Film Your First Mini Documentary

Theresa Khalil, Something Unique

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. What to expect out of this course

    • 2. What equipment you need for filming?

    • 3. Storytelling techniques

    • 4. Camera Shots

    • 5. Camera Angles

    • 6. Camera Movements

    • 7. Camera Fundamentals and using DSLR

    • 8. Mobile Phone filming tips

    • 9. Editing

    • 10. Summary and project

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Project Description

Sound before image

In this project, grab your sound recorder no matter what kind of equipment you have just go and record the film sound.

Before this step you need to think what will be your film about, what do  you want to document or what is the story you want to tell?

Now think sound first, what the sound will be about? Is it an interview? Is it the noisy city? Is it you recording your thoughts?

After you record the sound, now think image! What are you going to shoot with your camera that will complement your sound and help in telling the story?

Now you have sound and you have image / video. It is time to put them together and edit your film.

Is the outcome telling the story you wanted to share with the world?

In the last video of this class I included an example of a film I made that was also filmed the same way with the sound first and then the image. I hope it will be inspiring.

Looking forward to watch your creations. 

Theresa Khalil



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