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Film your classes with 100% FREE Software

Francisco Capelo, Artist & Art Tutor - Cascais - Portugal

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6 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • Preparedness

    • Free Software and Hardware

    • Audio Audacity

    • Video OBS

    • Final Video Maker


About This Class

A challenge - Filming tutorials, with all the inherent complex technical issues.

Second challenge - film them using only FREE software - for audio and video.

Using what you probably already have: a personal computer/ laptop and a regular microphone.

All the tips, in order to produce videos that even the demanding Udemy will accept.

All this in 15 minutes of your time.

I made this class for all Skillshare authors that are somehow lost and paralysed in so much different software details and complexity.





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Francisco Capelo

Artist & Art Tutor - Cascais - Portugal


"My best student ever" - Art History Teacher, Oeiras Lyceum

"A dark Salvador Dalí" - Carlos Milhais

"The musician of silence" - Rui Nascimento

"The best artist I know" - Painter Gabriel Rito

"An art form that will last" - Painter Jorge Aragão


I am a 46 year old Sociologist, Writer and Visual Artist from Lisbon, Portugal.

I´ve been Drawing and Painting since 1992, and made hundreds of artworks alr...

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