Filmmaking with Live Sound: Create a Rhythmic Video with Recorded Sounds | Dan Mace | Skillshare

Filmmaking with Live Sound: Create a Rhythmic Video with Recorded Sounds

Dan Mace, Peak Your Perspective

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Developing your idea

    • 4. Your Gear Bag & Things to Remember

    • 5. Key Sounds & How to Get Them

    • 6. Premiere Pro: Creating Sequences out of your recorded sounds

    • 7. Premiere Pro: Creating your final track

    • 8. Premiere Pro: Edit it Together (Part 1)

    • 9. Premiere Pro: Edit it Together (Part 2)

    • 10. Wrap Up

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About This Class

So! You've seen one of my 'Seeing Sounds' videos or one of my bigger sound projects like 'The Real Broadway Musical' and you wan tot recreate one of your own. Here's HOW, Bru!

For those of you that haven't seen any of my sound videos - i record live sounds in my environment and merge them with beautiful aesthetics to advance my film-making and dive into a more sensory, human experience for myself and the viewer. I use this methodology for super fun, short form content pieces on my social media channels called 'Seeing Sounds' all the way to larger scale, award winning commercials for brands like Tusker. 

My journey thus far has spanned music videos, award winning tv commercials and is based primarily on Youtube. Sound in film-making is often overlooked but plays such an important part in the communication of a fully rounded story and message. 

Key lessons include: 

  • Getting inspired by your surroundings
  • Creating or referencing your base melody
  • Developing your look and feel
  • What to pack in your camera bag
  • How to shoot - one constant 20 minute roll (GOLDEN RULE!)
  • How to create your soundtrack from live sounds in Premiere
  • How to edit it all together like a pro
  • Social Channels: What works and where!

This class is perfect for aspiring filmmakers, directors, editors, cinematographers or anyone who is keen to take film-making to the next level by using the live sounds around us - an incredibly important part of the human experience, something us film makers aim to mimic or distort through the lens as immerse-fully as we are able. 

You’ll walk away from this class with a clear vision for your own sound videos and the added ability to merge sound with beautiful aesthetic for stories that immerse the viewer in your intended message.  You'll be able to create your own found sound videos from start to finish using the method I've developed over 8 years and countless projects. 

And... all you need is your gear and a basic understanding of Premiere Pro.