Final Cut Pro X: My Software of Choice for Advanced Video Editing and Rendering

Jerry Banfield, Teacher with 103 Classes

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10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

    • 2. Importing your talking head videos live in Final Cut Pro X

    • 3. Importing a video you already recorded into Final Cut Pro X

    • 4. Other ways to record live in Final Cut Pro X

    • 5. Basic editing functions in Final Cut Pro X

    • 6. Final Cut Pro X has great audio editing options

    • 7. Adding graphics your videos is fairly simple in Final Cut Pro X

    • 8. You can add text a lot of different ways in Final Cut Pro X

    • 9. Exporting options to render your video in Final Cut Pro X

    • 10. Send to compressor for long rendering jobs and multiple videos


About This Class

Welcome to my class on getting started using Final Cut Pro X! I use Final Cut on Mac to edit and render the videos you see in my bestselling video courses and the videos I upload to my YouTube channel.

Final Cut Pro X, Camtasia, and Wirecast enables me to create the high quality video content my students love! The following topics will be covered in this class:

  • Tour around the interface
  • Importing talking head videos
  • Importing a previously recorded video
  • Recording live video in Final Cut Pro X
  • Audio editing options
  • Adding graphics to your videos
  • Adding text to your videos
  • Exporting and rendering options
  • Using the compressor for long rendering jobs

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in the course!

Here is a link to download a free trial of Final Cut Pro X for Mac!