Filmmaking Booster Class: 9 Game-changing Essentials Not Taught Online | Dandan Liu | Skillshare

Filmmaking Booster Class: 9 Game-changing Essentials Not Taught Online

Dandan Liu, Documentary Filmmaker & Cinematographer

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15 Videos (11m)
    • Filmmaking Booster Class Intro

    • A Primer in Audio

    • Room Tone

    • The Audio Sweet Spot

    • Audio Syncing

    • A Primer in Camera

    • Creating Continuity with Closeup Shots

    • Crop Factor

    • Recording Limit

    • Lens Care

    • A Primer in Post Production

    • Optimal File Organization

    • Press Pack

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About This Class

Amplify your filmmaking with 9 key insights and techniques not taught online, but used extensively on the film set.

After taking many online filmmaking courses, I realized there were many holes not covered for beginner filmmakers in the online learning sphere. So this course presents 9 of these missing essential insights and techniques, most of them very simple, so any budding filmmaker can apply them and take their filmmaking to another level.

This class presents techniques in audio recording, shooting, and post production. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to hit the sweet spot in audio recording
  • How to easily sync audio in post
  • How to smooth out cuts with room tone
  • How to calculate crop factor when choosing lenses
  • How to properly clean lenses
  • How to create continuity in edits with close up shots
  • How to film with your camera's recording limit
  • How to optimally organize your footage
  • How to ensure for a good "press pack" for your film

All lessons are designed to be applicable and get straight-to-the-point. 

Course Deliverable

By the end of this course, you will have 9 new techniques easily applied to enhance the quality of your films and the smoothness of your filmmaking workflow.  





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Dandan Liu

Documentary Filmmaker & Cinematographer

I come from a long line of scientists, so I'm not called the "black sheep" of the family, but the "genetic mutant" as a self-taught commercial and documentary filmmaker. My love of filmmaking came when I embarked on a four year journey living with people of different religions and lifestyles around the world. From waking up at 3 am with Zen Buddhist monks in Japan to running a guesthouse with nuns in Jerusalem, I started making films as a way to understand the local realities around me. These...

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