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Film Any Class with PowerPoint & iPhone: how to film a Physical Demo Class

teacher avatar Aleksandra Shupletsova, · in handmade we trust ·

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Filming video

    • 4. Recording Voice

    • 5. Post-production

    • 6. Class Project

    • 7. Resume

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About This Class

This class is an ultimate guide for filming in format of physical demonstration. It can be helpful for:

  • Skillshare teachers
  • future to be Skillshare teachers
  • teachers of any online platform
  • anybody who may need to make a nice PowerPoint presentation :)

If you are searching for info and advice how to create a video class, and looking for a way to make the process easier and quicker - this class is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksandra Shupletsova

· in handmade we trust ·


Hello! I am Aleksandra, Sasha or Sashu as my friends call me - that's where my project's name comes from - SASH? d?cor bureau.

I live in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), but originally from Belarus and in love with Paris :)
I make various handmade stuff since early childhood. Now I run Etsy shop, where I sell the best results of my creative experiments that meet all high quality requirements and pass my strong self-criticism filter.

I like to challenge myself, to learn and to develop. This permanent creative process fills my shop with a variety of styles and techniques. I take natural materials (linen, cotton, wool, natural stones, wood, etc.) and transform them to cozy home decor & textiles, stylish earrings & accessories, and other beautiful stuff.

I do everything ... See full profile

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1. Class Overview: Hi, I'm Alexandra and very happy to welcome in my class. Today we will speak about human in form of physical damage. It took me almost six months, is my first leading to steal share to become a teacher, Not because I didn't know what to teach, but mainly because I thought it's almost impossible. Second, as I didn't have any special equipment or experience in salt for video editing, and they still don't but have over the loan. My three own classes help my passport to lunch and produced his first school share class and shredded vice federal friends. My favorite motivational praise is to begin begin on back there. Several months ago, I just did begin finally and was really surprised to understand that I already have ever seen. I need to make a class to produce a class of any former you need an iPhone or against any other smartphone that can record video. I've born Fat Pores and Microsoft Power Point. Yes, no joke phone with headphones at salt that you must probably already have on your computer and most probably have a small use experience in it. No need to buy any equipment by additional salt to the road traditional. So I'm going to share with you tips from my class making experience. Hope the class will be useful and motivational and will not wait half a year to make a first class. 2. Intro: There are several former off video classes on to share talking head demonstration slides. Drink us dependent on your class topic and infra presentation needs to decide which former to choose how to make several them. We'll talk about needed to some useful production tips for each class former in this particular class, they're going to talk about the process of creating leader, informant off physical demonstration. 3. Filming video: to film in demo video format. You'll need your iPhone iPhone headphones, tribal ascension to stabilize your form. The process of filming is almost the same as for talking head former. The difference isn't angle, and here you maybe not comfortable to be tied to the front with court of headphones. So before human make a decision to record boys Edmonds or later in any case, firstly, make sure that you have enough memories based on your four as bigger files will need a lot of it chuckles to video settings and said them to at least 720. Ohio. Don't use from camera as it produces lower quality of video. If you decide to record voice at once, then you have to fix the mic. Spin it to close at your chest level. This way it will be on the same place all the time, and your voice will be recorded with even volume set volume at marks, Then find a good angle. Wherefore taken into consideration plants off their parents court, follow further instructions in this class also steps off. Filming with voice I described and needles in my class about talking head form, you can find a link to the class right now in notes, in my opinion, to record voice later is the better choice for them. Perform as there are no worries to make a mistake. No need to make to actual together, which is not so easy, especially if you're not a native speaker as me. So you don't need to make everything in case you have said something not perfectly over. Go to tell some. You also have an opportunity to see the process from a site and at some additional instructions, have needed correct your text to make the whole c'mon deep and clear to your viewers. And finally, you're not tired to the phone with Headphones Court. So your mama bile and have more freedom to choose needed em go so we don't need the mic right now. Let's get ready for filming. You have to fix the front on a tripod or, for example, a bunch of books. As I've already mentioned, I don't have a real tripod. I use a pen made one, and you could do something similar with what you have. For example, mine is made from the common bile holders on paper scorch and a Desk Club. Let's find a good angle for a future video. You can ask a friend to help or use an object of scene which area is visible and how it looks on the screen of your camera. Plug in the headphones to use it as a remote control home button starts and stops recording , and it is more accessible than the bottom on this form. Scream while filming. I also recommend you to pronounce approximate text that you are going to record later. Don't try to speak perfectly. It's just a matter of court time, and it will help you to control time off video, so it will be not too short for your future order with instructions. Now you're totally ready to feel. 4. Recording Voice: record order with voice, you'll need my form, Dictaphone up and headphones before important and even before starting to feel make detailed outlines. Practice reading text aloud several times before, according it will help to correct any possible mistakes as it's going to be kind of posting . It's great to repose region test together with video few and understand needed time when he already regulatory pieces like one better group at a time. Possibility to make him stay Cooper over, and the whole process will be quick. For each text peace record several tries and renamed them properly ready files You can sell , perform to your mail or don't want them to Google Drive. 5. Post-production: Now, when we have feeling video and recorded boys, it's time for step off post production to put it all together. So create a new PowerPoint presentation. And first of all, let's Jews for it. A corked racial for still share. It's 16 to 9. So go to design slide size and choose 16 tonight. Now let's add a video file. It is a very easy choose concert video. You doing Mike Racine Find the needed file. Simply concerned. When we do file is embedded to the slight, you can change its size. Make it full screen, make it smaller the same way as a change image size. With help of mouth. Go to video tools for months and said needed size here. Then you can also aligned the video vertically and horizontally. This gives you a lot of freedom for more complicated design over your future field. Maybe we'll talk about this in future classes. You can also trim your video file. For example, you can cut the poses at the beginning or the end of the video selectivity element, you'll say highlighted error on your toolbar. Choose playback and find here Dream video, but a small window will appear wakened. Change that time and at time off the video as needed. You can preview the result. You can also cancel added changes at any moment. Just repeat the steps as many times as needed when you will be satisfied. Press okay, you can double check the result of treatments right on the slide. We have to set video to start automatically. For this select video elements, you'll see how I did era on your two barges playback and find Here. Start options select automatically. You can preview the result by lunch and slideshow from current slide as you're going to add voice recorded separately. You have to mute video for this. Make sure that you be there is selected press play back and highlighted area over YouTube are and find bottom volume. Select mute. Now you can add audio file with voice to add any sound elements you need to choose. Insert Oreo order on my PC on just needed audio file and press insert. You can edit audio for this, deliver the sound elements. Find highlighted error on the toolbar, click playback and feel free to adjust properties off your order as needed. Just Fulham treatment, etcetera setting to start automatically and set in animation pain that music and video will start together. Watch preview of slide and make any needed corrections. Yes, you can also add music as background. You can cover over the some parts of video that song elements you need to choose. Insert order Order might be seat and choose needed audio file and press insert. So let the sound element find highlighted area on the toolbar. Click Play back and said it is background. Proview results and make any needed corrections. You might want to add some slides that will be played at the beginning or the end of the video. For example, a title slides go to insert. Use light. Choose the type of slide you need out now. You designed the title slight as it wanted to be. Options are almost endless. Change Text Select, Desirable, formed and its size change lining etcetera. Change order slides by slim with drugging them. Mike is my now this slides. As you need now we have ever seen almost ready. But before we'll convert our presentation to be their former, let's edit its structure. If you need to receive several separate video parts then you have to divide according to your presentation. Just select needed slides, call for them and place to new presentation the name and save it. For example, You select old slides that have to be in this video part. You save them a separate presentation on the file name, for example. Step One. Now I have a totally ready presentation that we have to convert video files. We simply select file menu, clear, expert and creative. Either. Just presentation quality as it's the highest here. Here we leave with no changes. This options we will need in future classes. You said duration of full slides that didn't have video elements like our title slide. Ugly. Great. The name and safe converting can take several minutes, and after it's finished done, your physical demonstration video is ready. 6. Class Project: there is what more motivational price I like now. He's always good. So let's make a pro step right now as a class project, feel them apart off your future. Still, share class stages are the same. Prepare tips, fuel unedited video convert and share your results. I'm also ready to assist in case of any difficulties. Feel free to ask questions. 7. Resume: eso ever seen this? Quiet? Easy, isn't it? Hope my glass was helpful and you're almost ready to become skill share. Teacher, you remember to begin Begin on the game. I'll give you the same advice. Good planning is a key. Still, share has a point. Recommending here is a teacher to start with video outsides. This will help you to structure in for to understand what kind of four months of filming you need Not to me. It's important tips and two years quantity off takes. So good luck. Thank you for watching and see you.