Filmmaking First Steps: Cinematic Visuals | Andy Faza | Skillshare

Filmmaking First Steps: Cinematic Visuals

Andy Faza

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9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. The Project

    • 3. Starting with Story

    • 4. Techniques Part I

    • 5. Techniques Part II

    • 6. Techniques Part III

    • 7. Conditions Part I

    • 8. Conditions Part II

    • 9. Final Video

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About This Class

This class is an overview of a number of basic shooting techniques and elements that produce cinematic visuals with minimum resources. Thankfully, filmmaking isn’t about having the best equipment or waiting on the perfect weather- it’s about knowing how to produce quality images that reinforce your story, using whatever resources you have available.

I’ll cover camera techniques and elements of production that present unique challenges, but offer cinematic results. For our project, we’ll use these techniques to present a simple 'character is walking and arriving' scenario from shot composition to final product. This should give you the basic cinematic tools necessary to enhance your own storytelling in visual, compelling ways.

When I first started making films, I would point the camera at something or someone and wonder why the end result didn’t evoke the sentiment I intended. After much time, trial and error, I learned how to recreate sequences much closer in form and content to the films I love. I want to share that ability with you. This class is for those who can film and edit, but who can’t seem to bridge the gap between recording a bunch of images and telling a story that looks like a movie.

Visual storytelling is an endless, beautiful, complex language. This class is intended to help you start the conversation.





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Andy Faza is a marketing content creator specializing in brand storytelling. He has developed content for brands such as Meals on Wheels and the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, and was selected as a B&H Master Class filmmaker in 2015. He lives with his wife, Jordan, in Los Angeles.

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