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Financial Modeling For Software Startups

Win Smith, Practical Finance for Entrepreneurs

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9 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. CH 0 Intro

    • 2. Ch 1 Setting Up Assumptions

    • 3. Ch 2 Fixed Costs

    • 4. Ch 3 Variable Costs

    • 5. Ch 4 Revenue and Unit Build

    • 6. Ch 5 Monthly Consolidation

    • 7. Ch 6 Dashboard Financials

    • 8. Ch 7 Dashboard KPIs

    • 9. Ch 8 Dashboard Cash Assessment


About This Class

This course is designed for founders of a software subscription business looking to develop a financial model. If you are thinking about a fundraise or looking to better measure and assess your financial performance, this is a great course for you!

My goal as a teacher is to use this modeling course to help entrepreneurs better understand financial drivers and interactions of their business. As an entrepreneur your time and money is precious, and understanding the mechanics of your business will allow you to better assess strategic decisions around where, when, and how to invest that time and money.

This course is meant to be very hands on. We will be building a model together live, and while the run time for this course is under 2h, you should not assume your first model will be built that quickly! Be patient, set aside a day to get the structure of your model up and running and then know that you will constantly update the mechanics of your model and research more refined assumptions throughout the life of your business.

Your goal should be to add financial analysis to your entrepreneurial toolset to improve your strategic decision making!