Film Production: How to Organize a Shoot

Phillip Wong, Producing

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. We're Not In Kansas Anymore

    • 2. You Try . . .

    • 3. Logistics - Begin At The Beginning

    • 4. Locations - Not Just A Pretty Place

    • 5. Lighting - In A Bottle??

    • 6. Crew Management - How To Herd Cats . . .

    • 7. How Are Your Projects Doing?

    • 8. The Next Step . . .

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Project Description

Production Plan

For this class, pick a project you would like to film. First we will analyze what we want to do, then identify the obstacles and how to surmount or negate them, and then lay out how and what to do.

First, upload an Excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of your film. The elements of what you physically need for various departments: camera, lighting, sound, crew, etc.

Think of how many different elements you need: we will pare them back down later, but you need to upload your first list, and then we will see how it changes.

Photographs of your locations: I want to see what you see, what you are looking for and how many different ways you can see the same place.

From an entire story, to a visual concept, to a tight doable project, we will explore how it is done and how to apply it to your film projects.

Student Projects