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Final Cut Pro Type Tutorial: Grunge Style Type

teacher avatar Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Grunge Style Title Text

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About This Class

Creat your own version of this cool, animated grunge style type in Final Cut Pro X. 

There are some great tips in this class includding how to integrate Photoshop files to create transparency and how to animate a blurred title.

Meet Your Teacher

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Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses


For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create grunge style text or my basic and advanced split screen tutorials.

I look forward to seeing your projects and am always happy to answer your questions.

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1. Grunge Style Title Text: hi there. So in this jittery, we're gonna have a look at how we create grunge like text in final Cut Pro 10. Now we're going to use a couple of different image elements within final cut Pro on The first is image with generating in photo shop. We'll have a little look at how have created that. But I'm not going to run into too much detail with the photo shop file creation itself. But I will leave it down low for the father. I've used to create this kind of broken up text, but it could should give you a good idea of what you need to create all the kinds of files you need to work with. So let's have a look at what we've got here. So basically, we've got this basic type, which is just the simple type that you can use in Final Cut pro 10 on. Then we've applied an image masked to it. I'm using a particular layer technique in final cut pro 10 that does that kind of cuts through the type and allows us toe show the image in the background on through the type of the video in the background through the type. OK, so this first section is just the type itself and then I've just to demonstrate how it can work. In a real example, I just added a blur in the background. The type fades in and then we switch between the type and focus on the background. In focus, a surfer starts to surface wave in Harlow Obey and Maui. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and just break this down and have a look at how this has created. So if we come to one of these compound clips, double click on it, then we're basically opening up a set of layers. Okay, Now, in these layers, we've got two things. One is a image layer, OK, which you can see is this photo shop layouts. A PNG file that's been saved out from photo shop on the layer below is notable tech. So if we double click on there, we can still edit this text. We can change it. So in adding this effect, we haven't lost that ability to enter the text, which is really nice and gives you that flexibility to kind of work on the text after you've actually added effects to it. OK on. Obviously, the effect that I've added this kind of layered effect is also over the whole screen. So you can see as I move this image around, as would be the text around Theo. Image in the background is kind of changing. So you can find the kind of sweet spot for the text in this layer because in some spots, the different letters may not be that alleged Was your kind of cutting in to those different parts of the letters. Okay, this will update on the timeline. So when I click back, basically, we're gonna have that update on the timeline, and it will render out once I've kind of moved around and done that. Okay, so let's go have a look at the photo shop file that we've created here. So if we jump into Photoshopped, basically what we have is a black and white image I've created with my brushes kind of customized brush, which is this triangle on have essentially flipped between black onda white to kind of give this texture effect. So it cuts into the type using the black and white mask once we're actually inside. Pretend so we can keep kind of working this up. They don't need to use this particular brush, but you can create your own and kind of get a nice effect with your own style, your own design. So once that's saved out, I haven't got any layers in this file. I've kept it as a single background layer. Now, one of the things I have done so far is I've just kind of bumped the contrast a little bit , so that if we go to image adjustment on levels in photo shop, then basically what I've tried to do is not have any kind of pure black in there. So I just bumped up the output levels. And what this means is that even though I'm cutting into the text, I'm still allowing the edge of that fun to be a little bit more visible. So, particularly is kind of hard of black areas already cut through the type on stop the edge of that type being visible so I can push the contrast. But then also just push this up so that we get a kind of softer cutting into the text because it's quite easy to break up the type to the point where it's completely illegible, amusing, in effect like this. So once that's happened, three effect will update, and you can see it's updated in my type that it was a little flash. Sometimes the PNG's comtech a little bit of time to update within final cut pro, depending on what you're doing in the speed of your machine. So be patient with your images to update to see the changes. So it's up there in life, so the image has re mast itself using that black and white image. Okay, so let's create a new timeline. So I'm just gonna copy this background click. I will run through all the steps to create the text on add the kind of effect onto their using the layer techniques. So we'll go to file new and project, and I just call this upon a, uh, Bay type tutorial. Okay, so now, So now we've got this set up, I'm just gonna pace. Then I'd copied the original video. Okay, so we've got this video of the waves rolling in small ways to Honolulu Bay rolling in on. Then eventually, this guy catches the wave, so basically want a time our type two lower out and fade out just as he's about to catch the wave. OK, so we'll just pull the beginning of this clip in a little bit. Okay? So the first step here is to go in and add the basic type. So I'm just gonna turn off my scrubbing so that we don't see that image flushing around too much. So I'm going to go to my type options here. Okay? I'm gonna search all type on, just type in basic or B s, and I should get the basic title pop up. So drag this across the timeline and let it type first. Just make it a bit bigger on type in Honolulu, Obey as our title. So okay, And then we'll select all that and then just push the size of that type right up. Okay, On this time, I'm gonna make it Helvetica bold. It's gonna kind of accentuate the effect a little bit, okay? And so once we have our text added down to tell him line. Now, we're now gonna go and drag our graphic down. So I'm gonna click up here and drag down this graphic, okay? And then just stretch this out and said it's stealing that whole area. The graphic. So now once that's done, I need to go ahead to my video area here on, just scroll down. And if you don't see the video inspector, go to window on show Inspector, which will be visible there if you expect is not visible. Okay, well, scroll down here on what we're looking for is thes compositing modes. Now the compositing modes allow us to control the capacity of earlier. Okay, So you can see we can increase and decrease capacity. But we want to use is the blend most that we have here. Okay, so we have some different blend modes for subtracting, which will add some cool effects for darkening an image on then. Also, if we go down to the bottom, we have these options. The stencil loomer on silhouette. Loomer. Okay, so we're gonna choose stencil UMA, which is basically going to stencil out and make more visible the white areas, the image. Okay, so you can see in the background here. We're kind of fading out that background image because we've got this stencil over the top of it. So it's kind of cool effect in its own right. But we want to contain it so that the stenciling is just happening on the text. Okay, so I'm gonna highlight these two, okay? And go to file new and compound clip. OK, that's basically going to group those two clips together as a compound clip. Okay? And we'll call this on the lower type brunch. Okay? And now it's gonna limit that effect just to the text itself. So you can see now I've got my type on those edges of the type of being cut into by the darker parts of the image. Okay, so we can see and hear these darker parts the image wants were in our main timeline here. When we play through, it's actually transparent. Okay, now, we could bump this up a little bit, So if we go to photo shop, we could increase that contrast here a little to kind of cut into the edge of that image a little bit more So. So if we go to image adjustments on levels Okay, on, just pull in from the left hand side. There we can add a little bit more information into the dark areas the image so you can see my image contrast is bumping up a little bit there. Okay, on If we click OK, and save that, we'll take a couple seconds. But then in final cut pro 10 you can see now we've just kind of sliced into that image bit more so you can kind of go back and forth, play with your photo shop image, add some more brush effects on, then work on it that way. So, for instance, if we go to photo shop on, we pick a different brush to okay, so we'll grab the regular brush, But then we'll flip this Teoh pencil, okay? And I'll just make this nice and small, okay? I'm gonna make this black so it's going to slice into the image with this brush, and I'll just kind of paints and lives across the middle there, which is gonna basically cut into the the image. So if we go back to find a cup, pretend now you'll see that we've got some kind of lines coming up there. So if we go to view 100% you'll see those lines that I've just drawn on now cutting in to the image behind so I can add some or save it until I get something that I'm happy with. Okay? So we can slice and cut into the text and you can see want to review it 100% here. We're getting a really nice effect on that text, and the text is still edible. So if we double click on the text here, jump into it, go to the layer below. We can now do things like editing the color. So if I go to the face here, Okay, I can get the color of my type. So let's make this a nice light. Yellow. Okay, we go back then. We've got that nice light yellow there will fit this back to the screen, and you can see what kind of slicing into that image. So let's go ahead now and add the second part of this tutorial, which is how to add the blur into the background off this image. Okay, so what, we're gonna go ahead and do is scroll back to the beginning of our clip here. We're going to keep the text in focus right at the beginning, but we're gonna add a transition here. So I'm going to use the default transition, which is across there's also command and t will bring that up. So my text now is gonna fade in at the beginning. Okay? And I want to lead the background, blurred as I'm doing this. So I'm gonna add a blur effect onto my both layers, actually. And then we're gonna key frame that so that we can switch the Blur from the background to the text as we come into the kind of action of the shot hit. So we'll go to our effects across here on the right hand side. We're gonna grab the Gaussian Blur. So we're in the blur section of our effects already, and we'll drag this across the both of these clips, okay. And then for our text, I'm just going to remove that completely. So going to come Teoh Gaussian blur and just drop that right down to zero. Okay, so I still have a nice, sharp text here. We don't want that blood yet, but we still have the blur effect there when we need to keep for him out. So I'm gonna come ahead in time here. My background is nice. and blood there. Okay. And then well, basically, I'm just gonna turn the blur off here in my effects. I just want to find the spot where that surfer drops onto the way. And that's the point of which I wanna do the switch. Okay, so I was pretty soon after this. Okay? So yeah, this is it. So just before this, we're gonna switch. So I'm gonna move my my title up here. Okay, on. I will come back to my video layer in the background, add the blur, and then I'm gonna keep friend up. Okay? So adding a key frame, they're basically now means that I can adjust this at this point on, have some animation between different key frame. So I'm gonna come to around this point. It's just play through that for timing, okay. So rather about here will now add another key frame. And then between those two key frames for the video in the background, we're gonna blow that out. So I'm just gonna go ahead in time here and drop that blur back down to zero, and then jump back to the previous a key frame here and just come ahead a little in time. Okay, so now I'm gonna key frame my text layer. So I'm gonna add a key frame here for my text layer for the amount blur. I'm gonna leave it at zero, and then I'm gonna come ahead in time and then increase the blur. Okay? Around 60 70% something like that. So once that's done, just pull this back in, okay? I'm gonna add another transition at the end, So come on T to transition. So we'll get that blur on the transition at the same time. So the text is gonna blow out, and then the background is going to come into focus. So we'll just let that render out for a second or two and then play it back in real time. Okay? So let's come ahead and we'll play this right through from the top. So we've got our blood background, Our text fades in, we come ahead in time, title is there. And then at this point in time, we should fade out. When the background comes into focus, focus that it's beautiful. Then we drop into the wife. Perfect. We could play with a time in there a little bit but that's looking pretty good. I'm happy with that. So that is how to add a grand effect to text using an image from photo shop, and you can download a lot of Texas online. These textures you don't necessarily need to make yourself, but it's kind of fun toe. Do the whole process yourself. You have complete design control there as well on. Then you will have a nice looking, grungy text, which you can cut into which is creditable on which you can reuse in different projects. Okay, so I have been useful. I have enjoyed my final cut pro tutorials on I look forward to seeing on the next one.