Film Production: How to Organize a Shoot | Phillip Wong | Skillshare

Film Production: How to Organize a Shoot

Phillip Wong, Producing

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. We're Not In Kansas Anymore

    • 2. You Try . . .

    • 3. Logistics - Begin At The Beginning

    • 4. Locations - Not Just A Pretty Place

    • 5. Lighting - In A Bottle??

    • 6. Crew Management - How To Herd Cats . . .

    • 7. How Are Your Projects Doing?

    • 8. The Next Step . . .

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About This Class

The Art of Production is based on conceptualization, prioritizing, scale and process. It is about making dreams come true and bringing them to fruition. It is about seeing a chasm and building a bridge across that chasm. Having worked across countless media formats I use all of our collective learning and experience to scale projects from small to large in similar ways. I hope to show you how it can be done. This class is created to imagine, think and then do.






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Phillip Wong


Producing is simple. It's about getting things done.

There is so much in the world that needs doing, in so many directions and so many options and so many interests. The question is: How to start and how fast to finish. And then: How to do it well.

Perfection is great, but we have to realize that we will never get there. We can count grains of sand but what is the point? But doing it faster and more efficiently, allows us to attempt more projects, succeed with more projects and ...

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