Financial Accounting Made easy - #1 The Language of Business | John MCLELLAN | Skillshare

Financial Accounting Made easy - #1 The Language of Business

John MCLELLAN, The Coach

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About This Class

Types-of-ownership.docxUnderstand that many business terms are actually accounting terms and that by learning accounting you will become very familiar with business concepts. Also know the three types and forms of businesses.





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The Coach

I am a Professor of Accounting with over thirty-five years experience teaching accounting to college students, undergraduate and MBA university students as well as CMA candidates seeking to earn theirProfessional Certified Management Accountant Designation.

I achieved my Certified Management Accountant Designation 40 years ago. With that I then earned my Masters of Business Administration degree and later a PHD in accounting.

I have developed and will continue to develop a numbe...

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