Finance for Founders, Creators and Freelancers

Greg Dickens, Recovering Banker & Startup Mentor

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23 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finance vs Accounting

    • 3. Demo: Expenses and Revenues

    • 4. Financial Statements

    • 5. Income Statement Overview

    • 6. Revenues

    • 7. Cost of Sales

    • 8. Gross Profit and Gross Margin

    • 9. Demo: Revenues to Gross Profit

    • 10. Operating Expenses

    • 11. Cost Drivers

    • 12. Income Statement Wrap-Up

    • 13. Demo: Gross Profit to Net Profit

    • 14. Demo: Income Statement for Freelancers

    • 15. Demo: Income Statement for Creators

    • 16. Reverse Income Statement

    • 17. Demo: Reverse Income Statement

    • 18. Demo: Testing the Feasibility of a Business Idea

    • 19. Demo: Budgeting

    • 20. Demo: Pricing

    • 21. Demo: Reverse Income Statement for Freelancers

    • 22. Demo: Reverse Income Statement for Creators

    • 23. Class Project and Conclusion


About This Class

Cut through the noise and learn the basics of finance to help you make better decisions

Finance is complicated and especially difficult to navigate for founders, creators, and freelancers who don't come from a formal business background. In this course, we will strip away all of the complex concepts that you don't need to know and just focus on what is really important.  You will see step-by-step how to use finance to make better decisions in order to help your business or project succeed.

In this course, we will cover basic financial concepts, get familiar with the Income Statement, and walk you through a very simple yet powerful financial model that can help you make better decisions for prioritizing projects, setting prices, budgeting and more.

Hands-on Learning

You'll follow along with me as I build an example Income Statement and a financial model from scratch and then put them to work testing different business scenarios. You will then be ready to do the same thing for your class project using real-life information from your business.

What You'll Take Away from the Class

Cut through the noise of Accounting and Finance jargon. See how simple finance can be when you only focus on the essentials that you really need.

Understand the most important financial document: The Income Statement. Just knowing this, you can feel confident about knowing your numbers.

Build a simple but powerful financial model. Step-by-step how you will build a financial model based on the Income Statement that will help you understand your business better.

Use a financial model to make better decisions See how powerful a little bit of finance can be as this model can help you with business planning, pricing, budgeting, and more.

Note: I use Google Sheets (part of Google Docs) to build all of the examples in this class but you could also use Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, or any other spreadsheet tool.