements using different financial ratios. It will guide and teach you how and when to use those powerful tools in order to be able to assess the financial situation and profitability of a potential company and thus to decide if to invest in it in the stock market.

Knowing how to read and analyze financial statements is a "must" for any investor who wants to achieve successful results, trying to avoid investments in failing or fraudulent companies. This course will simplify all that 'intimidating" financial terminology, so that anyone can easily learn and understand it, even without background in finance or business management.

The lectures in the course are accompanied by different exercises and real-life examples. While the course focuses on the practical applications of the material, it also provides you with the necessary theoretical foundation that any investor needs to know and master.

We at Global Finance School (GFS) have over 30 years of experience in teaching finance and empowering individuals, families and businesses across the world. Our group of experts makes sure that all our courses are up to the top quality standards, offering you the best value for your time and money.

If you are a beginner investor, looking to upgrade your portfolio and enhance your earnings, this course is the best place for you to start!





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GFS Global Finance School

Global Finance School

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