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Film Festival Guide: Learn How To Submit Your Film Worldwide

teacher avatar Daniels Yoffe, Film Festival Agent

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 13. HOW TO MAKE A DCP




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About This Class


A complete guide to submitting your films. Create your personal festival strategy and get maximum exposure to your film.

What you'll learn:

  • Build Your Own Film Festival Strategy With Maximum Efficiency
  • Online Submission Platforms And Services
  • Common Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make When Submitting Their Films
  • Class A, B and C Festivals, What Is The Difference?
  • Tips & Tricks That Film Festivals Keep Secret
  • Creating Subtitles, Dialogue Lists, and Stills For Your Film
  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) vs Other Screening Formats
  • Promotional Publicity Materials For Maximum Exposure


  • Have at least one short film in production (a student film or an independent short film).
  • Basic knowledge of video editing and image processing.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniels Yoffe

Film Festival Agent


Film Festival Agent / Director / Producer

Daniels Joffe is a film festival agent, producer and award-winning director from Europe. He earned a degree in audiovisual media arts and started his career as a cinematographer and editor by producing several music videos for local celebrities and also worked in the advertising industry.

Daniels’ first shortfilm “The Dream Power” has been screened in France, Russia, Armenia and United Arabian Emirates. Daniels was also an associated producer for a short film "The boy by the sea" directed by Vasily Chuprina. The film was officially selected to many festivals includingAustin Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Foyle Film Fes... See full profile

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1. WELCOME TO FILM FESTIVAL GUIDE: Welcome to the Film Festival Guide, where you will learn all about submitting your film to festivals and creating your own festival strategy. My name is Daniels, and I'll be leading you from this entire course to this date. I've produced several short films that have been screened all around the world and received multiple honors, awards and prizes. And as far as I know, they don't teach you that in film school. It took me several years of research and hard work to understand how the feel festival industry works and I wanted to create and these their solution for young filmmakers out there to help you stand out from the crowd. You see, film festivals are great for studying and building your filmmaking career. That's why I've designed this course to help you distribute your films, promote your film making skills, have a great opportunity to meet like minded filmmakers. By the end of this course, you will be able to submit anything project to any film festival. You know what works and what doesn't to increase chances of your film being selected, and now all the benefits off participating together will walk through the entire process of preparing the necessary media files you need for almost every from festival. A step by step guide. How to make Subtitle still frames posters and prepare screening formats such as DCP and other required media. We'll talk about premier status of a short film, and what is the life cycle of it? We will compare the festival categories and see what fits best for your specific project. But we're also creating all in one solution to keep track off all of your submissions so that you and your crew members can share results with each other. This course is filled with practical tips and isn't all in one course. We'll need to get started, so if you're ready, let's begin. 2. 5 REASONS TO SUBMIT TO FILM FESTIVALS : our journey begins with a simple question. Why? Why send me to a film festival? I want you to be specific here, navigating for the film festival circuit At some point, it can be frustrating, but I've got you covered. Now I expect that you have made a film, whether it is a feature or documentary, animation were short. And instead of just submitting and blindly everywhere, the thirst thing we need to agree on is that you know, why are you doing this? Okay, it will save you time, Money, M energy. Believe me, I've been there. From my experience, being at a festival can be incredibly rewarding. There are many reasons you might want to submit to a film festival, so let's take a look at five main benefits you can get by attending a film festival. A repeat attending a film festival, not just submitting and waiting, but when you're actually attended. Film Festival number one That's working. Film festivals are great for meeting filmmakers, film enthusiasts, people who work in the film industry, producers, directors, actors added their screenwriters, agents, distributors, all of them intent film festivals. So that's not a secret, right? Who knows? Maybe you'll find a producer for your next film or a film distributor who is interested in marketing your film. So be friendly. Introduce yourself. Don't forget to take your business card and you know communicate Number two exposure After your film is officially selected by Film Festival, the chances are it will be screened in the Cinema Theatre at least once. Now imagine good sound. Good picture quality. No disturbance. It's not just like somebody's watching your movie on the cell phone or new on YouTube. People will actually come to see it. Among whom will be media representatives, of course. Jury members. Now you may be interviewed above your film on the local TV channel or film festivals. YouTube page. It also is a good practice now. Four Film Festival to organize Q and a sessions with you. Watching your film with the audience is a very special feeling. You know, to see all those reactions and get feedback. I think this is crucial for building your filmmaking career. It's pretty exciting and motivating number free distribution. Yes, you can find a distributor, especially the bigger film festival like Can Sand and Surgeons Film Festival. Barely knowledge, and especially If you have a feature film or or documentary or a specific genre film with regards to shorts, there's not so much to talk about. But if you're short is just an idea for a potential feature, you can find a studio to pitch this concept. There may be someone that could offer you too distant your film on their Web platform, video on demand or what we're offer theatrical releases. But in most cases, being at a larger film festival often opens access to even more film festivals because festival programmers actually seek for good films so that they could fill those seats. And if they see you are filmed performing well, well, your film gets noticed and you may be asked to submit it to their film festival for free. In a nutshell. Just being selected for festival Putzier Film up for a consideration Number four Education Dure ing a film festival programmers or festival directors often organized not only Q and A sessions with filmmakers, but they also invite you to join master classes. Panel discussions with some industry representative thrown around the world, film quizzes and what not everything for Young were established filmmakers. How to make your first feature. Understand? What are the markets out there for your film? How to get your film on Netflix school in other platforms like I know I'm is in prime people share their experience on almost any case regarding film industry. And finally, number five a words. How? Who doesn't like waiting? I know some people think of it as just offensive statue of resting on the trophy case, but there's much more to it. First, if you win an award, you're not just getting a trophy. You get attention, which can get you pretty pretty far. Other festival programmers will certainly notice you notice your film film distributors will notice you, and you also get a chance to a defense loyal to your marketing materials that helps you promote your film. And didn't I tell you that the raw festivals that offer cash prizes yes, rial cash prizes seriously? Do we need funding for your next project? Or maybe you've spent a lot off money on marketing and festival face. Then what could be even more satisfying, then winning some extra money. But it's not all. Everyone who participates at a film festival is already a winner you ask me why Festival that have sponsorships may also provide free accommodations in a four or five star hotel. Cover your flight ticket, daily meals, travel support, organized excursions so that you could be their guests and represent your film. Isn't that exciting? Think of it as a free vacation. You traveled the world and it's fascinating. It's much easier to make a film and get invited by a festival than winning lottery. So this is the rewarding part off a film festival, networking, exposure, distribution, education and of words. Five benefits you can get by attending one in the next video will be discussing film festival categories. How do they compare to each other and what suits you best. I'll see you in the next one. 3. FILM FESTIVAL CATEGORIES: screening at a film festival is a surefire way to start creating buzz around your film. However, deciding which festivals to submit to is actually one of the hardest parts of the submission process. Imagine buying a smartphone. How many brands or models are there? That's right. There are thousands. There are defined leaders in the market, those that they're good for the price and those that nobody ever heard of. So you can imagine how many film festivals are there. Next. Remember those days when we were in an elementary school and we all had to complete tests? If we square high, we get a where A with a plus. If we skirt low, we get F. The same principle can be applied to film festivals, so let's try to categorize them. The Category A is the first class top notch high standards cans Locarno, Toronto Venice Barrel in Moscow. Tokyo Soundings. You've probably heard about the many times everybody wants together and normals competition thousands of submissions every year. However, this vessels are mostly for established filmmakers. Very few chances of being selected the most prestigious film festivals in the world are generally considered to be cans. Birling and Venice often referred to this The big free. These festivals were there since the beginning. They all this film festival in the world is, of course, the Venice International Film Festival that was established in 1932. If you get awarded by any off a category film festival, you get a chance to be considered for an Academy Awards. There is no direct way to get your film to the academy. One, if not the only way to qualify there is by winning a death prestigious film festival. Get a good Be the Second Class South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Leeds International Film Festival, Cambridge Film Festival in the United Kingdom or Guanajuato International Film Pie Still in Mexico These air also very established film festivals, and they still are qualified by Academy Awards were or BAFTA or Goya. They are a tiny portion, smaller in scale or financially, but the prestige is fairly high. Next category. See the first class. This category represents film festivals that there are least five years old and have quite a good reputation. They may be financed by the government, have sponsorships or private investors and what's most exciting is that they love young, undiscovered film directors or film producers, and they treat you like Grokster with high respect, often leaving you with very positive memories, something that category A or B festivals often leave behind. You get more chances of being selected, and it's more likely to win in the work and finally category d. We're not getting into f category the fourth class newborn festivals that haven't been established yet, not widely known to the public. It's easier, much easier to get into these festivals, but you never know what's expect. It may be a film that, still that screens your film in a cafe or basement, using a standard definition projector and sound playing from laptop computers. Or it may be very well financed and professionally organized, but just knew each festival has its own selection criteria. The more prestige is the festival ace, if you Where are the chances of getting in? Prestige is often defined by how old is the film festival South festivals focused on a specific filmmaker or genre or subject matter, for example, were or comedy or accept represented minority only films student films, LGBT theme, where films made by kids some except films from a certain geographical origin. Where to find the length of the film, like Schwartz Onley, film festivals, H and gender off the producer or the director may also be important. You're festivals. We've life screenings where you watch films on the big screen, and they're also online film festivals that they're more focused on the bus of social media . Thai Stals. They're happening every month or annual film festivals those that include your film in a competition program or out of the competition, international or local. Next, film festivals often asked for a submission fee, and that can vary from five years dollars and go up to 100 about 30 on average. The submission period can last from a couple of months, and the fee goes up as the festival date approaches. The good news. Many festivals have no submission. Fear low and many offer discounts. Most North American film festivals charge fees, yet many European and Asian pistols are free to enter. So here's the same for you. If you want to reduce expense, focus on those festivals that didn't charge you remember. The main reason why festivals charge fees is the number of submissions it receives. It serves as a filter for those amateur films. You know, the ones we all used to film back then Submitting to festivals way out of your league is not a good idea. Submitting to festivals and get it in, but then not attending is also not the best practice. Always think about if you or your remember will be able to attend before you submit. Perhaps instead of investing 100 years dollars into one film festival with poor chances of being selected, well, maybe it's wiser to submit so four other film festivals from B or C category and that will increase your chance of actually winning. Always consider what you get out of the experience. So now that we've discussed all these criterias and try to distinguish film festivals, let's get ready for planning. I know what you're thinking about right now. Is there a least off all the thing festivals around the world? The so called database? Well, it's time to look at the basics off submitting coming up next 4. UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS OF SUBMITTING: Let's talk figures and numbers. It all starts with one film. You've made it. It's edited collar grated. The soundtrack is mustard. It's all finalized. Done. Next you submitted to film festivals. Take a look at these sources that have least off film festivals. You may want to submit your film number one British Council Film Festival directory. The festival's directory provides detailed leasing on how and when to submit your work to aware 1300 festivals in over 80 countries around the world. You can find contact emails and Web addresses for each festival. It's a good starting point for your research, you know. Number two best agent dot com The Film Festival database from Russia, which has very nice features on filtering and finding film festivals that seems your project by specifying to film runtime subject matter or rather, criteria such as an injury, feet or genre. It has more than 1700 festivals and is that the base and is constantly growing number free . Film festivals that come probably has the largest film festival database as it was launched in 1995. Besides offering its list of festivals, that includes more than six, thousands of them. Additionally, film festivals that come publishes articles on film and fast news and also provides a social network for the festival community Number four. Now, if you're interested in getting an Oscar, you may be interested in the list off all the qualified festivals by an Academy Awards, which can be found at Oscars that work and number five Our submission platforms, such as a film Freeway Without a Box and Fast home. There are others, too, not Onley. Day alot you to browse thousands of the world's top film festivals, but you can also submit your work directly to the film festival with maximum efficiency. They have very friendly user interfaces, and both filmmakers and film festivals allowed them. Film. Freeway alone lists more than seven thousands film festivals and contests around the globe . Now, before you get confused, let's figure this out. Film Festival data basis will give you direct links to film fastballs that may accept submissions via online platforms such a sweet out of books film for away or first home. Or they may accept submissions for their own website, where, by mail as for the online submission platforms, these will least Onley those film festivals that are using their service for getting submissions. Let's say you would like to submit your work two cans Film festival and you never heard about it before. Well, it is listed on British City Council, but you won't find it listed on film Freeway or without a box because Cans Film Festival accept submissions. Why are their own website Onley and so do a few others. But if you would be looking for Rendon's film festival, well, it is listed on Bridges City Council Festival directory and can be found on without the books and film freeway. Because Rendon's accept submissions from online platforms such just Film freeway and without the books. Yet Brendan's is not listed on First Home Online submission platform. Now Don't worry. In our next video, we're going to cover online submission platforms much, much deeper. But for now, let's ask a different question. Two. How many festivals people usually sub made Their work well depends on two criteria. The budget and the time period. How many can you afford, and how much time would you like to invest? What's the average number of festival submissions? You may ask? Typically somewhere around 100 was the time frame for a festival run two years, maybe 18 months. You see for a short film after its premiere screening at the public event or the very first film festival, your film can have a festival life off approximately two years. It is a common strategy to aim for the top festivals in the first year and then gradually start opening it up to more from global to local. And how much money Joe Filmmaker spend on festival submissions, huh? From my experience, the filmmakers that I've talked to spent somewhat from free 100 all the way up to $4000 which I think is a way too much. Unless you have unlimited time and money, you need to strategies as you can serve me to everything. Once you have done the festival research, make a spreadsheet wish list off all those you are going to submit to global to local, consider the submission costs and the time involved, then separate them into an a least and be leased or C lists according to your priorities. Now, because most of the A category film festivals require exclusivity, it's not a good idea if your film from years before their festivals event. That's why it is recommended to start with premiering your film exclusively to a category, A festival or B and then continue with category C, especially for a feature film. Can you imagine how many opportunities were missed because somebody didn't follow this guideline? Once you have submitted your project with all the necessary media files, well, they are sent to people called festival programmers. And these are qualified professionals who spent multiple hours, days, weeks, months, watching each and every film nonstop and then decide where they're. Your film is a good faith for the final line up, and we'll talk about it later to Finally, After you've screen your film at various film festivals, you may finally publish it online. Now, if you want to, just make sure you get the most out of the festival's before you released the film online, as some vessels don't accept a film, if it's available out there on the Net, that's a big no no. Now I hope you've got the big picture now. And as I promised earlier in our next video, will take a look at the most popular submission platforms that can save you time and money 5. 6 ONLINE SUBMISSION PLATFORMS YOU NEED TO KNOW: some decades ago, the only way you could submit your film toe festival was by mail. No, not involving almost or pigeons. Not that long ago. You had to use actual mail service to send out a DVD or better campus, said Hardcore Pure Fear film with paper forms to the festival. You know, by those cassettes, DVD cases create multiple copies and packaging somewhere faulty and then pay the fee for the delivery. Luckily, these days there are more convenient ways to do that. One of them is to use online submission platforms. Now traditional methods are still being used. Festivals do still accept duties or bill race, or rather medium. But in this video will be talking about online platforms that how both sides, filmmakers and festival organizers to find each other efficiently. The very first submission platform, called Without the Box, was introduced in the year 2000. These handed website represents more than 5000 festivals all over the world from fighting the festival, so filling out submission form information to paying the submission fee to submitting your screeners the entire submission process. Foremost film festivals happens right there. It's free service for a filmmaker to use. However, most festivals listed there are charging submission fees. Once you register Fillon Day entry form and upload your media, you start to get the news about active festivals, identifications about deadlines, reminders and so on. It's a great platform for both features and shorts. Now, without the books is primarily an Amazon service now, so an additional bonus for her without a box user is that once you submit your film to any film festival via without the box, you get a dedicated I'm to be Page off your film, as they say Now, if you're not on I'm to be, you do not exist. We're at least your film without the box lists. Film festivals, mostly from North America, which include top festivals such as Sounds Toronto San Francisco International Film Festival but also has a few other from different parts of the World Rain Dance Film Festival, Male Born International Film Festival and even Moscow International Film Festival. However, I've got some bad news in October 2018 without the box users to received a non date, informing that it service will no longer be available after October 30th off 2019 and no submissions will be accepted after September 16th which leads us to another submission platform, giant Film Freeway. Founded in 2014 in Canada, it has implemented best practices off other online submission platforms, including without a box, and then proved them by 10. It is a remarkable alternative to without books. I personally love it so much. It's very easy to use very handing to it if interface free service, with more than 7000 textile databases with and without fee, charges a lot of prestigious film festivals except film for your applications as mentioned before Rains International Film Festival and Leeds International Film Festival, you signing is a filmmaker using your email or even Facebook account. You then add your project to the platform by filling in all the necessary information was the title of the film. It's synopsis. It's runtime genre. Who's the director producer? Cost another crew members, and after your fill, you are just a few clicks away to submit it to as much festivals as you want without the need off rewriting and re uploading the same info over and over again. That's why submission platforms are so handy and I are submission service that I highly recommend is Fast Home, which is a Spanish company that was founded Pray or to Film Freeway in 2000 and 10 to this date. It lists more than 2900 festivals. Most of them are from Spain and Latin American countries such as Mexico. It's interface is easy to navigate fighting festivals just for your project and even lets you quickly find a festival with cash prizes. Not on Lee. It lists festivals that are qualified by such prestigious awards as BAFTA Goya, wherein Academy Awards. But Fast Home also provides such services as making subtitles converting film files and creating digital cinema. Package is now Film festivals listed there may not charge submission fees, but has Home Service does? Starting from two years per submission, My Next Big is click for festivals that come also from Spain, but only for short films with some interesting fee philosophy. If your film is selected by a film festival, click for festivals will return the amount of money you've paid for the festival submission feet, which is kind of rewarding. And yes, I forgot to mention every time, no matter what service you use. If your film is not selected. The fee is not refundable, so don't make a mistake. Leaking girls buttons now back to click for festivals. Once your register, you'll start to get e mails about approaching deadlines and invitations to submit your film , and you'll only receive those invitations where your film is a good fit for a festival, not just a random festival list, but when your film meets the criteria guidelines off a festival. Now there's also a known life submission platform from Franz. It's called film fest platform dot com, and it is dedicated to French speaking audience. It specializes in short film festivals on Lee and for almost every submission. French subtitles are required. Many festivals are free of charge and interfaces breed intuitive. Now, if you're interested in German short film festival like short film Festival Over Housing or Tom per Film Festival in Finland, take a look at real poor dot com. The East German online submission platform has partnered with some of the best short film festival senior year. So the good news you won't find a D category festival on Riel Port. Each festival goes a screening process before it goes life and rial port reserves the right to reject festivals that they feel do not mean they're high quality standards. After you register, you can submit your film toe any festival for free. However, every next submission will cost. Two Year O's real part dot com will also charge fees for additional film A floats. However, the best part about Riel Port is that it also serves as a special thing catalogue, where film agents that they're interested in buying or purchasing the screening writes off . Your film can easily find and contact you. Now, if you want to get maximum out of your submissions, I suggest you use each and one of these submission platforms in our next video. I'll guide you through the entire process off submitting your project to a film festival, and I will primarily choose Film Freeway. I will also show you how I keep track off all the submissions from all kind of different sources 6. APPLICAITON FORMS and PRESS KITS : most festivals ask for the same type of information in their applications. So in this video we'll take a look at the submission form off film freeway and then extracted so that we could create one Universal Master document based on this one form that you can use for creating press kits and completing other online implications. Okay, let's begin. So here we are in the film Free Waste com Page. First, we need to sign up, navigate to the upper right corner and press sign up. You'll then be offered to choose sign up methods using your existing Google account Facebook account or create a new profile using your email. Once you've connected your account, your offered to choose two options. One for filmmakers, the other for festival organizers. Select the 1st 1 immediately. An application form appears. The first section is dedicated to your basic film information. Come title and brief synopses. If you have a website or social media pages promoting your film, you may also add them here as well. In my case, I have a website and a Facebook page. Now we're gonna have to Section two, where you write your contact details to receive film, freeway Identifications and so that film festivals could contact you. Section Free is all about the film crew, who is the director? The writer, producer and key cost at as many crew members as you want. Section four gets technical where you specify what type of film you have. In my case, it is a fictional short film. Next, you specify genre, whether it's a horror comedy or drama. In my case of the sports drama also suitable for Children, projects run time, including credits. This is also important completion date. When was it shown to the public? We will also talk about it later. What was the budget even approximate number here? Not that really important now the next. This pretty straightforward. Now the main reasons you need to fill all these data are these brochures, festivals, programs, film catalogs, that they're published by almost every film festival showcasing their lineup, introducing new filmmakers and connecting with the audience. And they don't charge you for it. Okay, let's continue. Section five is all about screening history and distribution contacts. Since this is probably the first time we're filling in the form, we can just skip it Now It's time to import your media files. We start with the final version of the film Click at Project File. From there again, you have two options either uploaded directly to film freeway secure hosting platform, which allows you to upload a movie or MP four video files up to 10 gigabytes. We've no extra cost where you can share of email link with best word protection. I recommend using female hosting cause you may also want to use the same link for other submission platforms and implications. However, keep in mind as a female basic member, you only received 500 megabytes per week off upload space. Ideally, you would become a female close Caesar. After you connect or upload your film file to Film Freeway, you can then upload a poster, which is the most common medium used in film. Cattle looks as a farm nail or profile picture for your film. Then add a head shot off the director. Make sure it's a good quality portrait and a short biography telling where you're from, What's your vision? And you may also mention other film projects you've been involved to previously. Finally grab a film trailer were a clip from your film so that everyone could quickly get an idea of it. Next, add some behind the scenes photos from the production stage that they're visually appealing and briefly introduce your team. These will help you stand out from other submitted films. What you wanted to do next is to create a separate document off all this info listed outside of Film Freeway so that you or your producer could use this info for other submission platforms and Norman applications by coping it from the so called master document. In other words, create an electronic press kit. After we filled in the form and uploaded our media, we can then preview our project from here. We can now extract all the data to our master document. I personally prefer Google Ducks. We started with Writing Films title, and then we copied the same info from the film Freeways Project Overview Panel for synopsis . I suggested to write various lengths off summaries, a short, long and perhaps medium synopsis as well as a logline. You know the catchphrase they all important. One sentence summary that hook for your audience and even festival programmers next from Film Freeway project panel. We copy credits, specific ations and directors. Biography. Now our Master Press Kid document is ready. We can tweak its design if we need it and save it as a PdF file for occasional distribution . Here's a quick tip. You may also add additional information that comes handy like success stories. Maybe you had a successful film Crowdfunding campaign or some behind the scenes secrets. Cousin based Able stories are great for marketing your film. Remember, all this information helps to grab festivals programmers attention before they start to watch your film and in most cases are very well distributed among must media. You will also save a lot of time and energy. Also, don't forget to include links to your film, trailer screenings and other media as well. I suggested to host all of your medium on the cloud by using such services as job bucks. Maybe one Dr Google Drive. You know, brothers, now that we finally filled all the data, we can now use it in our own one advantage to quickly register another submission platforms shared to whom it may concern and also modified if necessary. But most importantly, we're ready to submit our project to film festivals 7. FROM STRATEGY TO SUBMISSIONS: Are you ready to begin submitting? So do I. Let me show you how. By demonstrating a real life example, I'm interested in fighting a festival for my short film. At the very top panel of Thumb Freeway, you can start to browse film festivals. If you look on the left, you can narrow down your search by turning on some filters. Now I'm interested in festivals, but they're currently opened for submissions, even type film festival wave life screenings for category type. I'm interested in festivals that, except short films. As for the entry fee, let's see what festivals except films without cost of payment. Remember how to identify Prestigious Film Festival? Let's look for those that are at least five years old. Next, I specify my project runtime, which is 13 minutes now. Some short film festivals have a limit off. 10 or even two minutes for their shorts were not interested in those on the top ride Drop down menu. I'll serve the festival's by early deadline and look for a festival that I may find appealing. And look what I found. Montepaschi Belgrade, the Comm entry and short film festival. Without knowing anything about it, I can tell this one should be great. Just looking for how many years it has been established. Let's have a deeper look by clicking on it. Now we're introduced to festivals Overview panel. From here, we read festival regulations. What awards and prizes are offered and general description on the ride. We see ongoing dates and deadlines, and we see the category for submissions. Let's click submit. Now I can double check that. I'm applying with my latest film and hit at two CART and check out. It feels like ordering something from Amazon, doesn't it? Also, I suggesting to check held film Freeway Gold as it offers some good discounts for submission fees if you become a subscriber. But in this case, we're good to complete the order success With just submitted our film, you can now find it in the submission panel on the top bar next to your profile. From there, you'll find the submissions you've completed so far. Here's the one we've just applied. This very brief info shows the notification date went to expect status updates off your film, see the exact starting date off the event and also find contact details and the unique tracking number off your application. Now that we've successfully submitted our film festival, we can now browse for more and also check out other submission platforms. Why don't we try to submit our film two cans? Film festival? No, you won't be able to find it on film for away submission platform. So we go directly to Cans Film Festival home page. From there, we need to create an account. Very simple procedure. Already have one. That's why I'm going to again. As soon as you look in, you'll see the so called personal area. That's where you select what type of accreditation are you interested in in this case, I want to submit my short film. I confirmed it. I am interested in film submission. From here you can select fire feature film submission or short from submission. I select the second option. Make sure you read the vestal submission Conditions on Ben continue and right after you'll be introduced to familiar interface we've seen before where you specify all the info about your film. This is where your master document comes in handy notice That film synopsis is limited to 300 characters and also needs to be translated in French, although it is optional. After you're feeling all the info, you'll get access to upload your film file and finally confirm your submission and congratulations. You've just submitted your film Two Cans Film Festival. By this time now we know we've submitted our film to to film festivals for the first we used film freeway submission platform and the other was Cans Film Festival that had its very own online application. How do we can track off all our submissions from all kind of different sources? Well, we can use a spreadsheet, and I've got a surprise for you. I've prepared a custom made template that you and your producer or assistant can use to keep track of all of your submissions. Allow me to show it now. Okay, now let me guide you for this spreadsheet. In this first column, you ride the festival's name. In our case, it was Markowski documentary and tried film festival. Now what was appealing about it? This film festival is already 66 years old. Let's mention that in column B. If you're in a team where if you use different sources, column C is where you write who is responsible for the application and what services the person used and know that I used film freeway for this. So let me write my name and F W, which stands for Film Freeway. Next is a drop down menu. I've designed and inserted visuals just for you so that it would look very nice. We need to select the country off. Original Martin Ask International Film Festival isn't Belgrad, which is the capital of Serbia? Okay, good. Next are the dates of the event. When does the festival start? And when does it end? This helps to see if there's any other film festival that happens at the same time. In column H, We paste a link to the festival's webpage, but I prefer to put festivals. Profile Overview from film freeways platform Now This vessel didn't charge any fees, so we may leave it at zero. The tracking number is unique number for your application. This helps you communicate with festival organizers. If there was a delay in notifying you or other problems, you can find it in your film Freeway submission panel Next fill in the promised notification date went expecting use if your film is selected and When the day approaches, you'll be able to highlight whether it has been selected, not selected, or maybe received an award by becoming a finalist. For now, leave it as pending. Here's a bonus feature as you may want to track your expense, these area right here will allow you to set your budget limits for festival circuit. If all the submission fees are over the budget, the cell will be highlighted in red. If you stay under the specified number, it will remain green. I hope you find the spreadsheet useful. Feel free to modify it according to your needs and happy submitting. Now, if you want to make sure your film is eligible by festival, the two most common dealbreakers are a Your films completion date and be the premier status . Because these terms are somewhat similar, most food makers often get confused. Can you define them? I'll see you in the next video 8. WHAT IS A PREMIERE STATUS and COMPLETION DATE? : many top tier A festivals have a strict eligibility rules regarding the age of your film, generally within a two year period. What you should know is that your films life doesn't begin until its first screening. The first official screening off your film anywhere, excluding the cost and crew screening or friends and family screening. That's not a public event. As soon as you've premier your film to the white audience, this becomes your official completion date of the film. Now, if you haven't had a screening, then the completion date is the current month you started to submit. So festivals. You can have a film resting on your shelf or inside of your computer for weeks, months or even years. If nobody has ever seen it at some kind of public event, you may actually consider submitting it to film festivals anytime in the future. Here's a tip for you by now. You know that festivals usually except films within the two year period. Right now, let's say you've just completed your film in November 2019. Well, from a festivals perspective, your film is already 11 months old. Well, how did that happen? Because film festival to usually least a term today except films made after January 1st. This means that your films life expectancy will be much shorter if you submitted in November 2019. Instead, you could wait for a couple weeks for general first off 2000 and 20 and then that way, provide yourself maximum life expectancy of your film. Also, pay attention to event dates off the A Getting working festivals, for example, Cans traditionally is in May, but Sundance takes place in January. The next most important part in this process is to clarify what is a premier status. Certain prestigious film festivals may not be an option as they require their screening off your film to be the international premier. More world premiere. Most Top A List festivals. I've interested in exclusivity off your work. Now exclusivity has a flavor. If you put your film online with no password protection, this means anyone in the world can see it freely. That's an instant world premiere. Such festivals as Kant's Sundance Brain Dent's New York Film Festival will never accept it . Don't do that, and believe me, they can google and find your film very easily, especially if you've published it yourself on your Facebook page or even your website. What you should know is that there are also various definitions of the premier status. There's a world premiere. National Premier, international Premier Regional. Now let's clarify this as simple as possible. The world premiere is the very first screening off the film. Think of it as a baby being born Doesn't matter where National within at Home Territory. The screening off the film in the Country of Origin International is a screening at which your film is exposed to the rest of the world. Regional or Continental is a premier within a defined region like North American premiere or New Zealand or Agent Premier. Often Category A film festivals require right off the first night premiere, whereas B or C festivals are okay with regional, national premier or none. Now we've mentioned that the world premiere status is the very first screening off the film . Now, again, Cans will not accept your film in the competition. If you screen it as some festivals before cans, they want a world premiere. The same happens. We've Leeds International Film Festival and other stop to your festivals. No, what exactly is an international premier. First, you may think it is a premiere of your film outside of the country For Virgin? Well, not quite. It's when your film is exposed internationally. You see if you're familiar with sports championships for tennis, boxing, May defense ing. These may be close championships and opened, so there's film festivals. They may be international and local. If your film is screened in your country at an international film festival, well, you guessed it right. You just had your international premier, even though you remain inside your own country. Once you know what options you have, pick your premier partner carefully if you premier the festival. One strategy is to secure a premiere at the big name Festival first and then focus on others. Now here's a tip when a lot of your festival interests have conflicting premier restrictions and run around the same time, simply pick your favorite festivals to submit to first. If you don't get accepted into them, just submit to the ones you have to pass on the next year. Or go ahead and don't mind submitting to Class B or C festivals. You know, grab the moment. More tapes coming up next 9. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FILM FESTIVAL: How can you know what Vestal is a good fit for your film If you've never visited it before , here are some major considerations for choosing one. First, to get an idea off whether or not the festival is right for you, take a look at the line up from the previous year. If the films are similar to yours in terms of content and quality, that's a great sign. The like hood off your film. Being accepted is very high. If historically that film festival has shown in interested in this Amelia type of content that you have. Oh, quick warning, please ensure your film has all the necessary rights and isn't while letting on any corporate issues. This includes stock footage, photos, music. You know it's right. I hope you're aware of that. The rules and guidelines off the festival's themselves will inevitably inform your decision process. Be sure to read over them carefully before you submit. As we already know, some festivals require your film, BSO length or others require that your film be a premiere or specific subject matter. The advice here is to favor those film festivals that they're also close to you physically . One is that it would be easier to attend without flying 6000 miles away, using a commercial jet and booking that expensive hotel to. You'll also have better chances of getting into that festival, so don't submit to festivals you were. Any of your crew members have no interested to travel to, although there are some festivals that pay for your flight and a commendations don't over estimate and said reasonable expectations. Also, I tried to look for festivals that there at least five years old and accept early submission deadlines. First, the fee, if there is one, will be much cheaper than the regular or the late deadline feet. And from my experience, you'll get more chances of receiving an ossification. Your film is officially selected if you've submitted as early as possible. The explanation here is pretty simple. If you submit your film late. Well, festival programmers may already have a lineup off very good films. There may be no space for your film, or they will probably need to replace one. If they find yours to be so much worth it, they'll do it. But you never know. Let's return to a category. Film festivals Thousands of films are submitted to the Cannes Film Festival every year, and the selection committee watches every one of them. In the end, Onley about 50 feature films and 30 short films are included in the official selection competition program. Sundance Film Festival received more than 13,000 submissions in 2018. About 8000 of them were short films, yet they only screened 60 Yes, 60 and Normals Competition. Now, if you're a filmmaker like me, I suggest to try your luck. Give it a chance, take a shot, but don't limit or focus your film to these top tier festivals, A Wiseman said. You'd better win something at a smaller scale and be a winner. Then waste your time reaching the Everest. It's better to have something than nothing, right? Remember gold from Global? So local? I'm sure you know that finding cash is one of the hardest parts of filmmaking. And as we mentioned before, while some film festivals offer prestige and exposure as their only reward cans sounding sperling, many smaller festivals offer prizes with cash or ground. For your next project, you may find this info on film, freeway festivals, overview panel or, if you use fest home. They have a dedicated I can on the festivals thumbnail image, which makes it very easy to navigate. To sum up, be calculated about your choices and really stick about your chances. Hopefully, these steps have primed you to approach the world off Film festivals happy hunting. 10. 8 ESSENTIAL TOOLS YOU NEED FOR YOUR PUBLICITY STRATEGY: Like other elements in the filmmaking process, you must develop a publicity strategy most often overlooked by new filmmakers, publicity, media files and tills in your portfolio at so much value to your film. Essentially, you are helping each other journalists and film festivals. Not only you need to have a film trailer, a poster and production photos more or less. Film festivals also ask for specific file former delivery and media. So in this section, let's point out eight essential tools you need for your publicity strategy. I will list a checklist off all the must haves so that you could compare and double check if you have them all. Trust me, the sooner you prepare all of those media files this simpler. Your life will be number one film file delivery. Check that you haven't least free. Different copy self. Your film. The first should always be an MLB or empty for movie file for Web that copy you used to submit to festivals digitally. The second is the screening copy, such as digital cinema package, the CPI, and the 3rd 1 is a DVD or Blue Ray image. We'll go technical in the next video, specifically about film file must haves, but for now, let's least all the other media files you need to have a swell number. Two. Film poster. This is the most common image file that festivals will list and print in their film catalogs, the very first image everyone will see and pay attention to when reading about your film. Remember, it's a vertical image, sort of just like your profile photo on social media. Now be aware that it appears to look small and just like any other father, male has to be simple, clean and vibrant. For a printed poster, the artwork size really does matter. A. Four A to a zero size is the way to go. Don't overuse phones and text listing all the actors and crew members is that would probably be printed next to your postive image. In the film festival catalogue, a poster has to give an idea of your films, a genre, have a tagline main subject and sometimes introduced the key cost. It's not a secret that the famous actor will bring so much more attention if you compose their face on your poster. Also, I'm pretty sure if you go to the cinema Theatre just by looking at the movie poster, you may tell if that film is a comedy action filler were horror movie and My Right number Free film stills. These are screen grabs minimum off free, high rez frames from your film. They're printed next to your poster or leased it online. These are required to be off high quality J. Pecs, sometimes tiffs free 100 DP I, which stands for adults per inch but at the same time less than two or five megabytes each , sometimes even one megabyte. Now I'm not a designer, but from my understanding, 300 d. P. I is equal to 300 peopie. I both described the resolution or clarity often image. Now, if you just export a still frame from your editing software, it will probably be about 90 60 p. I. Now the good way around this is to enlarge it. So first you export your still frame from the editing program that you use. In my case, it's from Premier Pro and then opened my image in photo shop and adjusted size artificially by going to image image size, and I said it to be 300 units per inch example method to preserve details for enlargement. I find it to be good like okay and say my image by going to file safe and confirm No. When I check my image parameters, it shows 300 d. P i. It worked for me every time. Number four production stills, photos from the production stage. You've seen me posting them previously. These are images that introduced some behind the scenes of your film. Choose those images that introduce your cost. Show as much film equipment as you can. And don't forget photos off the director pointing fingers. Yes, the one photo where you can tell right away Who is the director Unit? Photos with action number five directors photo again for festivals, brochures and catalogues. Take a few good quality artistic professional photos that introduce your personality. I'm sure you have one Number six Subtitles If you want to internationalize your film, subtitles are your friends. These will help your film to reach further distances. Start with English, Spanish and French chanted. Those languages that you find are needed will get technical about them later in this course because I find this to be an issue for many filmmakers don't worry. I'll get you covered. In a nutshell. Always make sure they're overlaying active every on top of the visual part and two are readable in terms of timing and contrast. Number seven dialogue lists if subtitles are captions displayed at the bottom off cinema screen Dialogue laced are printed out for simultaneous interpretations at the time of screening or serve as a document so that one could translate it into in our language. And then you could make subtitles out of it. Number eight Press Kit. The single most effective tool in creating publicity is a press kit and electronic document that you can share or used to copy all the technical info about your film. Find its synopsis logline and custom cruelest. Also screening history and copy. A stable stories include reviews and third party endorsements. They always work wonders in the world of promotion, and the rest comes from the experience. There may be festivals where you can put a role a banner, a printed backdrop with your film poster or them ask you to provide short video clips extracts from your movie that they will play during the award ceremony. When listing eliminations, you can find the full checklist attached to this video over next one is all about film file delivery frames per second resolution. Codex, you know, let's get technical. 11. FILM FILE DELIVERY: Let's imagine this situation. You've come a long way to submit to all the film festivals and have been eagerly waiting for acceptance emails and then a week pure to film festival. You receive an email that your film is selected and you excitedly read through the letter until when you get to the festival's technical requirements, you start to get nervous in the water. For your film to be screened, you need to provide a screening coping in the exact file format the film festival ask you to do, and you have 48 hours. Now the festival may ask for specific digital five former That doesn't necessarily have to be a DCP, which will talk above later in this section. Two. Don't panic. There are about 3 to 5 types of digital screening copies. Film festivals may ask you to send them DVD or blurry DCP and MP four or a movie before we go further. Please be aware if a festival asks for anything that contradicts my recommendations. Do exactly what they say. Okay, primarily a vest majority off film festivals prefer and before, or a movie file four months of your film. If it's a short film. They wanted to be under two gigabytes for the feature on their 10 gigabytes. Yes, believe it or not. But even top tier film festivals don't always play films in a d. C. Peformance, which is considered to be the best screening former. Whether a film festival is showing your film in a cinema, theatre or conference room or on a super large TV screen these days, Category A, B or C can play your film as a standard and before or a movie file. Your digital film file should be set at 1920 by 10 80 Resolution square pixels 24 frames per second if you shot your film in four K, downgraded to 10 80 p. If you shot your film in 1916 by nine resolution, the image will take up the entire screen. If you use the cinnamon aspect ratio off flat 1 85 or scope to 35 you're going to have various degrees off letter boxing, which is fine for the Kotick. Select aged up to 64 although I'm sure you know that it was designed for streaming playback over the Internet, the same video that looks great on YouTube or female want look great on large cinema screen age, the 264 is a loss of compressed Codec, you know, which means that old imperfections will be multiplied on a large cinema screen and may distract your audience and jury members. However, I've experienced both, and sometimes I couldn't tell a difference. It also depends on betrayed settings. And what kind of content you've got there when I found is that having a digital age that 264 before is the most reliable screening copy that can be playing backed on any device regarding audio, it possesses a few problems. If the audio stream is delivered in five that once around, and the cinema does not play films from servers equipped with dull be processors for such cases make the sound in stereo. Then there will be no unpleasant surprises why this sound isn't coming from speakers. I've seen that happen for the Syria holder can be delivered on compressed lossless. A typical setting for playback would be lossless 48 kilohertz at boarding 40 kilobytes per second with Apple audio Codec A, A, C or PCM. Wait now, before you receive an email asking to provide a screening CO. P Save Your Time and Next Port your film in Apple Progress, a movie file format, which is designed as intermediate form it for post production work and third of processing . This way, you could use that copy to convert to any other LOSI media without the need to export the entire project with all the visual effects that require so many hours to render. Exporting to Apple Perez sort of creates a master Korpi off your film. Previously, the only way you could export in Apple Perez was to have access to Apple devices such as I'm AG MacBook Pro Mac Mini. It was not available for Windows users. I'm a Windows user myself, and they used to borrowing My friend's mag book. Luckily, if you are an adobe premiere pro user, starting 2019 you can export your project directly in Apple Progress. Yes, even if you are a Windows user, just make sure you export your film in original resolution and also in 10 80 p. Apple Perez 4 to 2. After you create your master porous copy, you'll be ready to convert it to any other former, including the CPI, to sum up. Prepare an M O. V or and before co pay off your film. You can start by exporting your film in Apple Paris 24 frames per second. Quick time original resolution. You can then use pro Resco P to create age. That's a 64 1920 by 10 80 p and repeat this process by adding subtitles for every language . One copy with no subtitles one copy with subtitles In English one copy for Spanish Speaking off, Exporting your film with subtitles Let me tell you why and how in the next video. 12. CREATE READABLE SUBTITLES: If you're film has no dialogues, then you're free to skip this video and move forward. But for those who have a film full of dialogue saints basis highly recommended. Did you know that nearly all festivals prefer burnt in subtitles? There are part of the image however separate subtitles that they're not embedded properly are a common source off error. I've also seen a situation when subtitles were out of sync with the image because it was from a different film version or there was some kind of frames per second issue. I don't know, it was awful. Separate subtitles might also contain phone to text that cannot be interpreted by all servers. Even big name. The CPI manufacturers make mistakes like these. That's why it is highly recommended to create a co pay with burnt in subtitles. The first thing we need to east to create an SRT file which stands for subgroups. Subtitle These are very common in DVDs where you can select your desired subtitle language by pressing but on the remote control. Their independent off the video file, it works the same way for a DCP file four months. So in any case, we need to create an asserts e file. Yes, We start with creating a separate subtitle file that we will use so create burnt and subtitles stay with me. I can recommend two options. The first applies to those filmmakers that have very few dialogues in their films and are okay to spare some time by typing it themselves. It will cost absolutely nothing. The other method is more of a professional approach and still is very affordable. Let's start with Method One. You can create captions inside of the premiere pro Go to file new captions, then select open captions for your standard, then specify your project resolution set to square pixels and hit. OK, drag it above your timeline and double click the layer. A caption spaniel appears. From there, you can type your dialogues and adjust everything you want. Be aware. Premier does not highlight any spelling or grammar errors. No typos there. After you're finished, you can expert your film with burnt in subtitles and also expert South titles as SRT file by finding your edited captions in the project panel selected and then go to file export captions. You can also use YouTube studio by uploading your project to your YouTube account. Just make sure you uploaded as unlisted or private. I find YouTube studio more intuitive and reliable, as opposed to Premier Pro. Just find your video and open it in YouTube studio. Navigate to the transcription section. From there, you can see that we can add subtitles press ed and you'll be redirected to subtitle manager You have three options now. I don't suggest you to use transcribe and out of sync because it won't be accurate and you have to make corrections and adjustments. So let's start from scratch. By choosing the third option, create new subtitle or CC. From there, you can play back your film. Time to dialogue, adjust subtitle positions and preview subtitles. Instantly. When you're done, save changes and you'll see that you have added subtitles. You can double check your result by clicking on it and also from the actions bottom. You can download your subtitle file in various formats. We need an SRT file. Once you've downloaded your SRT file, you can import it into Premiere Pro and work on your subtitle design. Now I've seen so many subtitle variations, one being either too big or too small or unreadable or the phone was yellow color were pink , just garbage. I suggest you make your subtitles plain simple. I used to homophone size 48 pixels. I always add shadows were semi transparent background so that subtitles would always be visible in case you have a very bright seen white Subtitles are not visible on a white background. You know, filmmakers often forget about adding shadows that counter Also, if you're a Netflix user, just take a look at how they designed subtitles. Once the design is ready, check your expert settings. Make sure you export your copy with subtitles or captions enabled. Otherwise they won't be rendered. And this way you're guaranteed to have subtitles sync with your video and also be pleasant read for the viewer. Now, if you have a lot of dialogues and you want them to be captioned by professional, then use a service called dr dot com. Fred dot com is a fast on the Mount service that charges $1 per minute off your film with 99% accuracy. You'll get yourself titles ready within 24 hours. You can upload your film directly to read that calm or share link. Once you send your film, you can immediately see the price. After your confirm your order, it will take a couple of hours to red dot com to create a professional subtitle file for your film. As soon as it's ready, you can download SRT file and imported to Premier Pro, then repeat the process for designing your subtitles and he'd export. It just makes it so much easier. Finally, you can now use SRT files to create dialect lists. Do you remember what is a dialogue list? It's a document for simultaneous interpretations or a document that you can send to somebody to create translations in Spanish, French, maybe German. Now you can open uncertainty. File in note Bed. As you can see, it's a plain text with time coat. That's all it is. Select all copy and paste it into a new document. Make adjustments, save it and send it for translation. You can also find Hawaii designed my dialogue lists for better translations by creating columns for every language that I want. I'll attach it here. Once the translation is ready, you can replace text in another language in your editing software and again export SRT file , or you can replace the text inside off SRT file itself by opening it. Note bed. Just make sure you don't make accidental mistake deleting a row or time code number. Always double check your results. You can use villus e media player to check your film and as 30 file playing together, it should be in sync. One more tip. You can now attach as 30 files to your film on the male or directly to film, freeway or fast home and previewed the result that way. Also by adding multiple subtitles. You are providing options for watching your film in the desired language. Festival programmers will appreciate it. Let's recap. You start by creating an SRT file by using YouTube studio or ordering one from rob dot com . Then is that SRT file to create burnt in subtitles. Inside your editing software, make sure to set the right size, formed an ad shadows or transparent bag front to distinguish. Subtitles from right areas. Finally, create dialogue lists from Esther T Files by coping the same Data Toe award document that everybody can open and use for translation in different languages. After you receive a translated document, you can replace older phrases into another s 30 copy for that specific language. Make sure you matched time coats and then use the new SRT file toe expert Your film with another copy off burnt end Subtitles I hope it helps on. Let's move on with creating a digital cinema package. 13. HOW TO MAKE A DCP: a. D C P Digital Cinema package is an alternative to a 35 millimeter exhibition copy. Today it is considered as one of the standards for professional film exhibition. That's how they play movies in a commercial cinema theater near you and all around the world. The CPI has become the primary former for most festivals. It's quite expensive, though, to create if you order one, depending on how long is your movie. It varies from 50 years dollars all the way up to 2000. Can you do to yourself? Definitely. Here's help. I've researched different applications that allow you to create a DCP. Most of them were too expensive. Were seemed to be too complicated. Luckily, I found a solution. It's called the C B O Matic, which is a free open source software that allows you to create digital cinema. Package is the CPI's from videos, images, sound and subtitle files. Yes, it's free and does the job works on Mac Works on Windows? Lennox. That's my personal pick Number one. Let's see how it works. So we first launch disappear illmatic and we start with creating a new file. Go to file new time. The name of your project. In my case, I'll type my short film DCP, then select the Ultra destination where you wanted to store all the files. Make sure you have enough space as it may take 20 or more gigabytes. I recommend storing it on an external hard drive, so I'll select my external empty hard drive. Click. OK, and we've just created a new project. Good. Now it's done to associate media. With this project, we can start by adding our progress. Videophile Now we can also create a DCP from MP for where M K V or any other video container. But pro rez is lossless, which means that the quality of your disappear will be much higher. That's the point of making it so I choose my master Periscope E and click open. It's going to quickly process and analyze your media. You can scroll through and preview the result off your conversion. We can see how it looks like once the cropping and composition. Good as you can see, we need to adjust the aspect ratio now regarding color space. In most cases, Rex several No. Nine is good enough, although I suggest you to contact a festival technician. They may provide you with exact specifications. As far as I know, the free is meant for cinema exhibition. If you colored radio film with that in mind, don't worry. In most cases, erect 709 is a way to go. Please clarify that when you contact the film festival technician, though the rest is not important. Next audio. Here's a very good preview what it looks like if you have stereo mix and here's how it looks like if you have surround or multiple audio channels. If you've mastered your sound professionally, you should not touch anything. Now the next step is called subtitles. This is where we can add multiple tracks off subtitles for different languages as ready for V meal or film for weight. It works the same way it works in DVDs where you can enable or disable subtitles for preview. But in our previous video, I recommended you to use burnt in subtitles to avoid unexpected surprises off your film, playing without them because somebody forgot to turn them on or it just didn't work for some reason, or they were out of sync. Just use a co pay off your film with burnt end subtitles. Now we're done with the content section. Let's move on to disappear. E section Pretty straightforward. We can see the name of our project. We can confirm we wanted to be the same title in the file name leave. The rest is default Resolution two K, which is a standard. We do have an option for four K, but I recommend to K because not every cinnamon projector can play four Kay now frame rate This highly important, even though we can select other frame rates, always make sure to use 24 frames per second. Again, not old projectors. Play 25 or for the age film titles prefer your film to be set at 24 frames per second. Now, if you are James Cameron or Peter Jackson, sure use 48 frames per second. Thanks for joining my course. Okay, that was a joke. Next you can see that DCP uses Jay picked 2000 conversion Codec, which is very high quality. Your original data may even be less than that, which is why 100 megabits per second is more than enough. Although it is minimum now we're using porous and we can afford setting it to 250. Feel free to do that if you want. However, some film servers or projectors are unable to cope with this maximum Be trait. I find that 100 is enough and also easier for playback. They hired the betrayed setting, the larger your DCP will be. So we're done. How do we export? We go to jobs and we select make d c, B and Walla. You've just created a DCP Congratulations now pay attention that it's not just immediate file, like a movie or and before it has its very own folder structure, just like a DVD folder structure, you won't be able to open it with a media player. Even the L C struggles to playback. So I found this program called Stereoscopic Player, and I could preview my results easily. So here you go. That's Hawaii. Did my D. C. P s. And it worked fine. Now nowhere, which mattered. You used to make a DCP or what methods you used to convert your film file. I highly recommend you to test your movie in a cinema theatre before sending it out to festivals. You can get away with previewing it in stereoscopic player. But to be 100% sure become friends with the owner off their local cinema theatre or rent any one of the numerous screening rooms for an hour. Here's a final tip. If you struggle to send large files such as DCP to a film festival, it can send a hard drive. Copy off your film by using post services or use file mail dot Come. They allow you to send large files on their 50 gigabytes with no charge. Good luck with creating a DCP. 14. SELECTION STATISTICS AND REASONS OF REJECTION: when you see a film with all the official selection where winner laurels, When do you think you think, Oh, that film has been accepted to all these 2040 60 festivals? It must be so good and successful. Well, yes, sure it is. But have you seen the number off all the laurels for not being selected? All that amount of money that filmmakers spent for film festival submissions, or how many rejections he or she had to go through in order to get into first to festivals ? Nobody. Least that right. But let me share it with you. Take a look at how many rejections I received over one year of film festival circuit. There's a good overview on film freeways dashboard for each of your film. My short film has not been selected to 46 film festivals. As you can see on Lee, six are listed as selected one award winner and one finalist. That's eight altogether. Its wealth are still pending, and one was submitted by a mistake. So eight out of 46 which means for every six festivals, one said yes, and that's normal on average for every 10 submissions. One film festival will accept your film. That's very common. So if you submit so 50 festivals, the chances are it will get to five. If you submitted to 300 film festivals, your film was likely to be selected into 30 on average. There's the true story, my friend. Not all film festivals will select everyone's film. You should be ready to accept that without asking the reason why. Don't be discouraged. Remember that festival programmers are human. They don't always watch a film till the end in order to make a decision, which is why you may not see that you statistics on V meal or YouTube. It also depends if they charged a submission fee. That's what you're paying for. Don't expect that. They will tell you why they didn't include your film. They have so many submissions toe work with. Be polite as you don't want to ruin your reputation by aggressive pressure or intimidation . Sometimes the best impression is to be humble, passionate and confident in your first interaction with the festival. Here's what most festivals say when day inform your film wasn't selected gear Daniels. Thank you for submitting your project. Unfortunately, your project was not selected for this year's festival programme. Please don't be discouraged by this news, as the quality of submissions this year was very high, making the selection process particularly difficult due to the sheer volume of entries were , unfortunately unable to provide specific feedback or comments. Majority or film applications are declined for subjective reasons. Was it the quality of your film production value, like of pacing or bed acting? You're the one to decide. Now here's another example where a film festival accidentally realized they were not capable of processing. Oldest submissions. Dear Daniels, Thank you for submitting your project. Please read For 17 years of her festival, never asked for entry fees. This year is our first film freeway experience, and as usual, we didn't ask for any fee. That consequences were disappointing as we received a tsunami of submissions. Thousands of films, the majority of which had absolutely nothing to do with the type of films of our festival is supposed to consider. Many submitters blindly sent us their work good or bad. This and the question we don't reading our regulation or look into what type of films we support because of these UN respectful submissions. Our selection seem lost, thousands of hours watching movies that were not calibrated for us, and many titles had to be left on the side because we didn't have turned to consider them. We're very sorry for those of you who submitted films meshing our requirements and that could not be watched Tempera ways. Amazing, too, and we want to keep using it. Unfortunately, from now on, we might have to ask for submission face in order to filter out the trolls. If you're careful in their oath down the festival list that you think may be a good fit for your film sorting by accepted films, length genre, geographical origin, audio criteria, then your chances of getting there are much higher by default. You didn't submit everywhere blindly, did you? You created your own strategy. You did it all the right way. Don't give up if none of the more recognized world festivals take your film. There are many more great festivals out there, which can sustain the festival career of your film, your faith in the film community and lead to exciting opportunities. Even if nothing works, don't give up. You've just passed an exempt and become much more experience than you were before. It is rare that filmmakers distributing their short get great results the first time. But you should Premier Li focus on making It's a good learning experience for the future. Thinking your film is bad. Only because it didn't get in is like buying a pair of jeans in a clothes store or a denim store. There may be hundreds off brands and styles, but then you end up leaving that store because you didn't find that one pair of jeans you wanted. Now it's not because everything at that store was bad. It's just not what you want it right, And your film is the same pair of jeans that film festivals are looking for. Don't be discouraged, because in the next video we'll talk about what happens if your film gets selected. 15. PARTICIPATION IN FILM FESTIVALS: So you received an email saying that your film is selected. Yes. Congratulations. Now what if you get accepted by a film festival you should absolutely attend. That's the reason why you submitted it in the first place. Now it may be an automatically generated email from such services as Film for Weight, which means that you will have to wait a couple of days to receive an official email letter with all the instructions. If not, do not hesitate to email festival administration straight away. They will certainly provide you with all the information to make the most out of the whole festival. Thirst has them. If there is a festival rate for accommodations or meetings or transfer because festivals usually treat their guests with something second, ask for a film festival programme. Clarify when your film is shuttled to be screened. Plan your trip so that you could experience it in its full glory, opening and closing ceremonies, networking events, panel discussions, parties and, of course, lots and lots off film screenings. And before you attend the film festival, make sure you researched who else might be attending. Definitely other filmmakers industry professionals who will be this year's do you remember ? What films did they produce before? It kind of helps to know who is going to evaluate your work? You know you have a chance to talk with them occasionally if there's a dedicated film market within a festival like Cancer Berlin email ready BUCA meeting with some key concept before you arrive for the festival. Of course, you may not know anybody, but that's always like that. If you want a picture next idea and you have that script ready, why not use that opportunity and beach it? Otherwise, there's no point off arranging a meeting just for the sake of it. Make sure you have a business offer. Here is a good practice. Filmmakers often sake postcards are those small film posters that fit in your pocket? Here's a tip. You can easily invite somebody toe. Watch your film right, a screening time with the market at the back of your card so that they will remember when to come. Introduce yourself. Exchange ideas. Be friendly. Go and see other filmmakers, films that's cold networking works, and when you do attend the film festival, enjoy the experience. You're there for a reason. The one we talked about in the beginning. Off this course, there are so many layers off opportunity. Here's another tip for you. What should you do if your film is selected to two festivals that appear to happen at the same time? Well, she was the one that has more opportunities in prestige. You can also ask somebody from your crew to represent your film at that other film festival while you'll be attending another. Now, if your film is selected to two top festivals that require your film to be a world premiere , you'll have to choose wisely. They may not happen at the same time, but you have to choose one in favor of another. If both of them are top film festivals, I suggest you to choose the one that you cannot send from financial perspective. It will cost plenty of money to travel there, choose the one that's cheaper and finally remembered that film festivals are there for celebration. Producing a film is a great accomplishment. All the effort, all the struggle and bare bears are now behind you. That's called filmmaking is done. Getting that story to the audience is crossing the finish line. Welcome to the club, my friend. Go ahead and celebrated. Enjoy the experience. Meet new friends. And I know you'll make it because you are now ready. 16. 7,5 SUBMISSION SECRETS: after hundreds of submissions accidentally, I found a loophole in this entire festival submission system that I would not recommend doing, but I believe you should hear it sooner or later. So here's the situation. There are festivals that may accept films by our free or to submission platforms, for example, from both film for away and fest home. So what happens if you submit your film to the same film festival via film freeway and then you repeat the same process and submit and can using fast home sounds to be stupid? Right? Festival programmers highly recommend you not to do this. First. The chances are you'll get disqualified and your film will never make it. Also, you've probably paid twice for submitting your film to the same festival. But then again, think of it as having to tracking numbers for one film two units as if you were submitting to different films, for example, in it seem off to festival programmers who received 1000 submissions each has to view 500. It may be so that one festival programmer watches 1/2 off submissions and the second programmer the other half, and you can expect that one finds your film not to be good enough. But then another festival programmer who previews the other half of submissions may decide in favour of yours because you submitted twice accidentally. I did this a few times by an accident, I think only once or twice I had an agent who helped me to submit a film to a festival, and occasionally we both submitted to the same film festival we when they use the same submission platform. Even though we had a spreadsheet where we listed all the festivals, we wanted to submit our film, too. I didn't look carefully and submitted again. The result? No, I didn't get disqualified, warned the notification date approached. I received an email saying My film is not selected, but my agent received an email saying that my film is selected. How did that happen? I have no idea. That was very stupid of me. I don't recommend you doing this. What I do recommend is to submit as early as possible. If the fees too high for you, you can try and also ask for a fee waiver. But you should probably provide evidence or some kind of motivation explaining why your film is such a great fit for that specific festival. Here's another tip. I highly recommend using V meal as the main submission. Copy off your film. For one, it's easier to track and see the view count what region your film was played from and even what devices were used. Also, the meal will help you to unite all this submission platforms together without the need of creating multiple submission copies. Additionally, V Meal, as opposed to YouTube, has a feature off replacing your film. If accidentally you found the Gleacher or that spelling grammar in the opening credits or other reasons. You can always replace your film and it will be the same. You're a link you already send to festivals. Now my final sip is for your future projects. What is that film festivals are you looking for in these days for short films? Make it this. Sure. This possible, as it's easier to program to films that air 15 minutes long than one film, which duration is 30 minutes long. Also, if you're a film has no dialogues at all, it is likely to be successful and widely accepted internationally. Comedy always works quite well as it helps to get butts in the seats. And, of course, the story itself. You can't connect with an audience off any kind today without telling a great story. The world now more than ever, is in search of great stories. The true face. There's never been a better time to be a filmmaker.